1. jaykaynigltd

    this is a great article. Very educative and informative, you have put everything in perspective for anybody to understand what is “contractor takeover” and make an informed decision. From what is “contractor takeover” to  the creator to upsells to pros and cons to for whom it for to your recommendation! You couldn’t have been more exhuastive.

    Thanks for sharing this . I look forward to more on this page.

    • Paul Severe

      Nice to hear that my review post is helpful to you and that’s my main focus to give more information on the product.

  2. Destiny

    Hi, I’ve been trying to understand your article but the words you used as the title keeps confusing me but the little i could get was how to be your own boss, how to create and build your dream instead of being hired to build someone else’s. I love online marketing and will like to know more about it so I think I will have to contact you privately. Thanks 

  3. RoDarrick

    Thank you so much Paul for this exasperating post.

    Though, I have heard about Neil Macpherson, Robert Dickson and Valerie Duvall very well in the Marketing industry. But yet to hear about this new product. Your review is so detailed and very enlightening concerning the product. But, I’m always paranoid concerning all these products with uncertain upsells. I once paid for a 20$ product with an upsell charges of more than a 1000$ charge. 

    so, can you please be more explicit with the charges if the Upsells. 

    • Paul Severe

      I hate upsells and I believe I have given details on the number of upsells and there price. 

      Site Ranker Pro can only be used to 10 sites and Contractor Takeover Agency Upgrade can be used for unlimited number of sites. So the front end product comes with some limitations and other upsells are providing some more in-depth and detailed training for example “Bulletproof SEO Blueprints” deals more with SEO method.

      This is the reason I personally think the product is not complete if there is upsells.

  4. Jay

    Contractor takeover is a product I don’t yet know a lot about which is why I am really glad I came across this site. Their focus seems to be in helping people rank locally rather than globally and I think this would be of benefit to us looking to do local marketing as well as local seo. I would have to check it out. 

    • Paul Severe

      Indeed focusing on the local marketing and helping people who don’t know much about online marketing is one of the best way to make money. Also the competition will be less for you.

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