Scarlet Clicks – My Honest Review

Dear Friend,

In this post, I am going to give my honest review on Scarlet-Clicks, and to be honest, it’s going to be similar to my review on GPTplanet because both are operated by the same people and both remain similar in many aspects.

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What Is Scarlet-Clicks about?

I am a member of scarlet-clicks from 11th August 2016 and my membership with them is standard/free. In this post, I like to share some basic insights about scarlet-clicks which will help you to get a clear picture of scarlet-clicks and will save your time. This article is based on my own experience, also I did my research and used others experience to make it easy and helpful for you to come to a conclusion about scarlet-clicks.


Name: Scarlet-Clicks

Price: Standard(Free), Upgrades with membership tiers
Owners: Dimitrios Kornelatos
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

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Scarlet-Clicks Product Overview

Scarlet-Clicks Product Overview

Scarlet-clicks is online since 2009 i.e. 8+ years. Scarlet-clicks is paid to click the website, you will be paid for viewing ads. I hope you might be aware of the Gpt Planet PTC site (which is online since October 2010) that’s also run by the same firm.

The Good & The Bad

The Good:

PRO #1  Free to Join & No experience needed
PRO #2  Multiple ways to earn money

The Bad:

CON #1  Slow earning
CON #2  Self-Sponsored Ads – They Promote themselves in their ads – For example, they advertise about themselves to their members who are already their members which may cause a problem when they don’t have enough funds ETC

Who Is Scarlet-Clicks For?

Anyone can make money using scarlet-clicks since the standard membership is free and clicking on ads is not at all a difficult task.

Scarlet-Clicks Membership Plans

Below you can find Scarlet-clicks membership plans.

  • Standard – Free
  • Monthly Silver – $5
  • Monthly Gold – $10
  • Monthly Gold Plus – $30
  • Yearly Silver – $50/year
  • Yearly Gold – $100/year
  • Yearly Gold Plus – $300/year
  • Diamond – $700/year

In my experience in order to earn a reasonable amount in scarlet-clicks (Not only in scarlet-clicks in all PTC sites) you need to be their upgraded member and need to have more referrals.

Scarlet-Clicks Multiple Ways To Earn

There are multiple ways to earn with Scarlet-clicks.

They are…

  • By Clicking Ads – Viewing ads.
  • Scarletgrid – It’s a game where you have 10 chances if you are lucky you can win up to $1.
  • PTC Wall – Where you can find additional ways to earn, also additional ads.
  • PTSU – Paid To Signup, if you complete the signup’s you will earn some money ranging from $0.05 to a few dollars.
  • Affiliate Programs – By referring to others.

You will also earn one point for every ad you click which you can convert it into dollars.

Your points can be converted into dollars

$1 = 10000.00 pts

Scarlet-Clicks Tools & Training

Scarlet-Clicks Tools & Training

To be honest, there is no specific training given or there is no, one to one training, etc, but it’s just about clicking ads, and its really easy. It’s user friendly.

Scarlet-Clicks Support

Average support, there is a forum in which you can learn and discuss. You cannot contact the owner directly. If you have any issues you need to raise a support ticket and they will contact you.

Scarlet-Clicks Payment & Payment Method

Regarding there payments, their minimum payout is $2 and they have 3 payment methods to cashout Paypal, Perfect Money & Payza.

Scarlet-Clicks Payment & Payment Method

As per their rule, it states that they pay all their customers irrespective of their membership in 7 days.

My Final Opinion of Scarlet-Clicks

Dear Friend, So you can earn money with Scarlet-clicks, and to be honest they are paying their members.

My Final Opinion of Scarlet-Clicks

But as a standard member, the earnings with Scarlet-clicks are very very low, and slow. In my experience as a standard member, it’s really hard to earn a reasonable income, better you can utilize your time in programs like Wealthy Affiliate. Which will help you to establish a steady online business.

Scarlet-clicks At A Glance

Name: Scarlet-clicks

Price: Standard(Free), Upgrades with membership tiers
Owners: Dimitrios Kornelatos
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

VERDICT: Legit But there are better options

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$0 Standard (Free), Upgrades with membership tiers

Product Quality







  • Free to Join & No experience needed
  • Multiple ways to earn money


  • Slow earning
  • Self-Sponsored Ads – They Promote themselves in their ads - For example they advertise about themselves to their members who are already their members which may cause problem when they don't have enough funds ETC

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