Is Funnel World A Scam? Can We Earn $250, $500, and Even $1000 Commissions?

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In this review post “Is Funnel World A Scam? Can We Earn $250, $500, and Even $1000 Commissions?” I am going to give you useful insights on Funnel World and answer to the question… Can We Earn $250, $500, and Even $1000 Commissions using Funnel World?. In this review, you will find whether Funnel World is a scam or a legit program. You will find answers to the below questions and more…

What Is Funnel World?

Who Is Funnel World For?

Is Funnel World A Scam?

How Funnel World Works?

Can We Earn $250, $500, and Even $1000 Commissions using Funnel World?

My Earnings

How I Make Money Online?

#Is Funnel World A Scam#

Is Funnel World A Scam? Can We Earn $250, $500, and Even $1000 Commissions?

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I Know Why You Are Here…

You’ve tried many online money making courses or products that’s come along. You’ve started and stopped a dozen different courses, perhaps joined several different programs, but the truth is you just can’t seem to make money online.

Perhaps you’re even feeling a little disgusted with yourself and think it’s not possible to earn money online. You feel like no matter what you try, it’s not going to work. But still, you want to check on this product…

If you don’t want to spend your valuable time on scams and products which under-delivers…

One Important Thing I Noticed On Some Review Posts

Doing your research is the best way to find legit and genuine programs and stay away from scams.

While doing my research on Google and YouTube, I use to come across many sites often, in their review posts and videos they say “Highly Recommended” for many (all) programs and on the other hand, few sites always say “Not Recommended” to all the programs except the one they promote.

There are many scam products and programs online but there are legit products as well. But the main thing is not all the legit programs are the best one to go with because there are a lot of better opportunities available as well.

Also, not all the legit programs fulfill their claims on their sales page. So I would advise you to go for the very best genuine programs.

Also, in many sites, the review post is just the duplication of the review products sales page, I am shocked and wondered what is the use of that? Anyhow, we can find the same information on their sales page itself???

Yes, we need to use the information from their sales page on our review posts to quote “What they say” and “What they offer” etc but not just the duplication of their sales page.

We need to add more value to our review posts to help our readers. Earning money online is not a nightmare if you choose the right program.

I have invested many hours in this review post “Is Funnel World A Scam? Can We Earn $250, $500, and Even $1000 Commissions?” to provide you with enough information. I hope it helps. Please continue your reading to know more about Funnel World.


Is Funnel World A Scam? Can We Earn $250, $500, and Even $1000 Commissions?  

What you are about to learn from this review post is… What Is Funnel World, Pros & Cons, Who is Funnel World for, Pricing and Upsells, A look inside Funnel World (Giving you an idea what you will learn), How Funnel World works, Is Funnel World a scam, Funnel World support, Funnel World Affiliate program, Bonuses, etc.,

On a daily basis, many new products are launched online and they are claiming “Brand new method”, “Never seen before”, “Newbie friendly”, “Easy method”, “Quick cash earn today” etc., People are confused on which one to buy and whom to trust???

In this review post “Is Funnel World A Scam? Can We Earn $250, $500, and Even $1000 Commissions?” my main intention is to save your valuable time, effort, and money. And to help you with your purchase decision on “Whether to buy Funnel World or not?” and to provide you with enough information on Funnel World.

Is Funnel World A Scam? Can We Earn $250, $500, and Even $1000 Commissions?

Funnel World Review Summary

Name: Funnel World


Price: $8.49 (While writing this review post and Price may go up)

Owner: Mr. Lee Murray with Mr. Momen Khaiti

Are You Serious About Making Money Online?

Turn Your Interest Into Income And Passion Into Profits!

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Below you can find some frequently asked questions for your quick reference…

What Is Funnel World All About?

  • This is a course about earning money using other people’s funnels and to do so in an extremely systematic way.

How Much Funnel World Cost?

  • $8.49 (While writing this review post and Price may go up).

Is There Upsells?

  • Yes, there are 5 upsells.

Is Funnel World A Scam?

  • No

Is It Possible To Make Money Online Using Funnel World?

  • Yes

Are There Better Options Available Compared To Funnel World?

  • Yes

What’s Your Top Recommendation To Make Money Online?

  • You can read my top recommendation below.

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What Is Funnel World?

On Funnel World sales page – Other people’s funnels (OPF) – Imagine, instead of sending your traffic straight to an affiliate offer, you sent it to an entire promotional machine designed to pay you ALL THE TIME… and in a multitude of ways.

This is a course about earning money using other people’s funnels and to do so in an extremely systematic way.

On most of the product sales page, you won’t get a clear picture of the product and what you are going to learn from it. Without knowing what actually you are going to learn (do) you need to purchase this product. But that’s not the case with Funnel World, they will tell you the concept. I do appreciate that!

To help you further – Instead of promoting affiliate products, you promote OPF’s (Other people’s funnels) Sending your traffic to other people funnel via your page… They focus on both paid and free traffic methods.

Who Are Mr. Lee Murray And Mr. Momen Khaiti?

Mr. Lee Murray is a full-time successful online business person. He created many successful products. He does coach people on making money online.

He is a 10-year Internet marketing veteran and 6-figure earner living in the panhandle of Idaho, right outside of both Spokane, WA and the Canadian border. He does have 18 award-winning Internet marketing training programs.

Mr. Momen Khaiti is Lee Murray’s business partner. He currently resides in Abu Dhabi, has a wife and two sons, and has been earning his full-time living online since the early 2000s. Momen also happens to be a trusted solo ad provider and a long-time passionate blogger.

Other Products Of Mr. Lee Murray

To name a few products of Mr. Lee Murray… IM NICHE DOMINATION, Weight Loss Niche Domination, Lee Murray’s “Affiliate Psycho”, Lee Murray’s “The Leederboard Method” – Only $1.00!, Lee Murray’s “It’s All You Need”, “BE Lite”, Breakfast Embed, Shiny Object Lemonade, Breakfast Embed 2, Finally FREE!, Lee Murray’s “Email Slick” etc.,

You can read my review on Breakfast Embed 2 and Affiliate Psycho

On Warrior+

According to Warrior+ Funnel World is launched on July 23rd, 2018, it crossed 1000+ sales with a conversion rate of 8% and with a 2% refund rate.

Funnel World Overview – Funnel World Review

Funnel World is about making money online using OPF (Other people’s funnels). It contains 14 video lessons. Many experts advise building your funnel to earn money online. Funnel plays a vital role in your success.

A Look Inside Funnel World

A quick overview right now sounds like a good idea so you can see what you will be learning from Funnel World. Funnel World consists of 14 step by step videos in the main course and 2 Bonus videos.

Welcome Video from Lee Murray
Join the Facebook Group
Grab your secret bonus

It’s Funnel Time!

Video #1 – Your Three Options
Video #2 – The Tools You’ll Need
Tool #1 – Aweber (For Your Own Funnel)
Tool #2 – GetResponse (For Your OPF Funnels)
Tool #3 – HostGator Hosting
Tool #4 – ClickMagick Tracking
Tool #5 – InstaBuilder Page Builder Installed (This Links to
Video #3 – About OPF’s
Video #4 – Choosing Your Funnel
Video #5 – List Setup and Follow-Ups
Video #6 – Building Your Squeeze Page – And Where to Send New Subscribers

It’s Free Traffic Time!

Video #7 – Launch Jacking Traffic
Video #8 – Buyer Bonus Traffic
Video #9 – Blogging, Funnel World Style
Video #10 – Product Launch Traffic

It’s Paid Traffic Time!

Video #11 – Solo Ads Traffic
Video #12 – More Paid Traffic

It’s Time to Work Now!

Video #13 – Become an OPF Hunter – The More, The Better!
Video #14 – Your Action Plan – Do This Now! Do Not Procrastinate!

Download the Latest PDF

It’s Bonus Time

Bonus #1 – Momen’s Traffic
Bonus #2 – The Push Page

I hope the above information gives you an idea of what you will learn from Funnel World and help you with your Funnel World purchase decision.

In The Funnel World, You’re About to Discover 

How to craft a simple “master funnel” that will make people fall in love with you.

Which OPF’s to promote, and in which order.

How to elegantly promote more than one OPF at a time.

How to earn Tier 2 affiliate commissions that can set you free for life!

How to replace your job income just with small, recurring commissions alone!

Why the user retention on these recurring commissions will be sky-high!

How to get paid without any sales being made at all. Welcome to PPL (pay-per-lead)!

How one of our OPF’s has a PPL program built right in… no sales required!

How to start for FREE, and then use your profits to skyrocket your income!

How Funnel World Works?

You follow Mr. Lee Murray lead and build just one single funnel that takes people through a special process. And this process gets your subscribers signed up to MANY if not ALL of these OPF’s… automatically!

Then, the individuals behind the OPF’s go to work sending your people through THEIR funnels.

And some of these funnels are deep, compadre!

You’ll still be earning fat commissions from new promotions that these OPF’s are cranking out YEARS from now!

And yet all that you EVER need to do is send people to YOUR funnel.

Funnel World Support

Funnel World provides good customer support. You can contact them via email and there is no live chat in the member’s area.

Funnel World Tools And Training

Funnel World tools are easy to use and all the suggested tools will cost you additional money. The video training provided is easy to understand.

Funnel World Affiliate Program

Funnel World offers an awesome affiliate program with the great commission.

Affiliate Benefits

– 100% commission on the frontend product.

– 50% commission on all upsells.

– Easy to promote.


Front-End Product – Funnel World ($8.49 at the time I am writing this review post price might increase)

OTO1 – DFY Funnel for FW – $27 – Includes 21 OPF-centered emails, an OPF-centered lead magnet, a DFY squeeze page, a DFY thank-you page, and a video tutorial showing you how to set it all up and get yourself ready for massive success. You’ll cut out 80% of the setup work with this one upgrade alone. It’s only $27, so definitely worth considering!

OTO2 – FUNNEL WORLD EXTREME – $47 – There’s the easy way to do things, and then there’s the EXTREME way. In this day-by-day video case study series, I show you how I personally built my own funnel, “OPF Madness.” It includes many advanced strategies, including creating a video course, using push notifications, hijacking OPF funnels, traffic-getting, and much more.

OTO3 – Breakfast Embed Mega Pack – $67 – This is my incredible, award-winning traffic strategy that allows you to create traffic-pulling blog posts using embedded videos, my spin-ready script (included), and a special kind of Twitter marketing. Great traffic for your FUNNEL WORLD funnel!

OTO3 DS – Breakfast Embed Twin Pack Plus – $47

OTO4 – IM Niche Domination – $47 – This is my launch jacking system, complete with TWO spin-ready product review templates. Simply fill in your own information and the information of the product you’re reviewing using my simple instructions, and you’ll end up with tons of free Google traffic while making direct product sales and sending people to your FW funnel!

OTO 5A – Spin-Ready Reviews Lifetime – $197

OTO 5B – Spin-Ready Reviews Monthly – $27/monthly


  • Bonus #1 – OPF Madness – For starters, you get “OPF Madness,” which is just about the best stinkin’ bonus you possible could get! This allows you to see in a very real-world sense, exactly how to set yourself up for success at every turn.
  • Bonus #2 – Private “FUNNEL WORLD” Facebook Group Access – You will also be given access to his exclusive, closed FUNNEL WORLD Facebook Group. As a member, you will be able to interact with others who are going through this same process. We can all share ideas, tips, support, and any new OPF opportunities that we discover.
  • Bonus #3 – OPF Traffic With Momen – Momen’s traffic strategy. He’s willing to share a video with you that walks you through the method in detail. You’re gonna LOVE this!

Pro’s and Con’s

The Good:

PRO #1  Video Training is easy to understand and step by step walkthrough.

PRO #2  Affordable Cost.

PRO #3  You will learn about Funnels.

PRO #4  Comes with 60 days Money back guarantee.

PRO #5  You don’t need to own a product.

Comes with 60 days Money back guarantee

The Bad:

CON #1 Upsells. (Buying their upsells will help you to get better results and saves your time)

CON #2 There are additional charges (But it was mentioned on the sales page itself).

Who Is Funnel World For?

For anyone who is interested to earn money online. On the Funnel World sales page, they claim that Funnel World is for Complete Newbies, Stay-At-Home Parents, Hard Workers, Retirees, The Unemployed, The Unhappily Employed, Anyone Who Loves Making Money, etc.,

If you think, “I don’t have enough knowledge and I am afraid whether it’s possible to earn online?” My answer is it’s possible with learning. The Expert In Anything Was Once A Beginner!

Is Funnel World A Scam?

Funnel World is not a scam and you can earn money using and implementing what you learn from Funnel World. And Funnel World training does contain a lot of value in it.

My Final Opinion Of Funnel World

Dear Friend, I hope this review post “Is Funnel World A Scam? Can We Earn $250, $500, and Even $1000 Commissions?” gave you some useful insights on Funnel World.

Is Funnel World A Scam? Funnel World is not a scam. But I personally feel that you need to buy a few of their upsells and recommended tools to speed up the process in order to earn a reasonable income.


I hope you got the answer to your question “Whether to buy Funnel World or not?” Funnel World is not a scam but there are better options available.

Funnel World at a Glance

Name: Funnel World


Price: $8.49 (While writing this review post and Price may go up)

Owner: Mr. Lee Murray with Mr. Momen Khaiti

Overall Rank: 79 out of 100


My Earnings

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Funnel World

$8.49 (While writing this review post and Price may go up)

Product Quality







  • Video Training is easy to understand and step by step walkthrough.
  • Affordable Cost.
  • You will learn about Funnels.


  • Upsells. (Buying their upsells will help you to get better results and saves your time)
  • There are additional charges (But it was mentioned on the sales page itself).

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