How To Create A Multiple Streams Of Income – MSI Importance

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In this post, I am going to discuss… How To Create A Multiple Streams Of Income and it’s importance. MSI – Multiple streams of income plays a vital role in building your financial freedom. I am just going to ask you 5 questions and of course, I am going to answer all the five, which will give you some new insights on Multiple Streams Of Income.

Also going to share you with 3 Golden Rules which will help you to achieve great success.

Multiple Streams Of Income

What Is Multiple Streams Of Income?

Dear friend I don’t want to give a big definition for this and I want to make it very simple as the name itself tells you… It’s about getting income from different sources actually multiple sources, not just having only one source of income (Your Day Job). Many of us just have one source of income it’s mostly from our JOB. Apart from that if we earn money that’s multiple source of income.

Cash Flow

Taking another job will not fix the problem, creating additional pipelines of cash flow is the solution.

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Why We Need Multiple Streams Of Income?

“Never depend on single income. Make investments to create a second source.” – Warren Buffet

Dear Friend I personally ask you this question… If you have just one source of income if it fails due to any reason what happens? Chaos, Problems, Struggle, Sufferings, etc.

It is always advisable to have multiple source of income because it’s a NECESSITY… Yes, I repeat it, its necessity. Someone said “Depending on a job to meet all of your financial needs can destroy you one day, instead think of generating income from various sources. Think multiple streams of income.”

Why We Need Multiple Streams Of Income?

Yes, multiple streams of income provide financial security. Friend, you know very well what’s happening around us and the economic situations and the growing financial challenges, that’s why I said in order to take care of our loved ones we need financial security, for that Multiple streams of income is a necessity.

Never rely on one flow of income – Grant Cardone

Financial Freedom

So now we know what is multiple source of income and why we need multiple source of income, let’s move on to the third question.

When We Need To Build Our Multiple Source Of Income?

You want me to answer this question? In two words? Right now!!! In one word? Immediately.

There is no wrong time in doing the right thing… Do you agree my friend?

When We Need To Build Our Multiple Source Of Income?

If you are getting an income from your job, I would say it’s the best time to build or to start your other source of income. Why I say that? Because this is the time where you can try different options, invest money, learn things at your own pace. To be honest, to build a multiple streams of income it takes time so you need to start now. Take Action!!!

From Where To Start Multiple Streams Of Income?

Thanks for the technology and the internet… Yeah, you got it!!! I would suggest you from online. There are multiple ways both offline and online, so you can try based on your interest and possibilities and your situation. But I would recommend blogging the reason behind that is I am making money online by blogging and I have seen many people making their living online not only that they are earning a lot more in less hours compared to the day job.

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Robert Kiyosaki

Believe in yourself and take action…

How To Create A Multiple Streams Of Income?

Create A Multiple Streams Of Income

So with the above image, you can see the blueprint… Where you are and where you want to go?

Dear friend the first basic thing is you need to have the urge to create multiple streams of income, by implementing the below 3 rules you can find the ways on how to create multiple streams of income…

Rule Number One For Creating Multiple Streams Of Income

NECESSITY – Rather thinking of How to create MSI? Where to create MSI? When to create MSI? First, determine yourself you need MSI and rest will automatically follow and you will figure out the rest, the problem is, in the first hand we don’t have the interest or we are not aware of its importance. But dear friend now we know its importance, of course, MSI is a NECESSITY.

Rule Number Two For Creating Multiple Streams Of Income

Creating Multiple Streams Of Income

Take Action – It’s about taking action rather than knowing and dreaming. This is where many fail. You know the necessity of having multiple streams of income and now you need to take action and create it. The future depends on what you do today so take action TODAY!!!

Rule Number Three For Creating Multiple Streams Of Income – Golden Rule

Change Your Money Blueprint – Dear friend what’s your money blueprint? That is what is your money earning plan for a month? If your money blueprint is set for $500, $750, $1000, $1500, $2000, etc whatever your money blueprint is, the important thing is you can’t earn more than your money blueprint.

It all comes down to this: If your subconscious “financial blueprint” is not “set” for success, nothing you learn, nothing you know and nothing you do will make much of a difference – T Harv Eker

So set your money blueprint high!!!

Want a quick help? I would suggest to you… Whatever your money blueprint is (For a Month)… Add a ZERO at the end – $500 to $5000, $750 to $7500, $1000 to $10000, $1500 to $15000, $2000 to $20000 etc

You know what…

Sources of Income

What Millionaire? Are you afraid? Do you think you can’t make it? Believe me, we are going to go there… It’s about how you trust in yourself. Okay if millionaire has seven sources of income, to begin or to lead an average life at least we need one or two sources of income… Am I making sense?

So here is the one (Source 1) to start with which will multiply…..

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If you are going to implement the above rules in your life surely it will change your life, you can take my word on that. Those are already proven ways to implement it – Take Action

Change your life

Please share your thoughts on the things I discussed here on How To Create A Multiple Streams Of Income…

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