I Need To Make Money

Dear Friend,

Normally people ask me the below questions and when I answer them they all say one thing in common – I Need To Make Money.

These are questions people ask me often…..

What are you doing online?

How much you earn every month?

Are they (Online Programs) really Paying you?

A lot of scams online and all fake, is this correct?

Can I really make money online? etc etc.,I Need To Make Money.

Do you have the same questions?  If your answer is YES… This post can help you to find the answers.

First I like to inform you that I had a lot of questions like you and that too because I failed many times online so I am really scared, to be honest, to invest any money. I use to read a lot of ebooks, many articles, and testimonies and not only reading it I followed and practiced (Of course joined few programs) at the end the results are not the same as they promised.

Real Challenge

Although there are 1000’s of online programs those guru stuff and people promise they will teach or help us to earn online, very very few programs are genuine. So I know that not everyone is cheating, there are some genuine programs online, so the challenge is to find the GENUINE program.

Real Challenge

For that I did my research and follow up for nearly two years yes you believe it or not I taken two years, studied checked about it and read many reviews and discovered few programs as genuine than I need to filter and choose one because I can’t afford to join all the programs.

So I said to myself this is going to be the last try if this is not going to work out better shutdown my online dreams and focus more on my data entry company. But making money online & helping and guiding people to earn online is my passion so I won’t give up or I can’t shut down my dream but by GODS grace I discovered a genuine online program.

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If you want different results do not do the same things – Albert Einstein

When I explain them the possibilities, the great potential, and advantages of online money making, the next sentence I hear from many of them is “I Need To Make Money”

I will reply to them all by saying… Yes, you can!!! But you need to wake up.

As Mr. Albert Einstein quoted in order to get different results you need to do or try different things.

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Need Someone To Guide

In my experience I came to a conclusion in order to succeed online I need someone to teach me the very basics and guide me towards online money making… Because dear friend whatever we learned or know we learned it here (World) from someone.

Also, I do remember one quote which I read…

The best athletes have one thing in common – Great Coaching

So I discovered the right program which teaches to succeed online. In which you don’t need to spend years doing your research.

Need Someone To Guide

I Need To Make Money

Dear friend everyone wants to succeed or else everyone wants to make money but they don’t have their blueprint for their success that’s one of the main reasons why they fail.

If you want to make money first you need to have the right program and coaching because as I said earlier we need guidance and some experts to teach us those who already succeeded online.

  • Find the right program
  • Then join it
  • Put your efforts
  • Continuous learning
  • Patience
  • Build your business

Automatically success will follow you and soon you will taste it and at that point make sure to help others sharing your experience (I am doing the same).

I Need To Make Money – Are You Ready For The Adventure?

If you want to make money online you will come across a lot of difficulties and challenges but you need to understand one thing without difficulties and challenges you won’t succeed. You cannot bypass difficulties and challenges to succeed.Are You Ready For The Adventure?

So dear friend you need to first understand what are the things you will face in this online journey and for sure being human’s we will be demotivated at some stages, although we are self-motivated, at some stages we need someone to push and motivate us.

I am not talking about just one person motivating you…

How you feel if a community of 1000’s of people sharing their success stories, what are the difficulties they faced, and how they overcome those, people asking questions and the answers they got, etc. I get all those stuff to my mail which motivates me a lot on a daily basis. Also, I know the latest news about online money making, ways to earn online, new technology developments, etc.

I Need To Make Money – How Determined you are?

Everyone can say “I need to make money” A few can take action and very few can put all the ingredients such as Interest, efforts, determination, urge, hard work, dedication, etc. Only very very few succeed….. Are you going to be the one among the very very very few????

Dear friend I started from the very place where you are now at the moment….. So if you have the determination and ready to put the ingredients for success…Its Time to take action…Everyone started from the same place you are now but the difference is they taken ACTION and didn’t stop their action until they succeed.

How Determined you are?

Take Action – Join Wealthy Affiliate

So just give a try…Come and see by yourself… You will never regret taking my advice…You have my word on that…

I am not so technical and my English(My second language) is not that much great but now I ran my own website I penned nearly 20+ articles (Update on 16th of January 2018 its 50+ articles) many read my articles few taken my advice…ONLY A FEW TAKEN MY ADVICE???? To be honest yes only a few taken my advice…..Do remember what I said, “only very very very few will succeed only few will take action”.

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How I Make Money Online? 

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Your Friend,


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4 thoughts on “I Need To Make Money”

  1. Thank you Paul!

    Your words have truly motivated me to take action!

    Sad to hear that you’ve had to wait 2 years to actually find success online. I guess that also serves you well, now you can teach us the rights and wrongs to the business.

    Great post, good day my friend!

  2. Great post, Paul!
    I too hear this all the time (I even say it myself sometimes) but just wanting it doesn’t make it happen… you need to think differently.
    Making money online is certainly out of the box thinking for most people, but you explain the steps on how to make it happen!
    Great work! 🙂

    • Dear John,

      I do have came across those situations, that is just wanting it but not making it happen. We need to make it happen. Everybody says I need to make money but they are not willing to put the efforts that’s the problem but without effort we can’t succeed. Success comes to those who take action.



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