1. Mustapha Ibrahim

    Honestly, when I first heard about WP Affiliate Machine I thought it was another WordPress Amazon plugin and thought to 

    myself. oh just what the world needs. But since it was being released by Ankur Shukla, someone I have known and 

    respected in this space for a long time I decided to check it out.

  2. Ibrahim Abdulrahman

    Reviewe. Writing  requires been Creative although I have always wanted to have a means to make it less stressful, but at the same time unique, from the beginning of the content I was abit happy until when I read to the part you did not recommend it, plagiarism is one part I usually I don’t encourage because it is stealing another person work and effort. Thanks for this wonderful review.


    I have just finished reading the article you wrote on wp affiliate machine review,I  want to tell you how much I appreciated your clearly written and educative post. Though am very familiar with various plugins as am a WordPress designer,most developer come up with different plugins and stating one million reason why we need to get it activated on our website. After much research work,you will notice all they said about it won’t be true. Thank you for taking your time to research on wp affiliate machine.

    • Paul Severe

      Really great to hear from a WordPress designer! Indeed everyone claim their product, program, plugin etc., gonna change everything but at the end of the day not many fulfilling their promise. They under-deliver that’s the reason we need to do some research before buying any products online.

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