Importance Of Keyword and Free Keyword Tool

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We are going to discuss the importance of keywords and a tool for it…Of course a free tool. For sure you need to understand the keywords if you are running a website.

Customers won’t automatically come to your website “Things will not happen we need to make it happen”. Keywords play a very important role in

your website traffic. So it will be helpful to know and understand the importance of keywords, what are the types and which is the best etc…

What Is A Keyword?

First, we need to know what is a keyword? Keywords are the words that play a vital role or key role to bring traffic to your website. Keywords are frequently keyed words in search engines. Online customers key some words more frequently for getting their information in the search engines.

Based on the keywords, search engines find the relative content pages and provide the customers as a result of their searches. Based on the results customers visit the link and once they find the page related to their search they will take your service or product.

Types of Keywords

There are two types of keywords

  • Broad Keywords
    Example…Laptop (More broad)
  • Long-tail keywords
    Example….Apple laptop models with prices (More specific)

Importance of Keywords.

90% of online users search for information on search engines to fulfill their needs.
When coming to keywords you need to understand 2 important things.

  • Traffic – Number of people do the searches
  • Competition – Number of websites with the related content towards the keywords

Through keywords or with the help of keywords…Search engine and customer identifies your website.

What Type of Keyword To Use?

It’s always good to go with the Longtail keywords rather than going with the broad keywords because
broad keywords will have a high number of searches with high competition. So it’s advisable to go
with long-tailed keywords with “High number of searches but less competition”.

5 W’s


I would suggest you to be in the seat of customers, think what is your customers need and their
expectation so that you can find the formula for success by providing the customer need and
fulfilling their expectation. So ask these 5 w’s and it will be helpful to improve your content.

Address the problem, provide the solution, tell them the benefits these are the important things you need to keep in mind while writing a blog post. It’s all about helping your readers and finally, you can ask them to take action i.e call to action.

Know your audience

Keywords are important but stay away in doing or writing an article full of keywords Google or other search engines don’t like. Don’t do keyword stuffing in your blog posts, most people will try to increase the keyword density by stuffing more keywords. But you will be penalized by search engines so don’t do that let it be natural.

Also, I would personally advise don’t fully focus on keywords in the initial stages of your content writing, and going forward gradually you will learn it. Keep in mind adding more value to your blog post is the key instead of adding more keywords.

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool

There are many free keyword tools available online. With the help of the keyword tool, you can find the searches made that are traffic, also other related keywords and its competition, etc. You can read my detailed Jaaxy Review HERE.

Here is the free keyword tool I RECOMMEND

It’s the most advanced tool and it will be really helpful in your keyword searches…

If you are interested in building your free website you can click HERE. To know more about blogging ideas click HERE.


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Final Thoughts

For any blogger, it is very important to know the importance of keyword and free keyword tools available to improve their online business. Hope this post gave you some insights on both. By implementing what you learned for sure you can see good results on your online business. Wishing you great success!

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  1. A Very useful blog you shared with us, for keyword research and it’s all tools.I’m satisfied that you just shared this helpful information with us.Thanks for share with us an important article.

    • Dear Friend,

      Thanks for your appreciation. In order to bring the organic traffic we need to know about the keyword research and the benefits of the keyword tool. If you are going to write quality content consistently and focusing on the rich keywords it will help you to grow your traffic.

      Keep learning and earning,


  2. Great source of information you provide here about keyword importance and free keyword tool.Thanks for en-lighting us with your knowledge, it is helpful for many of us.

    • Dear Smith,

      To be honest with you the information what I have provided is just the basics and there is a lot of things we need to learn when it comes to keywords. Learning about keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in order to generate organic traffic to our site. Organic traffic is the traffic generated by search engines. So we need to keep learning in order to succeed.


  3. Thank you for sharing this free keyword tool and it’s importance.i’m newbies in seo it very important for me.
    I learn from your article..
    Keep going..!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dear Patel,

      Keywords plays an important role in driving free traffic. Mainly for those on budget and can’t afford paid traffic keyword research is the secret for the success!


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