My Clixsense Review

Clixsense Review

Dear Friend,

I am a member of clixsense since July 2013 I believe I can give my honest and genuine review on clixsense which I believe it will be helpful for you to decide on clixsense.

So here is my clixsense review…

Name: Clixsense
Price: Standard Free & Premium $17.00 per Year
Owner: Mr. Jim V Grago
Overall Rank: 60 out of 100

Simple Work from Home - Clixsense

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Clixsense Product Overview

Clixsense is a PTC website i.e paid to click website and they are in the business since February 2007. They provide the ads on a daily basis, they pay you for clicking on ads and for viewing it, sounds good?

There are several ways to earn money via clixsense they are…

  • Viewing ads
  • Taking surveys
  • Completing offers and tasks
  • Playing grid
  • Referring to others etc…….

Viewing Ads

By viewing ads you can earn $0.001 to $0.02 and for your kind information most of the ads are worth $0.001 and if you spend 15 to 20 minutes you can earn on an average $0.011 to $0.021. On a daily basis, you will receive 15 to 20 ads. Earning via viewing ads is very very less.

I will explain it to you in detail…..When you click on the ad it will ask you to click on the cat among five animals displayed (mostly 4 dogs and one cat) and once you click on the cat a timer will be displayed (10 to 30 seconds) and you need to wait till you get a message “your click has been validated & You’ve just been credited $0.001“. As I mentioned before, viewing ads is very simple and easy.

Taking Surveys

As I mentioned below in the cons most of the surveys won’t be available to all members it’s related to their geographical location and one thing I don’t like on surveys is….. While taking surveys in most of the cases nearly 90% it will ask several questions and I will keep on answering after 5 to 10 questions it will say sorry you are not eligible for this survey……. Coollllll I will say to myself.

Completing The Task And Offers

Clixsense Review - Completing The Task And Offers

Tasks and offers includes things like… Downloading an app, signing up or registering, watching videos, etc.

The tasks are provided by CrowdFlower, a crowdsourcing service that enables you to work on small tasks giving the opportunity to earn some extra cash.

Playing Grid

As a free member, you have 30 chances to click per day on any square (There will be a grid full of small boxes each boxes re-directing you to viewing ads) and view the ads as like the viewing ads section but if you are lucky you will earn money its like lottery. I personally won a few times and earned money so it’s real.

Referring To Others

In order to earn more money as a standard member, you need to refer as many as you can. They will provide you with an affiliate link and if anyone joins using that link they will become your referral and you will get a partial amount from their earnings such as ads clicks, referral sign-ups, completing offers and surveys, completing crowdflower tasks, premium membership upgrades, etc . They pay you up to 8 Tier.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 Free to Join

PRO #2 Very Easy to Work

PRO #3 Multiple ways to earn

PRO #4 Start your earnings from day one

The Bad:

CON #1 Earnings very slow

CON #2 Only way to earn more money is by referring others

CON #3 Most of the surveys and mini-jobs are not available to all it is related to members geographical location

To Whom Is Clixsense For?

Anyone who are 16 years old and above can sign up for clixsense to make it simple since it’s an easy work and free to join, anyone and everyone can do it.

Clixsense Support

The support offered with the product is good. There is a forum, FAQ section, and support. But there is no personal support or one to one coaching etc. Tools are user friendly and there is no special training given. You need to learn on your own and it’s simple. If you have any problem you need to raise a support ticket with the issue and the support team will contact you.

Comparison between Standard and Premium

Upgrade Benefits              STANDARD                PREMIUM
Guaranteed Ads Daily 1 4
ClixGrid Chances 30 60
Minimum Cashout $8.00 $6.00
ClixGrid Timer 10 sec 5 sec
Pay per Click $0.001 to $0.02 $0.001 to $0.02
Pay per Referral Click $0.0001 to $0.002 $0.0001 to $0.004
Signup Commissions $1.00 after referral earns a total of $10 $2 after referral earns a total of $5
The total includes only earnings from Ptc clicks, Tasks and approved Offers – commissions, bonuses and prizes are not included.
Upgrade Commissions * $2.00 per upgraded direct referral $2.00 per upgraded direct referral +
$1.00 per upgrade through 7 more tiers
Sales Commissions
(Ad Credits and ClixGrid Purchases)
10% up to $1.00 per purchase
limited at $100 per referral
10% up to $2.00 per purchase
unlimited per referral
Tasks Commissions 5% per completed task 10% per completed task
Offers Commissions 5% per completed offer 10% per completed offer
Daily Checklist Bonus up to 7% up to 16%
Membership Cost FREE $17.00 per Year

Friend the below statement was mentioned by clixsense, not by me…

Upgrading your account will not get you more offers or tasks and may not increase the number of ads available. The only added benefits are listed above and if you are not going to refer others or won’t be able to complete the daily checklist on a regular basis, upgrading may not be for you. Please make sure you understand this before upgrading.

So as a standard member without many referrals making enough money with clixsense is really hard and if you can refer more members for sure you can earn more and the main thing is your referrals need to be active that is they need to click the ads and complete offers on a daily basis. But earning money online is possible in a systematic way. For more details on making money online, You can read one of my posts Is making money online a nightmare?.

My Final Opinion of Clixsense

Take Action

Clixsense is legit, they are paying customers and they are in the market for more than 10 years. My personal experience is without referring more members it’s really hard to earn more money via clixsense. If you search on Google you can find 100’s of paid to click sites and among those, for sure clixsense is a genuine one.

If you are interested in building your online career and want to earn money online below details will help you.

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Clixsense At A Glance

Name: Clixsense
Price: Standard Free & Premium $17.00 per Year
Owners: Mr. Jim V Grago
Overall Rank: 60 out of 100



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$0 Standard Free & Premium $17.00 per Year

Product Quality







  • Free to Join
  • Very Easy to Work
  • Multiple ways to earn


  • Earnings very slow
  • Only way to earn more money is by referring others
  • Most of the surveys and mini jobs are not available to all it is related to members geographical location

12 thoughts on “My Clixsense Review”

  1. Paul,

    This is the first time that I have heard of Clixsense. Your post clearly explained everything and is very helpful. It seems to be cut out for someone that has a lot of free time. Although it is not a large sum of money, it still can be beneficial for some extra cash.

  2. Hi Paul,
    Nice review and give us another way to make money online. Also it looks easy to do, just to viewing ads, taking surveys, and even playing … I will give it a trial and Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Paul,
    Thank you for this review. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I certainly agree with you about the opportunity there. Of course, it takes more work than Clixsense from what you describe, so it makes sense that the reward would be commensurate. At least for those not willing to put in the work, you have provided a legit alternative! Good Job!

  4. Hello Paul,
    Thanks for the article. I have heard of Clixsense and seen the ads about it but never did anything. Thanks to your article, now I have a bit more information on how it works. Though not having the ability to make ‘big’ money, I guess it is an opportunity for someone who has the time and willingness to be consistent.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hello Paul, I think this was a very fair review of this opportunity. Although the process does not seem to be something that would allow one to truly make a living from it. It is so amazing to me that there are so many options out there. And it helps to have it broken down into pros and cons.
    Great job!

  6. Hi Paul, i have heard of clixsense before but that’s it.
    Great review! I have a much better understanding now as i was never sure if it was a scam or not!

    • Dear Aaron,

      Clixsense is legit and going forward you can consider it but my only concern is… Its not worth the time we spend and we can earn more money by blogging and doing affiliate marketing.


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