Passivly Review – Is Passivly A Scam?

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In this review post, “The Passivly Review – Is Passivly A Scam?” I am going to give you insights on Passivly. In this review, you will find whether Passivly is a scam or legit program. Also, all the claims in their Passivly sales page is that possible or not?. You will find answers to the below questions…

Is Passivly a scam or legit?

Is it really possible to earn $347.52 every day as claimed in Passivly?

Most days, it only takes about 5-10 minutes for you to manage your online business, and most of that time is usually just checking the stats

What is Passivly?

My main intention to write this post is to help you with enough information you are looking for on Passivly and save your valuable time. Also to help you with your Passivly purchase decision.

Passivly Review - Is Passivly A Scam?

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One Important Thing I Noticed On The Review Posts

Doing your research is the best way to find legit and genuine programs and stay away from scams.

While doing my research I use to come across few sites often in their review posts they say “Highly Recommended” for many programs and on the other hand, few sites always say “Not Recommended” to all the programs except the one they promote.

There are many scam products online but there are legit products as well. But the main thing is not all the legit programs are the best one to go with because there are a lot of better opportunities available as well. So what I would advise you is to go for the very best genuine products.


The Passivly Review – Is Passivly A Scam

What you are about to learn from this review post is… What Is Passivly, Pros & Cons, Who is Passivly for, Pricing and Upsells, A look inside Passivly (Giving you an idea what you will learn), How Passivly works, Is Passivly a scam, Passivly support, Affiliate program, etc.,

Passivly Review

In this review post “Passivly Review – Is Passivly A Scam” my main intention is to save your valuable time and to help you in your decision on “Whether to buy Passivly or not?” and to provide you with enough information on Passivly.


Name: Passivly


Price: $13.03 (Price keep on increasing)

Author: Mr. Brendan Mace (Teaching the money-making method of Mr. Neil Napier)

Overall Rank: 70 out of 100

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What Is Passivly? 

This is how they define Passivly on their sales page… Passivly is a step-by-step training course that gives you everything you need to create simple little Passive Money Machines that bring in money on autopilot.

In my understanding, Passivly is a video course that teaches you how to create your own monthly recurring product or how to promote a membership course.

Who Is Passivly For? 

They claim “Anyone can do this” and Passivly is newbies friendly but I doubt whether creating our own product or creating a recurring membership product is newbies friendly.

Who Are Mr. Brendan Mace and Mr. Neil Napier

Mr. Brendan Mace and Mr. Neil Napier are successful online marketers. They have launched many successful products. They share their experience and the ways they make money online by launching different products.

Other Products Of Mr. Brendan Mace

Mr. Brendan Mace is quite busy launching new products often and he already launched many products. Here are the names of the few Brendan products…

The Clones, Printly, The Banger Method, Passivly, Fuego Multiplier, Incognito, Raiken, Genesis, Ignition, The Awakening, Project Profit Academy, Lindgren’s Lazy Method, Six Figure Swipes, 10X Commissions, 5K Publishing Paydays, Five Figure Freedom, etc. Oops, quite a long list.

Passivly Overview

Passivly is not a scam and you can earn money using and implementing what you learn from Passivly but there are better options available.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1  Comes with an Affordable Cost.

PRO #2  No experience required and anyone can use it.

PRO #3  No technical skills required- You don’t need to be technically savvy.

PRO #4  FREE traffic tools you don’t need to spend money on traffic.

PRO #5  Video Training is easy to understand and step by step walkthrough.

PRO #6  Comes with 30 days Money back guarantee.

PRO #7  Three Useful Bonuses.

The Bad:

$347.52 per day while you sleep???

CON #1 Upsells.

CON #2 I doubt whether $347.52 per day is possible for everyone???

CON #3 Too much hype is given for Passivly.

CON #4 It only takes about 5-10 minutes for you to manage your online business – RED FLAG I am sorry I don’t agree with this. (I do have friends real people who help me and guides me in my business who earn $2000 to $3000+ a month they all are working for 8+ hours or at the least 4+ hours)

A Look Inside Passivly

Here is what you will learn from Passivly…  I am just going to share a few things you will learn.

  • You will learn about Mindset.
  • You will learn about Turning your Passion into profits.
  • How to Know and research your competition.
  • Focus V/S Broad
  • What is the best product to sell?
  • Creating your first product.
  • Lead management.
  • Traffic generation.
  • Making deals of group owners.
  • Creating you email list series.
  • Creating your membership site.
  • Step by step video training – Teaches you the methods that actually work.
  • You will learn how to earn while you sleep.
  • You will learn how to earn $347.52 Per Day In Passive Income.
  • They will show you how to get everything up and running in less than an hour, and you don’t need a list or any special software to do this.
  • Inside the Passivly training, you’ll discover how to create your first Passive Money Machine in less than an hour.

I hope this gives you an idea of what you are going to learn from Passivly and I just shared a small portion of what you will learn from Passivly They have 21 Video Lessons.

How Passivly Works?

All you need to do is buy the Passivly program and follow the instruction provided and set up your passivly autopilot money-making machine and earn money by just spending 5-10 minutes daily. But it’s way more difficult than that it’s not an easy task to set up your own membership site it takes a lot of work and effort.


With Passivly you will also get three valuable and useful bonuses to help in your success. They are…

  • BONUS 1: Fast Traffic Masterclass (Value $497) – This bonus will show you a few different methods for generating 100% FREE traffic starting today. This is aimed to get you results quickly without spending any money at all on traffic.
  • BONUS 2: Weird Profit System (Value $197) – To compliment this method, They are showing you this weird system they have discovered only a few months ago. Very few people talk about it. This system gets you results within your first week by doing simple tasks you wouldn’t have thought of before. Takes only a few hours per week and is completely passive as well.
  • BONUS 3: Cloak Me Plugin (Value $397) – A big problem we usually face is having our money-links blocked by some platforms which costs us a lot of money. This is a cool simple plugin our friend Mark made to guarantee we get paid on any links we ever put out. You can use this to make more money.

TOTAL BONUS VALUE – $1091 for $13.03 Purchase Oops!

$347.52 per day while you sleep???

Passivly Price And Upsell’s

Front End – Passivly ($13.03 at the time I am writing this post)

Front end – Passivly $13.03  – This is the base video course with 21 videos modules included in it. It gives you basic knowledge and how to start making money using Passivly.

One Time Offer (OTO 1) (Passivly Vault $37 with $17 downsell)

In this offer, you get readymade done-for-you packages. This will save your time and effort.

One Time Offer (OTO 2) – (License Rights Passivly $97 with $47 downsell)

In this offer, you will get your license right to resell Passivly as your own product. And you will get 100% Commissions.

One Time Offer (OTO 3) – (Passivly Coaching $1997 with $197 downsell as Passivly Digital Coaching)

In this offer, you will get personal 1-on-1 coaching from Mr. Brendan Mace for your fast success a step by step walk-through and guidance. In the downsell offer that is $197, you will get access to Brendan’s digital coaching membership site but it is not equal to the personal 1-on-1 coaching. In the downsell $197 you just get all the information on Brendan’s teaching in his 1-on-1 coaching but you cannot contact him personally.

Passivly Support 

Passivly provides good customer support and you can contact them via email. For one of the Brendan products, I felt that’s not the one I wanted and I requested a refund and they provided me with the refund as they promised in their money-back guarantee.

Passivly Tools And Training

Passivly tools are easy to use and free and the video training provided is very useful and easy to understand.

Passivly Affiliate Program

Passivly offers an awesome affiliate program with the great commission.

Affiliate Benefits

– 100% commission on the front-end product.

– 50% commission on all upsells and downsells.

– 100% commission if you buy the resell rights.

– Easy to promote.

– Affordable price.

My Final Opinion of Passivly

Dear Friend, I hope this review post “Passivly Review – Is Passivly A Scam?” gave you some useful insights on Passivly. Passivly is not a scam but there are better options available. With Passivly you will learn valuable information and If you follow the training and implement it properly you will earn money online. But I personally feel that you need to buy a few of their upsells to speed up the process in order to earn a reasonable income.


This is what they say in their sales page… Passivly Regular price is $97 and today the price is $13.03 Hurry only one copy left (I keep watching… “Only one copy left is available” is displayed for a long time). We plan to charge $47 for passivly. we originally planned to charge at least $XXX for access. These are all old techniques I personally feel there is no need to use these statements. Let me ask you. Be honest about how these statements sound to you?

I hope you got the answer to your question “Whether to buy Passivly or not?” Passivly is not a scam but there are better options available.

Passivly At A Glance

Name: Passivly


Price: $13.03 (Price keep on increasing)

Author: Mr. Brendan Mace (Teaching the money-making method of Mr. Neil Napier)

Overall Rank: 70 out of 100


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$13.03 (Price keep on increasing)

Product Quality







  • Comes with an Affordable Cost.
  • No experience required and anyone can use it.
  • No technical skills required- You don’t need to be technically savvy.


  • Upsells.
  • I doubt whether $347.52 per day is possible for everyone???
  • Too much hype is given for Passivly.

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