What Is Goldenclix.com

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In this review post, I am going to discuss Goldenclix one of the paid to click site. In this article What Is Goldenclix.com I am sharing my own experience with Goldenclix. Hope it will help you to make a decision on whether to join Goldenclix or not. Since I am having some knowledge about Goldenclix I had a thought how about writing What Is Goldenclix.com.

What Is Goldenclix.com

When it comes to online earnings many of us first come across PTC sites Paid to Click sites claiming you can earn a lot of money just by simply clicking on ads. Is it the truth and is it really possible to make a lot of money via paid to click sites? Continue your reading to discover the truth…

Goldenclix saying it as our Goldmine is that really a goldmine? Let’s see.

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What Is Goldenclix.com

Glodenclix is a paid to click website. They are in the online market since 2012 and there are mixed reviews about goldenclix. Many saying it’s a scam site, they are not paying, etc and some saying its paying. The best part is you can try it for free but whether it’s worth spending your time, let us find out.

What is goldenclix.com

Goldenclix Product Overview – Review

Name: Goldenclix

Website: www.goldenclix.com
Price: Standard (Free), Upgrades with membership tiers
Overall Rank: 45 out of 100

Goldenclix is online since 2012. When you click on the advertiser’s advertisement and view it for the specified amount of time. After viewing the advertisement, you will get credited with an amount of money in your Goldenclix account.

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The Good & The Bad

The Good:

PRO #1  Free to Join & No experience needed.

PRO #2  Multiple ways to earn money.

PRO #3  In the online market since 2012.

PRO #4  Paying via Bitcoin.

PRO #5  There is a forum.

The Bad:

CON #1  Very Slow Earning.

CON #2  Rented referrals is not yielding enough money (In my own experience).

CON #3  No Paypal option.

CON #4  Limited rented referrals for Standard membership.

CON  #5  Minimum payout is $5

Who Is Goldenclix For?

Anyone can make money using Goldenclix since the standard membership is free and clicking on ads is not at all a difficult task. It’s very simple and easy.

Goldenclix Membership Plans

Below you can find Goldenclix membership plans.

  • Standard (Wooden) – Free
  • Silver Monthly – $22.50
  • Bronze Half Year – $25
  • Bronze Yearly – $45
  • Silver Half Year – $109
  • Enriched Uranium Half Year – $229
  • Goldy Half Year – $460
  • Golden Yearly – $800

In my experience in order to earn a reasonable amount in Goldenclix (Not only in Goldenclix in all PTC sites) you need to be their upgraded member and need to have more referrals, more direct referrals, and rented referrals.

Features Of Each Pack

Goldenclix Membership Benefits

The above picture clearly explains the different features of the membership plans. Although the Goldy and Gold membership having the best features it’s very costly. Better I would suggest if you are looking for upgrade plans and also can’t afford much, going for Bronze Half Year might be the first better option you can go with. However, you can see which one suits you better.

Goldenclix Multiple Ways To Earn

There are multiple ways to earn with Goldenclix.

They are…

View Ads

  • By Clicking Ads – Viewing ads.
  • Flip the coin – Like tossing the coin but be careful for every time you lose you will lose money.
  • Golden Grid – Like a lucky grid
  • PTSU – Paid To Sign UPs
  • Persona Offers
  • Offers4all
  • OfferToro Offers
  • AdscendMedia Offers
  • PaymentWall
  • PTC wall
  • PleWall
  • Affiliate Programs – By referring to others.

Goldenclix Grid

You will also earn one point for every ad you click which you can convert. You can convert them to cash.

Conversion rate: $1 = 5000.00 pts

Points can be used for:

  1. Upgrade your account
  2. To use them to purchase advertising

Goldenclix Tools & Training

To be honest there is no specific training given or there is no one to one training etc, but its just about clicking ads and its really easy. It’s user friendly.

Goldenclix Support

Average support, there is a forum in which you can learn and discuss. They have a forum and frequently asked questions section. If you have any issues you need to raise a support ticket and they will contact you.

Goldenclix Payment & Payment Method

Their minimum payout is $5 on the first cashout.

What is the payout minimum?

You may request for a payment once you have reached $5 in your account balance. The minimum for First Time Payout is $5 for all members. Next one is $2 for upgraded members. Free members have stepped cashouts 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 -9 -10.

How many days I need to wait for payment?

Payments will be processed within 10 business days (Monday – Friday) to investors.

Currently they pay by four options. Payza, Bitcoin, Payneer and PM (Perfect Money).


Members Benefits

Goldenclix claim that their innovative features for members give members flexibility and more earning potential.

  • Earn up to $0.01 per click
  • Earn up to $0.0125 per referral click
  • Fast payments and receiving system
  • 4 fixed advertisement
  • Payments via Payeer, Payza, PerfectMoney, and Bitcoin

Advertisers Benefits

  • Advertise your website
  • Add your rotation plan instantly
  • Choice of multiple advertisement packs
  • Detailed statistics on GeoMap
  • Anti-cheat protection
  • New type of advertisements

My Final Opinion On What Is Goldenclix.com

Dear Friend, So you can earn money with Goldenclix and to be honest at the moment I won’t say they are a scam site. They are paying their members and few claiming they are not paying. However, Although I am using Goldenclix standard membership I am trying to upgrade my account from the earnings. When I try to cashout I will be in a better position to share my thoughts based on my own experience and I will update this page.

But as a standard member, the earnings with Goldenclix are very very low, and slow. In my experience as a standard member, it’s really hard to earn a reasonable income, better you can utilize your time in programs like Wealthy Affiliate. Which will help you to Establish a steady online business.

Goldenclix At A Glance

Name: Goldenclix

Website: www.goldenclix.com
Price: Standard(Free), Upgrades with membership tiers
Overall Rank: 45 out of 100

VERDICT: Legit but there are better options

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$0 Standard (Free), Upgrades with membership tiers

Product Quality







  • Free to Join & No experience needed.
  • Multiple ways to earn money.
  • In the online market since 2012.


  • Very Slow Earning.
  • Rented referrals is not yielding enough money (In my own experience).
  • No Paypal option.

2 thoughts on “What Is Goldenclix.com”

  1. Hi Paul, Thank you for exposing this site. I, for one, tend to disbelieve and assume anything is a scam that asks for money and then tells you, all you have to do, to get your investment back and much more, is to sit and click.
    Wealthy Affiliate has great training, and it requires hard work to implement and make money from it…that’s ok. There are almost as many ‘opportunities” that require hard work with little to no returns as there are “opportunities” that promise returns with no work. It is great to find one like WA that is an authentic opportunity! Thank you!

    • Dear Annie,

      Wealthy Affiliate is the best program to learn and earn online, it helps to build an online business from scratch that’s the reason its my number one recommendation. Instead of clicking and earning pennies with these paid to click site affiliate marketing is the best. Thanks Again.



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