1. Alblue

    Oh thank you so much for reviewing Proximity. A Facebook friend invite me to join this platform but I don’t feel to want joining it. I’m glad the training is legit, but so many upsells turn me down right away. Is there any real testimonial that people really earn that much money using Proximity? I’m also a bit curious about Affiliate Marketing that you’ve mentioned in the end of the article. I’ll check your free guide. Thanks 🙂

    • Paul Severe

      Dear Alblue,

      Its really hard to earn $174 within 24 hours that too just spending 15 minutes a day. The problem with the testimonials and many reviews is they just promote the product and not worried about giving a honest review.


  2. Shahed

    Thank you so much for this information. I learned a lot about reading this article. I think they should have many skills if they want to do any online activity. Because there are many types of scams online. And if people who do not know those, who do not have experience, They cannot earn money on the first day if they come to work online. And I got to learn and learn a lot, in your link which you gave us in your article and I got a lot of ideas. Today I read the best article.

    • Paul Severe

      Dear Shahed,

      Indeed, because of the increased number of make money online scams and programs which under-delivers we need to do some research before buying any make money online products/programs.

      Newbies when they see that they can make money ($174 with 24 hours by just spending 15 minutes) they are attracted to it. Many of us are not ready to work hard or invest time in business we want immediate results and success which is not going to happen.


  3. boluwagg

    hI Paul Severe, This is the most extensive and comprehensive review about if proximity is a scam, with the way you have review it on your website it have convince me to make a purchase decision and am happy to know that i can still make money when i receive calls, thank you for this wonderful reviews and all your article is well explanatory and easy to understand

    • Paul Severe

      Dear Boluwagg,

      Its not you will receive call, you will be paid for every call made from your website (To the phone number you displayed related to your niche on the your site) to the pay per call network or to the service. Hope this helps.


  4. George Anderson

    I viewed your website ‘Be your own Boss by Blogging’. I got into the L O N G page, but you have everything there. No need to ask for the booklet!  I used canvas to write my pages too; and buttons and scroll-up effects to get around.

    I feared that I wasn’t getting comments, so I included a comment page to expand my dance with google.

    I liked you back-story, as it showed your road worthy mentor. Bookmarking your site, will give me the opportunity to read everything you had to say on the subject. The quotes are refreshing and I’m glad you dropped a few here and there. You are an inspiration to me and other bloggers.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Paul Severe

      Dear George,

      The real pleasure in life is in helping others!

      Thanks for the encouraging comments. All I am trying to do with my reviews is to save people time, trouble, effort and money.


  5. Badhan Biswas

    Hello Paul Severe,

    Thanks for sharing this article. From your article I have finally figured it out how the Proximity really works. You have described modules, how the Proximity work by- step by step and all those pros and cons were really helpful. And the beat part you have mentioned to take a lesson from your mistakes and asked is to take your wise advice.

    Again take my cordial thanks for this important article.

    Regards –

    Badhan Biswas.

    • Paul Severe

      Dear Badhan Biswas,

      I am happy to hear my review post is helpful. Indeed, the best way to avoid mistakes is to learn from others mistakes and not doing it.


  6. Alexia J.A.B

    I’m definitely going to check out your “Free Make Money Online Guide”. Due to circumstances I’ve been researching many different ways to make money online and I have been looking at tools that would make it possible, but it’s been difficult figuring out whether certain tools are legitimate or not. Thank you for the honest and clear review on Proximity.

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