Is Profiteer A Scam? $150 Per Day Starting In As Little As 24 Hours.. True?

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In this review post “Is Profiteer A Scam? $150 Per Day Starting In As Little As 24 Hours.. True?” Let us check it out whether the below Profiteer statements or claims are true and is it really possible to earn $150 per day by everyone. In this review, you will find whether Profiteer is a scam or a legit program.

“Bank an EFFORTLESS $150 per day starting in as little as 24 hours from RIGHT now WITHOUT Paid Traffic or ANY experience” – Profiteer

“Make Consistent 3+ Figure DAILY Profits Using This Simple Twist + Software RIGHT Now” – Profiteer

You will find answers to the below questions and more…

What Is Profiteer?

Who Is Profiteer For?

Is Profiteer A Scam?

How Profiteer Works?

Is It Possible To Earn $150 Per Day Starting In As Little As 24 Hours?

Is Profiteer A Scam? $150 Per Day Starting In As Little As 24 Hours.. True?

One Important Thing I Noticed On The Review Posts

While doing my research on Google and YouTube, I use to come across many sites often, in their review posts and videos they say “Highly Recommended” for many (all) programs and on the other hand, few sites always say “Not Recommended” to all the programs except the one they promote.

There are many scam products and programs online but there are legit products as well. But the main thing is not all the legit programs are the best one to go with because there are a lot of better opportunities available as well.

Also, not all the legit programs fulfill their claims on their sales page. So I would advise you to go for the very best genuine programs.

Also, in many sites, the review post is just the duplication of the review products sales page, I am shocked and wondered what is the use of that? Anyhow, we can find the same information on their sales page itself???

Yes, we need to use the information from their sales page on our review posts to quote “What they say” and “What they offer” etc but not just the duplication of their sales page.

We need to add more value to our review posts to help our readers. Earning money online is not a nightmare if you choose the right program.

I have invested many hours in this review post “Is Profiteer A Scam? $150 Per Day Starting In As Little As 24 Hours.. True?” to provide you with enough information. Hope it helps. Please Continue your reading to know more about Profiteer.

If you don’t want to spend your valuable time on scams and products which under-delivers…

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Is Profiteer A Scam? $150 Per Day Starting In As Little As 24 Hours.. True?  

What you are about to learn from this review post is…

What Is Profiteer, Pros & Cons, Who is Profiteer for, Pricing and Upsells, A look inside Profiteer (Giving you an idea what you will learn), How Profiteer works, Is Profiteer a scam, Profiteer support, Profiteer Affiliate program, Bonuses, Tools, and Training etc.,

On a daily basis, many new products are launched online and they are claiming “Brand new method”, “Never seen before”, “Newbie friendly”, “Easy method”, “Quick cash earn today” “Work for just 20 minutes” etc., People are confused on which one to buy and whom to trust???

So in this review post “Is Profiteer A Scam? $150 Per Day Starting In As Little As 24 Hours.. True?” my main intention is to save your valuable time, trouble and money. And to help you in your purchase decision on “Whether to buy Profiteer or not?” and to provide you with enough information on Profiteer. Let us start our review…


Name: Profiteer

Website: https://www.profiteertoday.com/online

Price: $12.94 (At the time of writing this post and the price may go up)

Owner: Mr. Jason Fulton and Mr. Mosh Bari

Overall Rank: 45 out of 100

Is Profiteer a scam?

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What Is Profiteer? 

On Profiteer sales page – Profiteer is a UNIQUE twist to making game-changing money online. Profiteer is a 100% fresh way to make RELIABLE profits in just a few minutes per day. You won’t need any experience, tech skills or even a traffic budget because the INCLUDED software does everything for you.

On their sales page, you won’t get a clear picture about Profiteer and what you are going to learn from it. Without knowing what actually you are going to learn (do) you need to purchase this product.

It won’t make sense if I just purchase a product without knowing anything (What I need to do, will that suit me, Is that possible for me, Am I interested in doing what is taught etc).

To make it simple Profiteer is a video training course, which teaches about creating websites with the help of their software and flipping websites or selling websites on some auction site.

Who Is Profiteer For? 

They claim Profiteer is newbie friendly but I don’t recommend it. Please continue your reading to know the reasons and to get more information.

If you think, “I don’t have enough knowledge and I am afraid whether it’s possible to earn online?” My answer is it’s possible with learning. The Expert In Anything Was Once A Beginner!

Who Are Mr. Jason Fulton and Mr. Mosh Bari

Mr. Jason Fulton and Mr. Mosh Bari are successful internet marketers. They are well know product creators in the online money making niche.

Other Products Of Mr. Jason Fulton and Mr. Mosh Bari

To name a few products of Mr. Mosh Bari… Re-Kaching, Refresh-En, Quantum Profits, GiftlY, PiggyBack Cash System, Clone My Commissions, ProfiteE, Instant Commission Profits, Copy Profit Case Study etc.,

To name a few products of Mr. Jason Fulton… Traffic-Laze, Loop-It, Fusion, Limitless, 3 Step Profit Machines, Profit Whirlwind, Quick Fire Commissions, Payday Tornado, Commission Ultimatum, Commission Siphon Funnel, Tube Traffic Mantra etc.,

On Warrior+

According to Warrior+ Profiteer is launched on July 22nd, 2018, crossed 3000+ sales with the conversion rate of 13% and with a 4% refund rate.

Profiteer Overview – Profiteer Review 

Profiteer is a video training course which contains Video lessons on making money online Building websites and flipping websites for sale. Selling in Flippa.

Is Profiteer A Scam? 

Is Profiteer a scam? I won’t say Profiteer is a scam and you can earn money by using and implementing what you learn from Profiteer. The reason why I don’t recommend Profiteer is due to too much hype and Profiteer under-delivers. But there are better options available if you are a newbie. I don’t think it’s possible to earn $150 within 24 hours by everyone.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1  Suitable for any niche.

PRO #2  30 Days Money back guarantee.

PRO #3  You will learn about selling sites.

The Bad:

CON #1 Upsells.

CON #2 I doubt whether Is It Really Possible To Earn $150 per day by everyone within 24 hours? (Profiteer under-delivers)

CON #3 Too much Hype is given.

$150 Per Day Starting In As Little As 24 Hours.. True?

CON #4 Fast and Easy Money Method

“FAST – start making $150+ per day in as little as 24 hours”

“FULLY AUTOMATED SOFTWARE – does all the ‘tech’ stuff FOR you and is push-button easy to use”

“The results are FAST – MOST beta testers started making money within 24 hours”

“The INCLUDED software automates 99% of this powerful money-making method – push-button simple to use”

“This system is quick, simple and PROVEN to drive profits in as little as 24 hours.”

I am sorry and I am afraid of this easy and quick money statements because when people can’t achieve it they will easily give up without trying.

I am not saying earning money say for example $1000 or $2000 or $3000 is not possible. It’s possible but it will take time and work for newbies.

A Look Inside Profiteer

A quick overview right now sounds like a good idea so you can see what you will be learning from Profiteer. It consists of Video lessons.

Check This First…

Show Me The Money

Profiteer Case Study…

Case Study

How Profiteer Works…

Go Small and Easy
Common Elements
Step By Step Listing Your Site On Flippa
WOW I made a sale… Now What…?

Profiteer Software

Access The Software
Premium Features
Google Search API
Fetching Content
Using Spinner
Professional Theme

Profiteer Profit Training

$3000 Profit Without Site Creation
19M Free Monthly Traffic-Hottest Niche For Everyone

Fast Action Bonuses

Hope the above information gives you an idea of what you will learn from Profiteer and help you with your Profiteer purchase decision.

How Profiteer Works? 

This is how the Profiteer works…

Step 1 – Watch the over-the- shoulder videos to create your ‘Fast Profit Engines’ that can make you $150+ EACH … with less than 30 minutes setup time.

Step 2 – Use the automated software to create VALUABLE assets others will pay you for …
(this step takes less than 60 seconds)

Step 3 – List your offers on our preferred platform at NO COST … then sit back, watch the buyers come to you, and start making big-time daily profits

Step 4 – SCALE your daily profits by just rinsing & repeating, and using the same software to build up even MORE passive income

To make it simple, build a website using their software and sale the website in the Flippa.

Profiteer Price And Upsell’s

$12.94 (At the time of writing this post) Front End course teaching the core method.

OTO 1 – Done For You Profiteer Campaigns ($37) downsell to $17

Profiteer is a comprehensive method and everything is shown in the front end product. This upsell is the next logical step for the training buyers.

Here we give our students an opportunity to have the Profiteer method done for them by using our DFY campaigns at a proven $37 price point.

OTO 2 – Advanced Profiteer Tactics ($47) downsell to $27

While our students get everything they need to succeed in the main course.
This upgrade is extra training that will show them ADVANCED tactics to scale their Profiteer income and get results faster.

OTO 3 – Set This Up On Autopilot ($67) downsell to $37

We are going to show you how to set up Profiteer to run 100% AUTOMATED by outsourcing EVERYTHING!

This opens the flood gates to those commissions flying in every single month while you can focus on other money making parts of the biz.

OTO 4 – License rights ($97) downsell to $47

Here our students can sell Profiteer as their own product and keep 100% of the entire funnel’s revenue.


With Profiteer you get 2 Launch Week Bonuses. They are…

  • Launch Week Bonus #1 – Quick Start CheckList ($97 VALUE)- Fast results are important – so we’ve designed a simple checklist you can download & follow to keep on track. It’ll keep you focused and get you results QUICKLY when you simply tick items off the list.
  • Launch Week Bonus #2 – VIP FB Group & Live Coaching ($297 VALUE) – Unlike most groups ‘tossed in’ as an added bonus, this one is packed with value. Network with both experts and fellow students to see what’s working best and how to explode your income.Ask any question and get an expert response, while building long-term partnerships with other entrepreneurs.

Profiteer Support 

You can contact Profiteer via email and you will get a reply within 48 hours. There is no live chat.

Profiteer Tools and Training 

Profiteer video training provided is easy to understand.

Profiteer Affiliate Program 

Profiteer offer’s an awesome affiliate program with great commission.

Affiliate Benefits

– 100% commision on the frontend product upsells.

– 50% commission on all upsells and Downsells.

– Email Swipes Tools.

My Final Opinion of Profiteer

Dear Friend I hope this review post “Is Profiteer A Scam? $150 Per Day Starting In As Little As 24 Hours.. True?” gave you some useful insights into Profiteer. Is Profiteer A Scam? No Profiteer is not a scam. Also Yes you will need to spend additional dollars on some basic tools (You need to buy a domain, hosting and you need to pay the listing fees for flipping sites every time etc.,) and need to get few of their upsells for better results. Which will cost you more.

As I mentioned by following the Profiteer training you can earn money. But I personally feel… You need to have more quality content (posts), more traffic to sell your site for a good amount. The demand is based on traffic and quality content without that you won’t earn good money selling your site. So just building a website and selling won’t make you good money. I hope you got the answer to your question “Whether to buy Profiteer or not?” Profiteer is not a scam. And I think there are better options available.

Profiteer At A Glance

Name: Profiteer

Website: https://www.profiteertoday.com/online

Price: $12.94 (At the time of writing this post and the price may go up)

Owner: Mr. Jason Fulton and Mr. Mosh Bari

Overall Rank: 45 out of 100


How I Make Money Online?

Success is a learnable skill. You can learn to succeed at anything.” — T. Harv Eker

Everyone wants to make money online but most people fail.

The truth is 1000’s of people are earning a full-time income from the comfort of their home. Also, 1000’s of people are losing their hard-earned money to scams.

The Great News is… With the right method & training, anyone can make money online and be their own boss! I’ve done it myself. Here’s how I went From An Employee To An Entrepreneur.

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$12.94 (At the time of writing this post and the price may go up)

Product Quality







  • Suitable for any niche.
  • 30 Days Money back guarantee.
  • You will learn about selling sites.


  • Upsells.
  • I doubt whether Is It Really Possible To Earn $150 per day by everyone within 24 hours? (Profiteer under-delivers)
  • Too much Hype is given.

Paul Severe

I am Paul a Full-Time Blogger and Affiliate Marketer working from home. I love to help people to become their own BOSS.


    • I have visited the website you shared not all the information is correct.

      I lost a lot money to scams and finally came across WA. Just following the WA training I am a full-time affiliate marketer and blogger. I know 100’s bloggers personally who become their own boss by just following WA training.

      For example, In that review, the author is saying their is no training on email marketing. There are many webinars and training on email marketing. Also, he is saying Kyle and Jay not making money from their website I am wondering how he know that. Jay is an super affiliate they have many websites and they are making money.

      Based on my own experience WA is the best training platform I came across online.

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