SniperProfixPro Review – [Scam Or Legit Opportunity?]

Welcome To My SniperProfixPro Review!

“Attention, Are You Looking For More Information On SniperProfixPro? You Are In The Right Place!”

Create a website within 5 minutes and we don’t need to create any content sounds interesting right?

I am a Full-time Affiliate Marketer and Blogger since December 2017. I have 260+ blog posts on this website the major part of my online business is spent on writing content to my site.

To write one blog post it takes 5 to 7 hours. When SniperProfixPro claims “No need to ever write content again” so I wanted to check it out.

I know you are looking for additional information on SniperProfixpro. By the end of this review, you’ll have all the information that you’ll need to make an informed decision about the program.

SniperProfixPro Review

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SniperProfixPro Review Summary

Product Name: SniperProfixPro

Creators: Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari 

Launch Date: 9th of August 2019

Product Type: Software That Builds A Fully Automated Content Site

Price: $23.29 (At the time of writing this review) + Upsells

Summary: SniperProfixPro is a cloud-based software that can build websites with automated content from Wikipedia and YouTube.

Rating: 40/100

Is SniperProfixPro Legit Or Scam? Legit

Is SniperProfixPro Recommended? No

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Below you can find some frequently asked questions for your quick reference…

What Is SniperProfixPro All About?

  • SniperProfixPro is a cloud-based software that will help you to build a blog by driving content from Wikipedia and Youtube within few clicks.

How Much SniperProfixPro Cost?

  • The front-end product costs you $23.29 (At the time of writing this review).

Is There Upsells?

  • Yes, there are six upsells.

Is It Possible To Create An Automated Content Site In Less Than 5 Minutes As Per SniperProfixPro Sales Page?

  • Yes, you can. It uses the content from Wikipedia and YouTube.

Is SniperProfixPro A Scam?

  • No, they do provide you with the software they promised and using that software you can build automated content site.

Is It Possible To Make Money Online Using SniperProfixPro?

  • Based on my experience it’s going to be challenging and very hard.

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee With SniperProfixPro?

  • Yes, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Are You Recommending SniperProfixPro?

  • No

What’s Your Top Recommendation To Make Money Online?

  • You can read my top recommendation below.

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One Important Thing I Noticed On Some Review Posts

Doing your research is the best way to find legit and genuine programs and stay away from scams.

Nowadays, many people read reviews before making their purchase, as you are doing now. I do appreciate your time and research. That’s the best way to find out more information about any product or service.

Unfortunately, some people write positive and biased reviews of all the products they promote. So you need to be very careful.

I am not associated with SniperProfixPro in any form and I am not trying to promote SniperProfixPro.


SniperProfixPro Sales Page Claims

You can find the claims made on the SniperProfixPro sales video below…

  • Create an Automated Content Site, Lead Magnets & Optin Forms to Build Email Lists & Get 100% Free Traffic in Just 5 Minutes.
  • With SniperProfixPro there is almost zero learning required. Even a complete newbie can make a site & build a list in minutes…
  • No need to ever write content again.
  • You can create a fully automated content site in just 1-CLICK…
  • Without ever writing a single word of content…
  • THIS ONE is different – time to change things up and make create unlimited content articles, unlimited lead magnets and build unlimited email leads automatically…
  • Imagine spending Just SECONDS (instead of HOURS) creating websites and getting content on any topic you want.
  • That’s A Total Real World Value Of $12,997 But RIGHT NOW You Can Get Instant Access To EVERYTHING For Just $23.29.
  • You Can Build 100% Automated Sites & Build FREE Email Lists in just 5 Minutes…

Let’s see if SniperProfixPro lives up to these claims.

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What Is SniperProfixPro? 

Below are the words of creators on What Is SniperProfixPro…

  • A brand new, fully web-based software that can build a fully automated content site that builds you email lists and promotes products from multiple affiliate sites/ecom sites at the same time & drive FREE traffic to your site.

I will make it simple for you…

SniperProfixPro is a cloud-based software which will help you to build a blog by driving content from Wikipedia and Youtube, you don’t need to write any content (more on this later).

Then you can monetize your blogs with affiliate offers from Amazon, ClickBank, JVzoo, eBay, etc.

Also, you can build your email list when people download your post as PDF. Using social media you can drive free traffic for your posts. There is also a referral system that rewards the people who share your posts with others.

About The Creators

Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari are successful internet marketers. They are well-known product creators in the make money online niche launching make money online products at regular intervals.

Other Products Of Jason Fulton And Mosh Bari

To name a few products of Mosh Bari… Refresh-En, Quantum Profits, GiftlY, PiggyBack Cash System, Clone My Commissions, ProfiteE, Instant Commission Profits, Copy Profit Case Study, etc.

To name a few products of Jason Fulton… Traffic-Laze, Loop-It, Fusion, Limitless, 3 Step Profit Machines, Profit Whirlwind, Velocitii, Quick Fire Commissions, Payday Tornado, Commission Ultimatum, Commission Siphon Funnel, Tube Traffic Mantra, etc.

Some Of The Products I Reviewed Of Jason Fulton And Mosh Bari

I do have reviewed some of Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari products. You can read those reviews by clicking on the product name, they are…

A Look Inside SniperProfixPro

Below are the details on what you will get inside the member’s area of SniperProfixPro…


  • Home
  • My Sites





  • Library
  • Add New


  • All Posts
  • Add New
  • Categories
  • Tags


  • All Pages
  • Add New


  • Main Settings
  • Search to Posts
  • Similar Items to Posts
  • ASIN Lookup to Posts
  • Help


  • Main Settings
  • Search to Posts


  • Main Settings
  • Search to Posts


  • Main Settings
  • Wikipedia to Posts


  • Main Settings
  • YouTube to Posts



  • Referral
  • Form & Messages
  • Emails & Triggers
  • Referral Dashboard
  • Settings

How SniperProfixPro Works? 

On their sales page, they are claiming SniperProfixPro just requires the below 3 steps:

  • 1st STEP: ENTER KEYWORD – Enter a keyword to start building your site automatically & capture email leads for you on autopilot.
  • 2nd STEP: MONETIZE – Now add Clickbank, Amazon, and eBay to monetize your site for passive income.
  • 3rd STEP: ENABLE VIRAL TRAFFIC SYSTEM – Enable the AUTO VIRAL traffic system to get you automatic FREE TRAFFIC and build your email list at the same time.

It might sound simple but the reality is different. Continue your reading to know more details.


Front-End Product – SniperProfixPro – $23.29 – The standard edition comes with a 10 site license

  • Upsell 1 – SniperProfixPro – Unlimited Profits Edition – $67.00 – With the help of SniperProfixPro you can build fully automated self-updating profit sites that make money and earn you commissions every single day.
    • Downsell 1 – SniperProfixPro – Unlimited Profits Edition – $47.00
  • Upsell 2 – SniperProfixPro – Deadliest Secret Trigger – $97.00 – Inside this upgrade, they will share with you the number one high income skill to help you quit your job and make potentially an extra $100k a year from your home using SniperProfixPro.
    • Downsell 2 – SniperProfixPro – Deadliest Secret Trigger – $77.00
  • Upsell 3 – SniperProfixPro – DFY Money Sites – $297.00 – You will get 20 hot done for you and ready to go commission money sites and will set them up for you completely hands-free.
    • Downsell 3 – SniperProfixPro – DFY Money Sites – $197.00
  • Upsell 4 – SniperProfixPro – $1k Paydays – $197.00 – With this upsell they will share the secret methods to generate multiple $1k paydays.
  • Upsell 5 – SniperProfixPro – Commission Jacker – $77.00 – Using SniperProfixPro Commission Jacker you can turn other peoples websites into your own sales machines legally and ethically.
    • Downsell 5 – SniperProfixPro – Commission Jacker – $57.00
  • Upsell 6 – SniperProfixPro – License Rights – $197.00 – With this upsell you can sell SniperProfixPro as your own product and keep 100% profit generated from this product and all its upsells.
    • Downsell 6 – SniperProfixPro – License Rights – $147.00

Oops! A lot of upsells right?

Pro’s and Con’s

The Good:

→ 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

→ Real Owners Behind The Product

The Bad:

→ Upsells

→ You Are Not In Control Of Your Business

→ Too Much Hype And Unrealistic Claims

→ The Conversion Rate Of Free Social Media Traffic Is Very Low.

→ Getting Organic Traffic Is Not EasySince The Content Is Not Unique & Fresh

Is SniperProfixPro A Scam?

No. SniperProfixPro is not a scam. You will get the software and the software builds you the automated content site. Also, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

But the actual problem is in driving traffic…

You can build the site and get content within minutes from Wikipedia and YouTube using SniperProfixPro from where and how you are going to drive traffic is the biggest question.

SniperProfixPro is Creating posts using the information from Wikipedia and YouTube. May I ask, why I need to visit your site instead I can read it from Wikipedia?

YouTube videos content is converted into text content. Instead of reading it from your site, I can watch it on Youtube. As you know very well people prefer video content compared to text content.

Search engines won’t rank duplicate content so it is going to be a big challenge to drive organic traffic.

If we are going to focus on social media traffic we know very well the conversion rate of free social media traffic is very low.

There is no use in creating automated content using other sources in which driving traffic is going to be a real challenge. I am not a fan of using other’s content and it’s not going to help you in the long run.

Their previous product NewsProfixPro is also based on creating automated content “Fully automated news content website in less than one minute“.

I doubt whether the referral system will drive more traffic or build our list with more subscribers. May I ask…

  • How many times did you downloaded an article which you read it online?
  • How many times you shared an article on your social media accounts?

SniperProfixPro with its “DOWNLOAD THIS POST AS PDF” option collects the email address and builds your list. I am not sure whether this going to yield great results.

In their demo, they are providing a big gift for the people who are referring to or promoting their posts. The free gift is a YouTube video “Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about coffee” which can be found on YouTube.

For the above reasons, I don’t recommend this product. There is no shortcut to success.

Thanks for reading my review post!

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$23.29 (At the time of writing this review) + Upsells




  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


  • Upsells
  • You Are Not In Control Of Your Business
  • Too Much Hype And Unrealistic Claims

18 thoughts on “SniperProfixPro Review – [Scam Or Legit Opportunity?]”

  1. This review is able to revealed to me how sniperprofitpro truly operate. This seems to be a new platform. No wonder, am just hearing about it for the first time. It’s great to know that the platform can be very easy to operate because of the easy access to the YouTube videos. I won’t like to waste much of my time here because this method might not be able to rank well on Google search because of the content reputation. It is also loaded with alot of upsells. Thanks for sharing this useful information about sniperprofitpro.

  2. Hello!

    I was just looking for third-party information about SniperProfitPro, thanks for your complete review.

    Although it is not a scam I consider that every blogger should create their own content and that it is helpful to their readers. Take this opportunity to ask you a question to know if the company you are dating works with ClickBank since you are talking about a money back guarantee?

    I have bought several products on ClickBank and I am always looking for good products to promote. Thank you very much for your help.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Paul! This may not be a scam, but just the fact that it piles on the hype made me suspicious about it being ineffective. The hype has that “too good to be true” feeling to it, too! Making an entire blog and writing content in just the span of seconds, without having to type in a single bit of content yourself? Making that automated content successful, too? THAT’S “too good to be true” to me.

    And to be honest: if you’re really trying to find services that will make a blog and produce content for you – instead of doing it all yourself – it shows you’re not really interested in blogging, so why make a blog at all? I made my blog and I’ve been consistently posting, consistently promoting on social media, and consistently making sure the blog ranks higher and higher on Google and the other search engines. And it’s been so fun to do it, too!

    • Wow, awesome points. You are correct, Blogging is all about creating helpful, unique and fresh content. And not everything can be automated and if we do so not everything going to fetch great results.

  4. Thanks for this informative post, I wanted to make sure i was on the right path before joining this program, although you never have to do any hard work to build your list or sites anymore but I personally don’t like done for you systems because I’ve obviously not learnt how it all started.I feel it’s cool that it isn’t a scam site but it’s not a choice I’m willing to make either. Thanks for sharing. 

  5. Not a bad review you out up here. There are so many platforms out there like this one that claims automation. I really don’t  like it because like you said, it doesn’t put one in control with work done. Your review is well detailed on this platform and I like it. I should share this with friends so they can know that it is not the best way to make money plus there are a whole lot of upsells. Nice one!

    • Automation is good but not everything can be automated. In case if we automate some things which only need to done manually it won’t produce great results (content creation is a classic example).

  6. This is actually the first time I’m reading something so detailed about Sniperprofixpro because most article I read were not researched properly so I wasn’t able to make my decision about it, but now that. I have clearer view of what its about and how it really works, I think I’m interested and I’ll like to give it a trial. This post is really informative and educating for me. I like to get the software as soon as possible. Thanks for the help. 

  7. I must say i’m glad its a legit site first of all, so with time they may work on thier defaults which you have stated here. I’m glad you took your time to put up this post and give such explanatory review on it. Personally for me, I don’t really enjoy going into businesses that operate on Upsell because most time you’re not informed about it from the start and this is a huge turn off for me when going into business. I love having a full understanding of what I’m dealing with and not gey some surprises by the way. The cons are things they can work on though, considering the fact that its a legit site. My opinion, thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh dear, another one of these “not quite a scam but very nearly” type of outfits. Search engines have been all over the duplicate content issue for ages now so this sounds to me like it falls into the “not legitimate” category. As you say it’s going to be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get any organic traffic. They appear to offer a 30-day back guarantee, and it appears to be fronted by real people, so that’s something but I will be steering well clear!

    • Thanks a lot for your thoughts and valuable comment. I appreciate it. Indeed, duplicate content is a big issue nowadays and Search Engines are dealing it very strictly. 

  9. I doubt there anyone who would like to have a business that they cannot control. Not a bad review here on sniperprofixpro. It’s actually the first time I’m hearing about it or about any platform that claims to have a software that will help you generate content without stress. I feel it’s really a big deal. Thanks to people like you, we know platforms that are not ideal and we can back off. Nice write up.

    • Although they intend to make the content creation process simple and easier, as I mentioned there are many con’s. Why do people need to come to our site to read the same information which is available on Wikipedia and when they can watch it on YouTube?


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