How To Build A Website From The Scratch

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I am going to walk you through on “How To Build A Website From The Scratch”, yes from SCRATCH… People think building a website is rocket science and you need to have a lot of technical knowledge… NO NO!!! Nowadays building a website has been made very easy.

Why we need a website?

What Is a Website?

How to build a website?

Requirements for a website?

All the above details I discussed in my post Build A Website… If you want to learn please click HERE.

How To Build A Website From The Scratch

That too with Wealthy Affiliate it’s made very very easy… In my early days of trying to earn money online in 2009 I have created few blogs using blogger and struggled a lot but when I created my website being a Wealthy Affiliate member it was very simple all I need to do is just TWO things.

  • Choose the domain name
  • Select the theme

That’s it! My website is ready. (Although we need to choose and set up plugins etc all things are simplified)

Just go through the below video, where you can see what I said is true or not…

I hope the video is helpful in covering all the basic elements. So building a website is made easy.

Website Building Platform

Previously in order to create a website, you need to learn HTML code, to be honest, it’s not easy and because of that reason only people still think building a website is rocket science. In 2016 there was a revolution in building a website because of CMS Content Management System making it easy for anyone to build a website easily.

Website Building Platform

As the expert’s advice, WordPress is the best website building platform… No doubt in it rather going through in-depth I make it very simple, it is the best…

Why WordPress


The above comparison shows you the top and most used website building platform.

Advantages Of WordPress

  • User friendly
  • No HTML needed
  • A newbie will love it
  • Plugins – Many of them is free
  • Wide range of templates – 1000’s
  • SEO friendly

the list goes on and on…

Choosing Your Domain

This is an important stage in your website creation. I would personally advise you that, your domain name itself should tell the story of your website or what your website is all about.

Choosing Your Domain

So, before deciding on your domain name you need to identify your niche or interest, and based on your niche or interest you can name your website. Also, make it (Your website name) easy to remember. Do spend some time in this stage do some research this is YOUR BUSINESS NAME.

Once decided you can create the domain according to the availability and I will strongly advise you to go with.COM rather than .org, .net, etc

Selecting The Theme

It’s about the look and appearance. You have thousands of templates to choose from go through it and select the one which you want but here I would suggest you go with the simple design.

Creating Content

Creating post and pages are very easy with all things are simplified once you get into website building, you will come to know it is not at all a big thing as we imagined.

Creating Content

Content is the king. Content is what information you are providing to your visitors. Please don’t write the content for the name sake or don’t write content to have content. Remember it (Content) needs to have value in it. Providing useful content will help in growing your business.

While writing content always remember the below things…

  • You state what is the problem (Addressing the problem).
  • Provide Solutions for the problem.
  • Benefits they get by taking your solution.
  • Tell them what they need to do.

I don’t want to provide with a lot of information, I have just covered the very basic things here…

If you are interested in building your free website you can click HERE. To know more about blogging ideas click HERE.

Final Thoughts

Hope this post How To Build A Website From The Scratch gave you some basic insights on building a website and it’s very easy (Thanks for the advancement of technology). In order to succeed online, your online presence is very important. Having a website will help you to grow your online business.

There are many ways you can earn through your website. You can turn your passion into a thriving online business and we teach, coach, and help people. You believe it or not around the globe for every half a second one website is created.

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  1. Thank you Paul for this information you’ve provided on how to build a website. Thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate platform, I’ve been able to build my website in a matter of seconds, it’s been a lot easier than what I thought =)


    • Dear Miren,

      I was amazed when I created my website with the help of wealthy Affiliate… Previously I thought building a website needs lot of technical knowledge and need to spend lot of time but its all made easy and nicely thought by Wealthy affiliate….



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