How To Learn And Earn – Quick Guide To Online Money Making

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In this post, I am going to discuss – How To Learn And Earn? You might think about why we need to learn to earn? The answer is simple without learning How to earn? – You cannot earn!!!

Importance Of Learning

Importance Of Learning

When you are young, work to learn, not to earn – Robert Kiyosaki (Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad)

Dear friend…To earn more we must learn more!!! When people ask me What do you do? I answer them I LEARN and I PRACTICE what I learned, of course by that I EARN. In return to my answer, Most of them ask me, so in order to make money online, I need to learn ha? Oops, the answer is YES.

I always inform them..without learning there is no earning but you know what, many are not ready to learn but willing to earn without learning, to be honest, that’s not going to happen.

What you earn depends on what you learn – William J Clinton

How To Learn And Grow

Friend, in order to grow you need to learn. You might think I keep on talking and repeating that you need to learn learn and learn, because it plays the vital role, not only in your online business also in your personal life, yes you need to learn about relationship how to behave, how to solve the problems, how to react, how to encourage and motivate, etc., because no one is perfect here (world) there is always a room for improvement.

So I provided you with some basic insights and the importance of learning

How To Learn And Grow

Learning is growing by learning you will grow, develop, and succeed but you need to implement what you learn…

When it comes to online earning…

Learn → Practice → Earn

With the inputs such as learning and practicing what you learned, you will get the output yeah that is earnings…

One of the greatest and simplest tools for learning more and growing is doing more – Washington Irving

So in this post, I am giving you insights on how to learn and grow – what to learn and where to learn? So that you can learn and grow.

What To Learn?

What your are passionate about?

What you want to achieve in your life?

What is your desire?

What’s that one thing you expect/want in your life but that didn’t come true?

So ask yourself and you will get your answer…Personally, I would suggest you to establish your business based on what you are so interested or what you are passionate about, also in which you are interested and willing to learn more.

What To Learn?

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Dear friend if you ask me, many say they want financial freedom, they want to spend more time with their family, they don’t want to be a workaholic, they hate their job, Of course, many say they want to be their own BOSS!!!

Yes, I GUIDE & TEACH people to be their own boss being so they can fulfill all the above wishes and bring them to reality. The saddest part is, for many above things remain as just wishes.

Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do makes you good – Malcolm Gladwell (Author of Outliers).

So, friend, I urge you to practice more in order to succeed more.

Importance of Learning

Where To Learn To Earn?

Our platform, where we choose to learn is very very important and plays a vital role in our success because the environment and where we belong decide our success.

Dear friend I insisted on the importance of Practice but to practice we need training, isn’t it?

I started from scratch and I don’t know anything, whatever I know, I learned it from others. In order to earn online and how to earn online, I learned and keep learning from WEALTHY AFFILIATE and that’s my number one recommendation. For more details just below I have given my link to my review you can check it out.

Where To Learn To Earn?

Dear friend, you know what, I spent 2 years yes you read it correct 2 years in finding and researching about wealthy affiliate. So, for those who trust me, I cut it short and save their time and recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

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10000 Hours Become Expert

Dear friend, recently I read a book named OUTLIERS – The Story Of Success by Malcolm Gladwell I was surprised and inspired. I learned about this 10,000-hour rule and wanted to share the same with you for your success.

10000 Hours Become ExpertWait wait… You might be worried about the years it takes 6.8 years… Not to worry that’s our long term goal but I personally suggest you, if you are going to invest 3000 hours (Just 4 hours a day means in two years you will be in a good position) on your online business/Anything you are going to be in the average category. Average category which I meant is, earning a reasonable amount/stage and going forward repeating the same i.e. continuing the effort “A day will come” you will be on a place which you thought it is only going to be a dream and will never happen or come true in your life – Trust me and trust in yourself.

What Is The 10000 Hour Rule?

  • Without hard work nothing can be achieved – Hard work really does matter, in fact, it is absolutely necessary.
  • Many outliers (we can take it as successful people) went through a period of intense, passionate, and often punishing work, that often had no certain reward.
  • Mr. Gladwell’s rough calculations imply that 10,000 hours of labor investment, usually at a young age (for me Young age is – as far us you can learn and practice – so not to worry if you get a thought that you are old or aged), is the minimum need for outliers success.

Dear Friend, now you can see by yourself the importance of learning and practicing (growing) in order to earn.

Also, In Outliers – The story of success. Mr. Malcolm Gladwell suggests that all masters of creativity, from Mr. Bill Gates to Mr. Michael Jordan spent a minimum of 10,000 hours practicing before they rose to significant and consistent success. Yes, it takes time and efforts to succeed are you ready to invest those for your success? So nothing will stop you except you!!!

Friend, you are responsible for your success if you are determined and ready to invest time and effort nothing can stop you but it takes time and continuous efforts because without that there is no success.

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10 thoughts on “How To Learn And Earn – Quick Guide To Online Money Making”

  1. Wow, 10,000 hours! Holy Smokes that is a lot. Well the good thing about your number one recommended program, Wealthy Affiliate, is you don’t need to do 4 hours a day to be successful. There are many who are drawing consistent income and only working an hour or two a day.
    Thanks for the great read.

    • Dear Josh,

      You are correct just by spending one or two hours a day lot of people earning more money then compared to the earning what people make by working for 12 to 16 hours a day. Its all about the mind set and the blue print what they have in their mind.

    • Dear Friend,

      Making money online is not a rocket science and everyone can earn money online. Already millions of people making money online. With proper training and dedication its possible.

  2. What a great, great point you reference by Malcolm Gladwell about the 10,000 hours it takes to master a subject. Outliers is one of my absolute FAVORITE books. I can’t get enough of it.

    Any platform where you can earn while you learn is #1 in my book. Great post.

  3. From what I have read over here, I believe Wealthy Affiliate is giving any beginner or its members the best possible affiliate marketing education with class-act courses.

    What I’ve also understood, they seem giving top bargains and valuable deal in becoming the premium members.

    Thanks for alerting people like me. At the end, online marketing still has a pure platform to rely on.

    • Dear Ahmad,

      You are correct wealthy affiliate is one of the very best university to teach people how to learn and earn. As you rightly said their premium membership rocks and you will get all the tools and things you need to succeed online in one place with top class training. Newbies to expert there is useful information they can learn from wealthy affiliate.

      The best thing is anyone can learn… How to learn and earn online from scratch.

      The good thing is there is no up sell in WA.

      You can read my full review of wealthy affiliate here…



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