What A Blog Can Turn Into

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In this post “What A Blog Can Turn Into” you will get insights on how you can turn your passion into a thriving business. Blogging is very popular and one of the best way to earn money online. Compared to the paid to click, get paid to, captcha typing, online surveys etc Blogging will give you a solid and long term income.

What A Blog Can Turn Into

Do You Run A Blog

Do you run a blog? If you don’t, it’d be a great idea to start one up today! It’s easy to get going, and when you have ideas to run with, you’re going to have a lot of great content for people to look into. Got a niche (Niche is otherwise called as your Interest) you want to talk about? This is the place people won’t ignore you, if you advertise towards the right target market.

What A Blog Can Turn Into

Worried about building a Blog? Not to worry it’s not a rocket science, because of the advancement in technology building a blog will hardly just take few minutes.

Choose An Interest

The Best Feeling In The World Is Getting Paid To Do What You Love

What you are passionate about?

What’s your Interest?

What you love to do?

Follow Your Passion

Find out your passion or interest and build your blog on your passion. You will never run out of ideas if you build your blog on your passion and you will never get bored. Trust me, you will love what you do and you won’t believe how your passion turned into a thriving business.

This is a paid contributed post. That means that Paul did not write the entire post.


So all in all, a blog is something that can springboard a great career, if you’re interested in taking that route that is, or can just be a great place for you to share your thoughts. People like to read, it’s one of the most popular human past times after all! And if that hasn’t already convinced you, here some more ideas on what a blog can do for you if you’re thinking about opening a WordPress account.

WordPress is the best content management system and the best blogging platform.WordPress

If you are a newbie and still you have doubt whether it’s possible to start your own blog here is my answer… I was in the very same place where you are now and was thinking whether it’s possible or not but now I am running my own blog and more than a year now into this blogging world. You know what… I love what I am doing. Of course earning at the same time.

Learning Leads To Earning

Everything is possible when you are ready to learn and do remember every master was once a student or started as a student. Continuous learning is the key to success.

There are three key ingredients in the good life: learning, earning and yearning – Christopher Morley

Learning Is Important

People often spend their days in thinking whether to start or not, whether to start or not, and some of the other group “Do it later group” they will never do it. Friend, those who are taking action and willing to learn are the one’s achieve success.

A Community

A community exists on the internet no matter where we look, and in starting your own blog, you can craft out your own. When you’re posting regularly, and you’ve got plenty of posts under your belt, you’re going to have interest. Taking this interest and turning it into a talking point is a great thing your blog can do for you, as you can take your readers across every platform you own like Twitter or Facebook.

Social Media

This means you can get conversations going whenever you want them or need them, and there’s always going to be people around to listen and offer their two cents worth. You can make a lot of good friends, and these people will be like minded and interested in similar pursuits to you. It’ll be one of the healthiest groups you’ve ever been a part of!

Always focus to deliver VALUE in whatever you do, it’s applicable in the blogging world as well. By providing quality content in your blog or in your social media post, people will get value through it and they will re-visit your blog and you can build relationship.

From Author To Authority

Believe In Yourself

By continuous learning you will realize one day, you have moved from author to authority, People will see you or contact you as the go to person for seeking advice on your niche because you know more than what they know. What made the difference… You taken the action and started learning that’s the difference.

A Profitable Shop

If you’re running something like a fashion blog, or you have some catchphrases you’re known for, or just have a good eye for design that people admire, starting to sell some merch might be a great next step for you. Of course the interest has to be there for you to make a profit, but you easily ask for feedback from a loyal reader/potential customer base when you need it.

A profitable shop

If you can make a shop out of your blog, you can take on expansion in other parts of your life as well. When you have supply and demand on your doorstep, hammering at your door, it might even be a good idea to contact a company like Armstrong Steel to build a workshop for you.

If you are interested in building your free website you can click HERE. To know more about blogging ideas click HERE.

Final Thoughts

Dear Friend… It’s not all about making money at the end of the day, but if that’s something you wanted to do with your blog, it’s totally possible! Your blog is yours to work with, so make sure you’re following your own trends and no one else’s’. Put your years of internet searching skills to good use and start a blog you know people like you would love to see; whether for personal reasons, informational ones, or simply to have some fun.

Take Action – Learn how to turn your passion into an online business. Learn how to build your own website and how to earn from it. Learn how to be your own boss by blogging. Learn from the great community with like minded people helping, teaching and guiding each other for success. Learn affiliate marketing and many ways to earn online.

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Need help on anything I discussed here?

Not to worry I am here to help you, please feel free to contact me at paul@beyourownbossbyblogging.com or leave your comment here and I will be happy to help you.

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12 thoughts on “What A Blog Can Turn Into”

  1. Hi Paul, Taking the step of getting started is sometimes the hardest. I mean, what if I fail? Will people laugh at me?
    With this business, though, you can check it out for FREE as you say, and it takes small baby steps to get started. The risk is low to test the waters.
    Good encouraging information!

    • Dear Annie,

      “What if I fail? Will people laugh at me?” Let the whole world tell you that you will lose but you won’t lose until you inner person quit. So don’t worry about others. Follow your dreams and invest time and efforts for sure success is yours.

      “Don’t put your key to happiness in others pocket”


  2. Great article, Paul.
    Yes, blogging or any kind of website creation can become a long-term investment for anyone. It is important to put in the work though – writing relevant content, having a site that navigates well, having a site that loads quickly, and such the like.
    And yes, you have to take that action step toward success!
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Dear Michelle,

      I do agree “writing relevant content, having a site that navigates well, having a site that loads quickly” are very important. Site speed helps in ranking is the new information I learned.


  3. Blogging can be a lot of fun and it can lead to opportunities that you might not think of right away.

    For myself, after I started my site, it also provided me with the opportunity to write for other people on their sites, which has been interesting and has provided me with several hundred dollars per month.

    Blogging can open up a whole new world for you in many ways.

    • Dear Craig,

      Thanks for sharing and It really motivates. You are correct, I too feel the same after starting my blogging career I got many opportunities which I never imagined and I am enjoying every moment. Learning lot of things and earning at the same time is a pleasure.


  4. Wish I had seen this even six months ago. I just decided to get into blogging in the last month or so. I just made my site and am working on filling it with content. I didn’t realize it was as easy as it really is.

    • Dear Britt,

      I am happy you started your blogging career. Yes blogging is simple and easy. That’s great to see you have taken action. (Wish I had seen this even six months ago) Not to worry we can’t change the past but we can change our future by working in the present. Provide value with your content because content is KING.


  5. The biggest step on can take, is actually get started. I think a lot of people have the dream of earning an income on the internet but never take the steps to make it happen. Once you get started, you want to just keep learning more and more until you conquer your niche.

    • Dear Lisa,

      You are correct, many are keep on thinking instead of taking action that’s one of the main reason why people can’t achieve success. We need to make it happen. Yes Continuous learning is the key to success.

      The Secret of getting ahead is getting started!!!



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