What Is Donkeymails About? – [Review Based On My Own Experience]

Welcome To My Review What Is Donkeymails About?!

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Earn by watching ads and reading emails!

There is no minimum payout!

Sounds great right? You might be aware of PTC (Paid To Click) and GPT (Get Paid To) sites they claim that you can earn money by just clicking on ads and reading emails.

There are 100’s of PTC and GPT sites. Also, on a daily basis, people are launching PTC and GPT sites.

There are few genuine PTC sites and there are many scams as well.

In this review post, I am going to share my own experience with Donkeymails. Also, I have tried nearly 20 sites (PTC & GPT) and I like to share my overall experience with these PTC and GPT sites.

What Is Donkeymails About? - [Review Based On My Own Experience]

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Donkeymails Review Summary

Product Name: Donkeymails

Creators: Sebastiaan Broekhof

Launch Date: Donkeymails is launched on February 3rd, 2005.

Product Type: Paid To Click and Get Paid To site

Price: $0 (Free) + Upgrade

Best for: People who love to work on GPT and PTC sites, who can refer 100’s of members to this site and not worried about the low earnings.

Summary: By watching ads, reading emails, watching videos, signing up to offers, etc., You can make money with Donkeymails and the earnings are very less.

Rating: 35/100

Is Donkeymails Legit Or Scam? Legit

Is Donkeymails Recommended? No

As I mentioned before I have tried nearly 20 GPT and PTC sites. Also, I have reviewed some of them. Below is the list for your reference…

You can see all the above sites are the ones I worked in the past and based on my experience I wrote all those reviews. So I believe that I can provide you with genuine and helpful advice.

When I said I worked with nearly 20 PTC and GPT sites (In the Introduction Part) you might find it hard to believe (LOL). The above 9 reviews are based on my own experience only and I didn’t review all the 20 sites.

You can rest assure each and every word I write is the TRUTH.

Based on my experience I will not recommend any GPT and PTC sites although some of them are legit still the earning potential with all the GPT and PTC sites will be very less only.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Below you can find some frequently asked questions for your quick reference…

What Is Donkeymails All About?

  • By watching ads, reading emails, watching videos, signing up to offers, etc., You can make money with Donkeymails and the earnings are very less.

How Much Donkeymails Cost?

  • $0 (Free) + Upgrade

Is Donkeymails A Scam?

  • No

Is It Possible To Make Money Online Using Donkeymails?

  • Yes

Are There Better Options Available Compared To Donkeymails?

  • Yes

What’s Your Top Recommendation To Make Money Online?

  • You can read my top recommendation below.

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One Important Thing I Noticed On The Review Posts

Doing your research is the best way to find legit and genuine programs and stay away from scams.

Things changed nowadays, people are doing their research before signing up for any programs as you are doing now.

Unfortunately, some reviews are biased and all they are trying to do is promote the product or service by writing a good review about it.

I do appreciate you for taking the time to do your research and that’s the best way to stay away from scams and from the products which under-delivers.

I am not trying to promote Donkeymails to you so you can expect an unbiased and honest review.

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What Is Donkeymails?

Donkeymails is launched on February 3rd, 2005 owned by Sebastiaan Broekhof.

The good news is they are in the market since 2005. Donkeymails is a Get Paid To site where you can earn money for doing different tasks.

There are many ways (tasks) to earn money from Donkeymails. Please find the details below on the next topic.

What Are The Different Ways To Earn Money With Donkeymails?

Below you can find some of the ways you can earn with Donkeymails…

  • Paid2Click
  • MinuteStaff Cash PTC Offerwall
  • Paid2Signup
  • Paid to Promote
  • NEW OfferWalls!
  • High Daily Surveys/Video Worldwide!
  • Offers4all Cash PTC Offerwall
  • Paid2Signup Search Country
  • Manual Surf!(win Cash)
  •  Top Offerwall Persona Cash
  • AdsCendMedia Cash
  • Contest PTC
  • Adclickwall Cash PTC Offerwall
  • Paid To Signup USA Only!
  • Donkeymails RAFFLE
  • MinuteStaff Cash
  • Point2Click
  • SkippyAds Cash PTC Offerwall
  • Get Paid To Review!
  • Donkeymails AdCoop
  • PeanutLabs $$$ NEW!
  • PTCWall Cash PTC Offerwall
  • ClixWall Cash PTC Offerwall
  • Daily Paid Video and more!

A big list right? I only mentioned around 75% there are even some more ways you can earn money with them.


How To Register With Donkeymails?

The registration process is very simple all you need to do is enter your email address. After entering your email address they will send you a confirmation email to your email address once you confirmed it you are in.

After that, you can set up your Username, Password, and other basic details.

How Donkeymails Works? 

As I mentioned above there are numerous ways to make money with Donkeymails. For example, by clicking on ads, by reading emails, watching videos, etc., you can earn money.

The tasks are very simple and easy.

What Is The Minimum Payout With Donkeymails?

Although Donkeymails claim that they are no minimum payout there is minimum payout please find the details below…

  • $1 minimum BitCoin Payout
  • Low $1 Payeer and PerfectMoney
  • $0.50 Solidtrustpay Payout

When The Payouts Are Made With Donkeymails?

Payouts will be made each 2 weeks! After your payment request is made and your account is in good standing they will issue payment to you within 2 weeks.

What Are The Payment Methods Available With Donkeymails?

They don’t pay via PayPal which is a huge setback. Below are the payment options available to them.

  • Bitcoin
  • NL Bank Payout
  • Payeer
  • PerfectMoney
  • SolidTrustPay

How Much It Cost To Join Donkeymails?

You can join as a free member without spending any money however with the free membership your earnings are very less compared to other memberships.


Apart from the free membership below are the upgrades…

  • A Baby Donkey membership costs you 10$ for a 1 year upgrade.
  • A Small Donkey membership costs you 20$ for a 1 year upgrade.
  • A Big Donkey membership costs you 30$ for a 1 year upgrade.
  • A Huge Donkey membership costs you 50$ for a 1 year upgrade.
  • A Yearly Super HUGE Donkey Clicker Membership costs you 80.00$ for a 1 year upgrade.
  • A Yearly Super HUGE Donkey Clicker Membership costs you 150.00$ for a 1 year upgrade.

Pro’s and Con’s

The Good:

→ Free Membership

→ Online Since 2005

→ Many ways to earn money. Easy and simple tasks

The Bad:

→ Low earnings

→ Too Many emails and advertisements. You can’t stop it without canceling your account with them.

→ Not worth the time we invest in

→ Points you earned will not be converted to Cash. Points can be used for advertising only

→ You need to trade time for money

How can I cancel receiving your emails? (The is in their FAQ section)

Your membership in our program allows DonkeyMails.com to send you email messages and advertisements. You may not cancel receiving email ads from DonkeyMails.com without terminating your membership in our program and forfeiting any and all earnings.

Donkeymails Referral Commissions 

One of the best ways to increase your earning with Donkeymails is to refer more members to them. They do pay you up to 5 levels deep…

  • Level 1 – 10% (Direct referrals)
  • Level 2 – 5%
  • Level 3 – 3%
  • Level 4 – 2%
  • Level 5 – 1%

Who’s Donkeymails For? 

People who love to work on GPT and PTC sites, who can refer 100’s of members to this site and not worried about the low earnings.

How Much Can I Make With Donkeymails? 

Very less! Sorry if I disappointed you but that’s the truth. It’s not worth the time and effort you invest in.

I earned $1.36 with them and it took several weeks. Below is the screenshot of my earnings with them.

My Earnings With Donkeymails

Some Complaints On Donkeymails

When it comes to complaints and negative feedback we do know even the best service and products do have complaints and negative feedback.

However, it plays a vital role in making your decision. Below you can find some member’s feedback.

Complaints On Donkeymails

Complaints On Donkeymails

Complaints On Donkeymails

Is Donkeymails A Scam?

No, Donkeymails is not a scam. There are numerous ways to earn money with them. Unfortunately, the concern is the amount of money we can earn.

It is really hard to make a reasonable amount with Donkeymails. You will be earning pennies.

As I mentioned before I used to work on 20 PTC and GPT sites. Trust me it is really hard to make $1 spending 3 to 4 hours in all those sites. This is the truth and it’s not worth your time and effort.

I don’t recommend PTC, GPT, Online Survey sites, etc., Although there are some legit companies still the earnings with them will be very less.

I am sharing my experience with the intention to save your time, trouble, effort, work and money.

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$0 (Free) + Upgrade




  • Free Membership
  • Online Since 2005
  • Many ways to earn money. Easy and simple tasks


  • Low earnings
  • Too Many emails and you can't stop it without cancelling your account with them
  • Not worth the time we invest in

10 thoughts on “What Is Donkeymails About? – [Review Based On My Own Experience]”

    • Indeed there are too many ads and that’s how they make money. Below are the details you requested…

      Once you logged in to the member’s area… You will see an “Earning Menu” on that at the bottom right side corner you can see “Earning Stats”. Click on that to see your earning tab. Then you will find the below details…

      You have directly earned

      You have earned from your Downline

      Your account balance after all transactions.

      One more information… DonkeyMails is an ad-only website so they don’t make payments. You can use your cash and points for advertising and or upgrade via the redemption page in the member area.

      Hope this helps!

  1. Thanks for sharing a very informative review on Donkeymails.

    I actually haven’t heard of it before but have come across a number of websites that are PTC and GPT. To he honest these websites are legit but they pay you fractions of cents even after you have spend hours working with it. 

    I agree with you, it is definitely not worth the time you put into these programs and websites. 

    Thank you! 

  2. What an interesting and comprehensive review, this is not a subject that I have ever explored, but it is one of which I am aware, as you say it is not a scam but does require an awful lot of hard work to make just a pittance.

    People who read this should be very grateful that you have taken the time and effort to offer at first hand your experiences in this type of market and hopefully they will stay away and enter some of the ethical and rewarding markets that are out there.

    • Learning from others experience will save us time, effort and money. That’s the reason I am sharing my experience and I believe it will save people time and effort.

  3. Hi Paul, I like reading reviews about these PTC and GPT programs.  I just think most of them appear to be scams right off the bat.  You did a good job reviewing Donkeyemails thoroughly.  Sure seems like a lot of work for a very very small amount of payout.  

    Nice job Paul and I like how you tied this review into your Wealthy Affiliate guide.


  4. Thank you for your detailed review of Donkeymails. There are lots of sites for earning money online. I have not heard of this site before. But after going through your article I just got the idea that I should not consider this site for making money online. Wealthy Affiliate is a good option, in fact, the best option for learning and making money online. I became a premium member of this site last month. So far my experiences have been so good. It is a great learning platform. 


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