1. cpascal

    Insta Minator looks like a scam to me. For one thing, the names of the other programs that the founders run sound like scams, Instant Commission Profits and Payday Tornado. Also, there’s the idea of using chatbots to promote affiliate programs without a website. Most affiliate programs don’t let you join if you don’t have a website. And it looks as though you have to buy a lot of expensive upsells for the whole program. One of them costs nearly two hundred dollars. It would cost about six hundred dollars to buy the whole program.

    • Paul Severe

      Indeed just $12.95 is not going to be enough and you said it well “Most affiliate programs don’t let you join if you don’t have a website” thanks for adding value to my review via your comment.

  2. mhasanalvi

    Hi paul,

    Thank You very much for sharing such an informative review with all the necessary information about “What Is Insta Minator – Is It Really Possible To Earn $333”

    I like this review very much.This is an amazing review.I was heard little about insta monitor by which one can earn a lots of money.But i wasn’t learned properly about insta monitor. So,i was looking for a article where i can get all the details of this.Fortunately i came to your article and i have gained all the thorough details in this purpose.Insta monitor is also suitable for a beginner as there is no required previous experience which thing has impressed me the most.I have also learn that it is not a scam but 100% legit program.I am very excited to join this insta monitor as you highlighted the article so nicely.This article is very helpful for those people who want to know perfectly about insta monitor.I will share this article with my friends and relatives so that they can benefited from this.

  3. AV2001

    Hey Paul,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article on “Insta Minator” as you’ve provided us with tonnes of valuable information on this platform. Just a question of curiosity, in case if I’m not happy with the service they offer, do they give you a full refund?

    Thanks in advance for answering my question and for this detailed blog. Keep up the good work Paul!

    • Paul Severe

      Yes 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. If after trying the system for some reason you DON’T start making profits… Just let them know within 30 days and they’ll send you a complete refund. This is what they stated in their sales page. Hope this helps!

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