How to Make Money Online for Free and No Scams

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In this post I am going to discuss “How to Make Money Online for Free and No Scams”, Many want to earn online but afraid of the Scams, of course, there are 100’s of scam sites compared to the genuine sites. In this post, I am going to give you my insights on earning money without investment and how to avoid scams.

My Personal Experience

Before finding the genuine way to earn and establish an online career I tried many programs, I shared my review on many programs in my site based on my own experience only. I failed many times and lost my hard-earned money in trusting and trying many programs, so from my own experience, I can help you.

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How to Identify and Avoid Scam Sites

This is not an easy thing to do without experience because every program out there claims that they are genuine and will help you to make money online. So how you are going to identify the genuine one?

Here, is the few suggestions to avoid scams

How to Make Money Online for Free and No Scams and how to avoid scams & frauds

Get Rich Quick Programs

Without working you can earn 1000’s of dollars!!!

Machine making money for you!!!

1000 dollars per day!!!

18 year old Sam making $50000 a Month!!!

The software will generate money for you!!!

Etc etc…. When a program claims, you don’t need to work and you can earn a lot of money be cautious and spend more time to study it, in my experience, there is no free lunch in this world and there is no easy money on the table. So avoid those types of programs.

Go Through the Reviews

If you are interested in any program go through the reviews where you can find many information about the product’s quality, reliability, the experience of the people used, or using that product, pros, and cons which will help you to make a wise decision.

In How to Make Money Online for Free and No Scams Reviews play vital role.

Remember – There will be a negative review for any product or program, so see the percentage and decide based on it.

Analyse the Program Completely

If you are interested in any programs go through the website completely and check how long they are in the market, whether you can contact the support team for your queries, whether they have live chat or their response time when you contact them etc. While reading the website itself sometimes you can realize this is not the one you want to try.

How to Make Money Online for Free and No Scams Ways to Escape Internet Scam

Pushing and Pressurizing

Within 2 Minutes this offer expires!!!

Only 2 spots available act now!!!

This offer will be closed within a few minutes!!!

This type of sale-oriented and pressurizing acts can give you a hint and I believe you need to have your own time to make your decision rather than someone rushing you into it.

Check for a Free Trial Offer

How to Make Money Online for Free and No Scams Try For Free Trial Offer

If you can find a free trial offer without paying any money or without giving your banking details it will be a Great!!! So that you can check whether all the claims made is true or not and you can check by yourself and then make your final decision.

Prefer Free Trail Offer Compared to Money-back Guarantee

Compared to money-back guarantee a free trial offer is a better option in my opinion.

So these are the few things you can consider before joining a program, dear friend I hope you got some insights. Now I am going to answer, how to make money online for free and no scams.

How to Make Money Online for Free and No Scams

How to Make Money Online for Free and No Scams learn scam free ways to make money online

Below are the few ways on how to make money online for free but it is advisable to invest some money on blogging..

Paid to Click

Without any investment you can earn money online with PTC sites and to find the genuine one please do your homework which I mentioned above. For viewing ads and videos you can earn money, but the sad part is you will earn a very little and in my experience it’s really hard to earn one dollar per day in one PTC site.

How to Make Money Online for Free and No Scams Analyze the PTC websites

Rather asking you to do your own research on the PTC sites (There are 100’s of PTC sites online and on a daily basis many new PTC sites are coming online) Based on my own working experience I can suggest you a few (which I believe that it will be helpful for you), however, I request you to do your own research.

Two names a few…

  • Neobux
  • Gpt Planet

Performing Micro Tasks Online

Without any investment in these sites, you can earn money by performing simple tasks such as,

  • Playing games
  • Answering surveys
  • App Installation
  • Signing up or registering in the specified website
  • Web searching etc

To name a few based on my own experience however I will request you to do your own research

  • Clixsense
  • Wordlinx

Captcha Typing Jobs

In captcha solving or typing you can earn money without investment, all you need to do is just type the captcha it’s very simple but what I felt bad is the pay is very very low, for solving 1000 captcha’s getting one dollar itself challenging. For solving 1000 captcha at least the minimum time taken is 2 to 3 hours. So you can calculate how much you can earn working with captcha sites.

How to Make Money Online for Free and No Scams on Captcha Typing Jobs

To name a few based on my own experience however I will request you to do your own research

  • 2captcha


You can create your profile and you can bid for projects matching your profile, to be honest, I personally earned some money via freelancing but the project provider need to select you in order to get the job. Mostly this type of jobs you get in freelancing will be a short term jobs and it’s really hard to find a long term job. Also, it’s not easy to get the projects.

To name a few based on my own experience however I will request you to do your own research

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork


In my 8 years of searching for a genuine way to earn online, I found blogging is the best way for a longer run and for creating an online empire so this is my recommendation.

Blogging is building your own website and earning money via it. To know more about blogging visit my page Blogging Ideas

Although I came to know blogging is the best way to earn online I don’t know where to start and how to proceed, I felt it will be great if I can find a place where I can earn about blogging from the scratch, by GODS grace I found a very very genuine program which teaches people from the scratch to establish an online business and still learning many things from that platform. To be honest, it’s the best program I have come across in my 8 years of search and that’s my recommendation.

How to Make Money Online for Free and No Scams - Here is the guidance

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Final Thoughts

I hope this post “How to Make Money Online for Free and No Scams” gave you some useful information. Dear friend, I believe you will be interested to check on my number recommendation… Please do check about Wealthy Affiliate.

I don’t want you to face the hassle and disappointment I faced that’s the main reason for this post.

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  1. Hi Paul. Thank you for sharing this valuable information. I wish I had come across this post 5 years ago. I think I would have saved myself a lot of time and money that I wasted on all sorts of scams and get rich quick schemes. You’ve given very valuable advise on how to identify a genuine program such as it having a free trial with no requirement for bank details as opposed to having a money back guarantee. That shows the confidence on the part of the owner that the program is genuine and that they want to 1st prove that they can provide value before taking your money. That is what attracted me to wealthy affiliate.

    • Dear Zola,

      To be honest before 5 years I am also wasting lot of time and money on different programs which claimed they will make me rich Ha ha ha So we are friends traveling on the same path but that’s the main reason and inspiration to start this blog, I don’t want others to go through those pain and disappointments. Yes free trial is the best way to analyze the program. I am really happy you are a Wealthy Affiliate member for sure that’s the best place to learn and earn online.


  2. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for sharing experience on internet marketing. Your recommendation on Wealthy Affiliate is justifiable. Introducing by my friend, I have been joining Wealthy Affiliate about 2 months. The trains at Wealthy Affiliate are superb, which allows me to build my site: rebrandsmoking.com in about 2 months. With such solid foundation, I am confident I will be able to move my business forward and upward. Cheers!

    • Dear Anthony,

      I am happy in helping people to be their own boss by blogging.

      I am happy you are already with Wealthy Affiliate. Yes what you said is true I too learnt a lot and of course learning a lot from Wealthy Affiliate on a daily basis. Its a genuine place to learn and build our online business.


  3. Hi Paul,
    I agree there are a lot of scam sites out there, I have seen many on my journey. You stated exactly what people need to do to avoid them. There is no free lunch and nothing is just handed to you.


    • Dear Jim,

      I believe many of us fallen as the victim to those scam sites in our journey but now we are in a position to guide and help people to avoid and escape from those scams, that’s a great thing. Well said “There is no free lunch in this world”.


  4. Hello Paul,

    Wow, you have really opened my eyes today. I have also been victim to scammers out there who promised to make me rich without doing any hard work.

    Surely I agree with you. Any online offer that tells you that you can make money without doing any serious hard work is a real scam. I have personally advised myself.

    However, your list on things we can do to make money online are really eye opening.

    I know about Freelancing and blogging but I never knew about this Captcha Typing Jobs, wow.

    And again thanks for showing me Wealthy Affiliate as the best place to go and get training on how to succeed online.

    I especially like the fact that you said I can try for FREE, it shows that it is never a scam.

    • Dear Botwe,
      Happy Day!!!

      To be honest I also came across many programs in which I lost lot of money and time. There are thousands of online program which claims they will make you reach but not all of them are genuine.

      So People are struggling to find the genuine one and since I came across the genuine one and make money online because of that I am sharing about it. Also sharing my personal experience. Although I suggested some free ways to earn online to be honest with those its really hard to earn a reasonable income. So Blogging is the very Best.


  5. Paul,

    You gave some great tips on how to identify and avoid scams. There are so many scams out there with such outlandish claims. Your tips are very practical and easy to follow.


    • Dear Lisa,
      Happy Day!!!

      To be honest out of 100 programs only 2 or 3 is the genuine one people struggle to find the right one, since I gone through lot of disappointments with many programs I don’t want others to face the same hassle that’s one of the main reason why I am writing.


  6. Hello Paul – your point on reviews is very important. We can learn and pick up a lot off the reviews on websites. Your article is full of helpful information and through your hard experience I will stick to my plan of keeping it simple and blogging.

    • Dear Tania,

      The reviews are really helpful and at the same time we need to do our own research as well because some reviews are biased.


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