NewsProfixPro Review – [Can This Software Does Everything For You?]

Welcome to my NewsProfixPro Review!

“Attention, Are You Looking For More Information On NewsProfixPro? You Are In The Right Place!”

I know why you are here, you might have received some email promotions or you might have come across posts and ads on NewsProfixPro. So you want to do some research to know additional information on NewsProfixPro.

When you read the sales page and watch the sales video of NewsProfixPro you might have thought whether the information shared is true or not.

In this review post, I will provide you with helpful and detailed information on NewsProfixPro.

NewsProfixPro Review - [Can This Software Does Everything For You?]

NewsProfixPro Review Summary

Product Name: NewsProfixPro

Creators: Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari

Launch Date: 17th June 2019

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing By Building News Sites

Price: PRO Edition $23.24 (10 Sites License) & Lite Edition $22 (1 Site License) + Upsells

Best for: For people who have a big social following and interested in promoting products by posting a lot of posts on their social media platforms.

Summary: This is all about creating news sites and connecting them with the related products on Amazon, eBay and Walmart. With the help of the NewsProfixPro software, you can automatically create content, images, and videos for your post.

Rating: 50/100

Is NewsProfixPro Recommended? No

Automation is awesome and it will help us in saving our time, work and effort. In some cases, automation is not a greater help.

Although the idea of NewsProfixPro sounds amazing i.e., You can create fully AUTOMATED self-updating sites that make money & earn commissions every single day from FREE TRAFFIC.

Let us find out whether this NewsProfixPro software is the only thing we need.

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One Important Thing I Noticed On The Review Posts

Things changed nowadays, people are doing their research before buying any products or services as you are doing now.

I do appreciate your time and effort in finding additional information on NewsProfixPro and that’s the best way to stay away from scams and products which under-delivers.

Unfortunately, some people write good reviews and give a good rating to all the products they promote so we need to be careful about those biased reviews.

I like to inform you I am in no way associated with this product in any form, I am not an Affiliate to NewsProfixPro and I am not trying to sell NewsProfixPro.

My main intention for writing this review is to provide you with additional information on NewsProfixPro and share my honest opinion about this product.

NewsProfixPro Sales Page Claims

Below are some of the claims of NewsProfixPro on their sales page…

  • Fully automated news content website in less than one minute.
  • Just one software does everything for you.
  • You can instantly launch fresh self-growing news content sites.
  • This is the only software you need to use going forward.
  • Start seeing results in 24 hours.
  • Now You Can Create Sites That Get 100% FREE Content & Traffic In 60 Seconds.
  • How nice would it be to create a new site every day with your morning coffee and then not having to do any work for the rest of the month?
  • Imagine being able to earn commissions from free traffic, free content and free videos without having to do any manual work.
  • You’ll never have to create your own content ever again.
  • This software also comes with HOSTING for all your sites, all your content and images.
  • If You Need Passive Income, This Is The Software For You.

A lot of bold statements and claims, please continue your reading to find out whether the above claims are real or unreal.

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What is NewsProfixPro? 

Below is the information you find on their sales page…

The NewsProfixPro software creates fully AUTOMATED self-updating sites that make money & earn commissions every single day from FREE TRAFFIC… you’ll never have to update these sites manually ever again.

You Can Create Sites That Get 100% FREE Content & Traffic in 60 Seconds… Imagine not having to worry about creating new content to promote products ever again.

To make it simple…

This is all about creating multiple news sites by taking the content, images and videos available online and linking them with related Affiliate products.

You can promote products from Amazon, eBay and Walmart. Then you can promote it to 32 top social media sites where your content is posted automatically every day.

Who Are Jason Fulton And Mosh Bari?

Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari are successful internet marketers. They are well-known product creators in the make money online niche launching make money online products at regular intervals.

Other Products Of Mr. Jason Fulton And Mr. Mosh Bari

To name a few products of Mr. Mosh Bari… Refresh-En, Quantum Profits, GiftlY, PiggyBack Cash System, Clone My Commissions, ProfiteE, Instant Commission Profits, Copy Profit Case Study, etc.

To name a few products of Mr. Jason Fulton… Traffic-Laze, Loop-It, Fusion, Limitless, 3 Step Profit Machines, Profit Whirlwind, Velocitii, Quick Fire Commissions, Payday Tornado, Commission Ultimatum, Commission Siphon Funnel, Tube Traffic Mantra, etc.

Some Of The Products I Reviewed Of Jason Fulton And Mosh Bari

I do have reviewed some of Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari products. You can read those reviews by clicking on the product name, they are Freedom Profits, Velocitii, Is Re-Kaching A Scam?, What Is Insta Minator? Fast Profit Jacker Review What Is AffilxPro? AutoTraffixPro Review and Is Profiteer A Scam?.

A Look Inside NewsProfixPro

NewsProfixPro is a WordPress site with NewsProfix software added to it. Below are some of the added features of NewsProfixPro…

Amazon Profit Generator

  • Main Settings
  • Search to Posts
  • Similar Items to Posts
  • ASIN Lookup to Posts
  • Help

Ebay Profit Generator

  • Main Settings
  • Search to Posts


  • Main Settings
  • Top News To Posts
  • Custome News To Posts
  • Crawling Helper

Walmart Profit Generator


Hope this gives you an idea on the features of the software.

How NewsProfixPro Works? 

They claim that all you need to do is just 3 simple steps…

Step 1Enter Site Name – Enter a site name and keywords to create your new site.

Step 2Enter Keyword – Now enter a few relevant keywords to find products on Amazon that can be promoted.

Step 3Push One Button – Push One Button and your site is ready to automatically get content and traffic without lifting a finger. It will automatically update itself with new content every day and show new products from Amazon to earn you commissions. Your new passive income source is ready now.

As explained in their demo video…

To create your new site you need to go to the “NewsProfix” section in your NewsProfixPRO dashboard and click on “Top News To Posts”. Select the news channel and click on the select an Action and then click “Run This Rule Now”.

You can create up to 20 posts in 24 hours. Your content is posted automatically every day to 32 top social media sites.


Front-End Product – NewsProfixPro – $23.20 (license to ten sites)

Front-End Product – NewsProfixPro Lite – $21.00 (license to one site)

  • Upsell 1 – NewsProfixPro – Unlimited Profits Edition – $67.00 – With this upsell you can create unlimited fully automated self-updating commission sites.
  • NewsProfixPro – Unlimited Profits Edition DS (Downsell)- $47.00
  • Upsell 2 – NewsProfixPro – 100x Advanced Edition – $97.00 – With this NewsProfixPro 100x Advanced Method includes the hidden system of tapping into the hottest niches that you can profit from instantly. You can profit from breaking news every single day. Simply plug in the hottest trend of the day into NewsProfixPro, create a HOT news site around the trend, then offer the product the trend is about.
  • NewsProfixPro – 100x Advanced Edition DS – $77.00
  • Upsell 3 – NewsProfixPro – DFY Money Sites – $297.00 – 20 Done For You LIVE NewsProfixPro Money sites.
  • NewsProfixPro – DFY Money Sites DS – $197.00
  • Upsell 4 – NewsProfixPro – Super Traffic Machine – $77.00 – With NewsProfixPro Super Traffic Machine Edition you can build a fully automated affiliate site that drives 100% free viral traffic and link it to your main NewsProfixPro site.
  • NewsProfixPro – Super Traffic Machine DS – $57.00
  • Upsell 5 – NewsProfixPro License Rights – $197.00 – With this License rights you can sell NewsProfixPro as your own product and keep 100% of the profits.
  • NewsProfixPro License Rights DS – $147.00

The upsells cost you more the $700+. A lot of money right?

Pro’s and Con’s

The Good:

→ 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

→ You can create news sites within minutes.

→ You can share your posts to 32 social media platforms in one click.

The Bad:

→ Upsells.

→ Need to have a big social following.

→ Hard to drive organic traffic.

→ I think it will be hard to rank these posts on the first page of Google.

On their sales page, they claim…

  • Get Fully SEO Optimized News Content Articles on Your Site.
  • With NewsProfixPro, all your articles and posts are fully SEO optimized with the perfect titles, descriptions, and keywords so you can get high Google rankings for all your content automatically.

Since the content is not unique and taken from other sources it may not be unique or fresh content. And I think it will be hard to rank on the first page of Google.

Who’s NewsProfixPro For? 

For people who have a big social following and interested in promoting products to them by posting a lot of posts on their social media platform.

Is NewsProfixPro A Scam?

No, NewsProfixPro is not a scam. They do provide the software and using the software you can create News Sites within minutes and share it to 32 social media platforms.

However, there are some concerns…

  • If you don’t have a big following on your social media accounts it will be hard to drive traffic.
  • Normally the conversion of free traffic from social media is very less.
  • By keep posting and promoting products you might sound salesy which your friends and even social media platform don’t like.
  • Since the content is not unique and fresh it will be hard to rank on the Google first page.
  • It will be hard to drive organic traffic from this content.
  • Although you can share to 32 social media platforms not everyone is active on all social media platforms.
  • You are not in control since they are hosting everything for you.

These are the reasons why I am not recommending this product.

Below are some of the previous Automation products and software of these creators I reviewed…

Importance of Design

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Your Friend,


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  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • You can create news sites within minutes.
  • You can share your posts to 32 social media platforms in one click.


  • Upsells.
  • Need to have a big social following.
  • I think it will be hard to rank these posts on the first page of Google.

Paul Severe

I am Paul a Full-Time Blogger and Affiliate Marketer working from home. I love to help people to become their own BOSS.


  1. I feel the same way about this so called business/system/offer or…scam.
    Anytime you have to PROVE something to get a refund, then that should be a RED FLAG right there. They have a HORRIBLE support system, for which I’ve asked for a refund, and besides that, have asked them THREE times for help on issues I was having, and that was about TWO WEEKS ago, and still no response. I’ve unsubscribed from this “Mosh” person and will NEVER order anything from him or this Jason Fulton person. RUN…DON’T WALK PEOPLE…

    • Really sorry to hear that.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your experience on this product and for sure your comment will help many people on their purchase decision.

  2. I bought newsprofixpro on 6/18/2019 via Jono Armstron’s link for $22 + $67=$89. I was promised unlimited sites and 30 day money back guarantee. The day after I bought the product, I sent a message to their support team, since I wanted to know what I needed to do to build unlimited sites. I got a reply saying that that the plan that I had, gave me the capability to build only one site!!! I was shocked to hear that! Then I asked for a refund. I got a reply from Mosh Bari, summarily saying that they didn’t have an unconditional refund policy. i could not believe what I read!!! He said that the only time someone could get a refund was in the event of technical issues. Since the past 2 weeks now, I have neither been able to access the site I had built, nor the dashboard. I keep on getting a 404 error message or an internal server message. I have been sending a message almost every day, requesting a refund or a resolution. They have done neither!!! I am absolutely dissatisfied with the product and the way they do business. I WILL ABSOLUTLEY ASK BUYERS TO BE WARY, DO SOME RESEARCH AND DUE DILIGENCE, BEFORE BUYING THIS PRODUCT FROM MOSH BARI OR J FULTON!!!

    • I am really sorry to hear what happened to you.

      Sharing your experience adds more value to my review and for sure it will help others in their decision-making.

      These are some of the reasons why I don’t recommend these types of programs and products.

        • Delete the review???

          May I know the reason, please. You can share your experience whether its good or bad so that it will be helpful to others. Thanks!

  3. Awesome post. I was looking for greater insights on NewsProFixPro and I get to read your review. Your analysis is very well in depth and unbiased. You have covered all the good and bad aspects of this software in greater detail. 

    I agree with your rating and I can say that, this product is definitely not for me. Also I’ve seen their up sell products, which again doesn’t suits my interest. But, of course it can be useful to rare certain people, but not newbies. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful review. 

    • Thanks for your time and you are correct this product is not for everyone.

  4. Hi, this is interesting, I’ve never heard of newsprofix. I’m a seller on Amazon, can I sell my shirts through this software? And why did you wrote that it’s not recommended? The sales on Amazon are declining for past 2 year, this would really help to boost positions. Hmmm, what do you think?

    • You can sell related and relevant products based the news topic of your post. The reason why I am not recommending it is because it uses other sources for creating content and if you own a website it might affect your brand, credibility, and rankings.

      Apart it’s not a scam.

  5. Hi Paul,

    thanks for sharing this great review about NewsProFixPro.  Sounds like you need to spend the money on all of the upsells to make this worthwhile and then it will only work if you pay for ads on social media.

    I don’t like the idea of it being duplicate content, Google doesn’t like that does it?

    This doesn’t look like a great deal for a beginner?  What would your number one suggestion be for someone just starting out?



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