What Is Printly – A Review On Printly

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In this review post “What Is Printly – A Review On Printly” you will get answers to the below questions…

Is printly a scam or legit?

Is it really possible to earn $278.62 Per Hour as claimed in printly?

Will it just take 20 minutes to set up as claimed in printly?

What is printly?

My main intention to write this post is to help you with the adequate information you are looking for on printly and save your valuable time. Also to help you with your printly purchase decision.

What Is Printly - A Review On Printly

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What Is Printly – A Review On Printly

What you are about to learn from this review post is… What Is printly, Pros & Cons, Who is printly for, Pricing, A look inside printly (Giving you an idea what you will learn), Is printly a scam, printly support, Affiliate program, etc.,

Printly Review

In this review post “What Is Printly – A Review On Printly” my main intention is to save your valuable time and to help you in your decision on “Whether to buy printly or not?” and to provide you with enough information on printly.


Name: Printly

Website: www.print-ly.com

Price: $15.36 (Price keep on increasing)

Author: Mr. Brendan Mace (Teaching the money-making method of Mr. Ike Paz )

Overall Rank: 70 out of 100

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What Is Printly?

Printly is a step by step video course helping you to earn money online using printables. In short, Printly teaches about selling printables online using free traffic methods. Printly uncovers an ENTIRE industry that virtually no one is talking about or rarely heard, the industry is Printables that’s the reason the product is named “Printly” I guess.

If you are not aware of what is printables, It’s a graphical designed file offered as a digital file (PDFs or JPG) you purchase, and after your purchase you can download it and you can use it or sell it endlessly.

Who Is Printly For? 

Printly is for newbies who are interested to earn money online, for those who are looking for a step by step course to start their online career, affiliate marketers, bloggers, etc.,

Who Are Mr. Brendan Mace and Mr. Ike Paz

Mr. Brendan Mace and Mr. Ike Paz are successful online marketers from Japan. They have launched many successful products. They share their experience and the ways they make money online by launching different products.

Other Products Of Mr. Brendan Mace

Mr. Brendan Mace is quite busy launching new products often and he already launched many products. Here are the names of the few Brendan products The Clones, Printly, The Banger Method, Passivly, Fuego Multiplier, Incognito, Raiken, Genesis, Ignition, The Awakening, Project Profit Academy, Lindgren’s Lazy Method, Six Figure Swipes, 10X Commissions, 5K Publishing Paydays, Five Figure Freedom, etc. Oops, quite a long list.

Printly Overview

Printly for sure deals with a brand new concept or a new idea or rare or unpopular or unknown concept of making money online. Printly comes up with good training and for sure Printly is not a scam.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1  Comes at an Affordable price.

PRO #2  Brand new method or Rarely used method.

PRO #3  No technical skills required- you don’t need to be technically savvy.

PRO #4  FREE traffic tools you don’t need to spend money on traffic.

PRO #5  Video Training is easy to understand and step by step walk-through.

PRO #6  100% 30 days Money back guarantee.

PRO #7  Three Useful Bonuses.

PRO #8  Newbie friendly – No experience required and anyone can use it.

The Bad:

CON #1 Upsells.

CON #2 I doubt whether $278.62 per hour is possible for everyone???

CON #3 Too much hype is given for Printly.

A Look Inside Printly

Here is what you will learn from printly…

  • Step by step video training – Teaches you the ways to earn money in the printables world.
  • You will learn how to find hot niches to promote your printables.
  • Best sellers list – You will learn about the 7 types of printables that sell the best and are easy to create. A walk-through on how to create your printables using the free tools provided with printly.
  • You will learn about a simple free traffic method to generate free traffic.
  • You will learn a method called “Quick Cash”.
  • You will two simple marketplaces to sell your printables to a massive audience without needing to set up a website or hosting.
  • You will learn about setting up your own printables store.
  • You will learn “How to scale your income”

Also, you will get…

  • Free Traffic Getting Software – Free traffic method to get free traffic.
  • Free Resource Guide – In this resource guide, you will discover the EXACT free tools to use, where to get them, and how to use them.

I hope this gives you an idea of what you are going to learn from printly.


With Printly you will also get three valuable and useful bonuses to help in your success. They are…

  • BONUS 1: TOP 9 Profitable Niches Cheat-list  (Value $37) – Instead you finding the niche and doing your own research you will get a list of 9 profitable niche list and you choose one from it. Making your job much easier.
  • BONUS 2: FREE Traffic-Getting Software (Value $67) – About this software they claim that, this software takes the simple, FREE traffic method you’ll discover inside and makes it even faster and easier. When you use this software, you’ll save a ton of time and get all the free traffic you need.
  • BONUS 3: My 10K Case Study (Value $97) – In this “My 10k Case Study”case study Brendan Mace will show you how he makes 10k per month with affiliate marketing. It’s another easy passive income stream you can add on top of Printly. Brendan simplified his blueprint in this case study for you to follow.

Printly Price And Upsell’s

Printly Prices & Upsells

Front End – Printly ($15.36 at the time I am writing this post)

Front end – Printly $15.36  – This is the base video course with 4 modules included in it. It gives you the basic knowledge and how to start making money in the printly world with printables.

One Time Offer (OTO 1) ($37 with $17 downsell)

In this offer, you get readymade 30 done-for-you printables You can start selling it right away to earn money. This will save your time and effort.

One Time Offer (OTO 2) – ($97 with $47 downsell)

In this offer, you will get your license right to resell Printly as your own product. And you will get 100% Commissions.

One Time Offer (OTO 3) – ($2000 with $197 downsell)

In this offer, you will get personal 1-on-1 coaching from Mr. Brendan Mace for your fast success a step by step walk-through and guidance. In the downsell offer that is $197, you will get access to Brendan’s digital coaching membership site but it is not equal to the personal 1-on-1 coaching. In the downsell $197 you just get all the information on Brendan’s teaching in his 1-on-1 coaching but you cannot contact him personally.

Printly Support 

Printly provides good customer support and you can contact them via email.

Printly Tools And Training

Printly tools are easy to use and free and the video training provided is very useful and easy to understand.

Printly Affiliate Program

Printly offers an awesome affiliate program with the great commission.

Affiliate Benefits

– 100% commission on the front-end product.

– 50% commission on all upsells and downsells.

– 100% commission if you buy the resell rights.

– Easy to promote.

– Affordable price.

My Final Opinion of Printly

Dear Friend I hope this review post “What Is Printly – A Review On Printly” gave you some useful insights on Printly. Printly is not a scam but there are better options available. With Printly you will learn valuable information and If you follow the training and implement it properly you will earn money online. But I personally feel that you need to buy a few of their upsells to speed up the process in order to earn a reasonable income.

I hope you got the answer to your question “Whether to buy printly or not?” Printly is not a scam but there are better options available.

The problem is, nowadays people are looking for easy or quick money and that is the reason we lose a lot of our hard-earned money to scams. I doubt whether it is possible to just set up everything in 20 minutes and by working just 20 minutes a day you will achieve success. It will take time to establish, to earn money online, and to succeed it is not going to happen just in a few days and the truth is “It will take time and work”.


Printly At A Glance

Name: Printly

Website: www.print-ly.com

Price: $15.36 (Price keep on increasing)

Author: Mr. Brendan Mace (Teaching the money-making method of Mr. Ike Paz )

Overall Rank: 70 out of 100


Printly is a legit program and it is not a scam. Buying printly you will get valuable information to start your online career. But as I mentioned above the product is overhyped like “Make thousands of dollars” and “$278.62 Per Hour” seeing these people think they can make easy money but that’s not the case. Yes, printly can make you thousands of dollars but not within few days and not by just working 20 minutes a day in my personal opinion it will take Months.

Printly is not a scam but there are better options available.

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$15.36 (Price keep on increasing)

Product Quality







  • Comes at an Affordable price.
  • Brand new method or Rarely used method.
  • No technical skills required- you don't need to be technically savvy.


  • Upsells.
  • I doubt whether $278.62 per hour is possible for everyone???
  • Too much hype is given for Printly.

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