SFI Affiliate Program Review

SFI Review

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In this post SFI Affiliate Program Review I am sharing my own experience and information about SFI. Often people ask whether SFI is legit or scam, who is SFI for, the advantages and disadvantages, their price, their training, their support and what is SFI etc. So I thought of writing a review on SFI. I believe this review will answer your questions and save your time.

I have given my honest review on Wealthy Affiliate, Clixsense, Insider Profit System (UPDATE – I have written my reviews on many programs and will continue doing the same) and now on SFI, to be honest I signed up as a member for all these products and tried it. My next product review will be on the product OJOOO in that also I am a member (Update – Ojooo review is available on my site).


So I give my reviews on the products which I tried based on my own experience so far and if I am going to review the product which I am not a member I will invest even more time so you can take my words…

Name: SFI
Website: https://www.sfimg.com
Price: $0
Owners: Gery Carson
Overall Rank: 65 out of 100

SFI Product Overview

SFI Product Overview

SFI – Strong Future International Marketing Group, Founded by Gery Carson in 1998. They claim that they are an affiliate program but for me it sounds like a MLM. Where we need to maintain the EA status that is Executive Affiliate in which you need to maintain 1500 versa points in order to qualify for the sales of your referrals. If you don’t make any sales means you will loss the referrals product sales commission.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 Free to join & Free Sign up bonus $20
PRO #2 Free launch pad training
PRO #3 Pays 6 levels deep to your downline

The Bad:

CON #1 Mostly sounds like a MLM
CON #2 Not for the newbies need more experience
CON #3 Maintaining Versa points after first Month is a challenge

Who is SFI For?

Although they give the launch pad training and support in my experience SFI is not for the beginners and if you already have more experience online with a website having potential traffic and big following then it will be easy to achieve success with SFI but it’s very challenging for a newbie.

SFI Tools & Training

Well the training is good and motivating but the tools and websites are not much user friendly this is based on my own experience.

SFI Support


The support offered with the product is mainly through the upline we need to contact our upline for queries and doubts the problem is in many cases if the upline is inactive then we need to look for someone. Apart from that they have a support for 24/7.

SFI Price

The best thing is its free to start but in order to earn you need to sell their products and in some cases to maintain the EA you can achieve it by buying their products and this is every month. Which I felt like nearly MLM and for me as a newbie working and following instruction was difficult and I need to spend more money for sure to earn money.

Final Thoughts

My Final Opinion of SFI

SFI is not a scam for sure but it’s for intermediate and advanced internet marketers. Not for the newbies and you need to spend more money in order to succeed with SFI.

SFI at a Glance…

Name: SFI
Website: https://www.sfimg.com
Price: $0
Owners: Gery Carson
Overall Rank: 65 out of 100



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Please share your thoughts on the things I discussed here…

If you have any doubts and queries on the topics I discussed here, not to worry I am here to help you, please feel free to contact me at paul@beyourownbossbyblogging.com or leave your comment here and I will be happy to help you.

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Product Quality







  • Free to join & Free Sign up bonus $20
  • Free launch pad training
  • Pays 6 levels deep to your downline


  • Mostly sounds like a MLM
  • Not for the newbies need more experience
  • Maintaining Versa points after first Month is a challenge

Paul Severe

I am Paul a Full-Time Blogger and Affiliate Marketer working from home. I love to help people to become their own BOSS.


  1. Hi Paul,
    Nice review. I learn something new from you. I am new in the affiliate marketing and SFI is likely not fit me at this stage. Thanks for your sharing and caring.

  2. hopefully this review will save some people some time that could be used elsewhere to learn to earn

    • Dear Dave,

      Although SFI is legit business opportunity as I mentioned it is not for the newbies and also when compared to WEALTHY AFFILIATE in my own experience SFI is way down the list.

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