1. Mark

    Hi Paul,

    You are right, it is hard to find out what the zero to 100 in 24 hours programme contains.

    Based on your review, I think I would like to start with something else. do you have any more long term programmes that you could recommend to me?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Paul Severe

      Dear Mark,

      In many of the make money online products sales pages you can’t find what exactly you will learn or get with the product. In order to help people on that I give “A look around on the products” so that they will get helpful insights.

      My FREE Guide “A Beginners Guide To Making Money Online – Be Your Own Boss!“ will give you the best method to make money online. And its the same method which helped me to become an Enterpreneur from an employee.


  2. Tyler

    I like to read articles like this one, because I love to know what opportunities there are out there, and how legitimate they actually are. I know they can’t all be scams.

    From my experience in the few I’ve actually used money on, I don’t see it as a loss. I see it as a lesson.

    All of those lessons have pointed to one thing.

    The highest paying, lowest cost way to make money online is affiliate marketing. Period.

    • Paul Severe

      Dear Tyler,

      Indeed, having a blog and promoting genuine Affiliate products in your related niche is the best way to earn money online. Well said, the best thing is, in order to start an Affiliate Marketing business you don’t need to spend a lot of money. And you can learn it at your own pace.


  3. Preciousgreg

    I will never dispute your points because blogging have really helped my life since I graduated from higher institution and decided to pursue what I love doing most. Making money online is very easier once you can apply simple techniques and follow tips from online experts like Paul Severe.
    I can assure you can make it bigger than your expectations with that techniques.
    Really appreciate your write-up because have derived more with your article on how to make money online despite being a blogger for years.

    • Paul Severe

      Dear Preciousgreg,

      Thanks for sharing your experience, for sure blogging is one of the best way to earn money online. All we need to do is invest consistent effort on learning about blogging and Affiliate marketing.

      Start it as a part-time job and if you are determined, focused for sure it will replace your day job in few years.


  4. Alexia J.A.B

    You’re 100% right, I should be developing a stable business rather than looking for quick and easy tools to make money. I personally didn’t think the 0 to 100 tool would be that easy or possible but I’m glad I read your review. You really have a great website, a great place to go for honest reviews.

    • Paul Severe

      Dear Alexia,

      People are looking for shortcuts and easy, fast & quick ways to earn money online but the truth is there is no such program called get rich quick program. It takes time & effort to establish a long lasting online business.


  5. Toriola Aanu

    Our major essence of existence is to make money. After which, it is to make more money. 

    Indeed, there is no limitation to what could be earned with such an opportunity as this. This product was very clear on this. 

    A part that fascinates me most is when you actually turn your passion into profits – when you earn a living from what you enjoyed doing the most. No other platform does that better than blogging.

    • Paul Severe

      Dear Toriola Aanu,

      Well said, Blogging changed my life completely. Never ever thought I will be working at the comfort of my home that too full-time on my own hours.

      Blogging is amazing and the best thing is “You can turn your passion into profits and Ideas into income”.

      It is all about learning it properly from the right place and treating blogging as a business.

      Much Success!


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