What Is Postly – A Review On Postly

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In this review post “What Is Postly – A Review On Postly” you will get answers to the below questions…

What Is Postly?

Is Postly A Scam?

How Postly Really Works?

Is It Possible To Make Money With Postly?

Is it really possible to earn $111.46 per post as claimed in Postly?

There are hundreds of make money products launched online every day and people finding it hard which one is genuine and which one is a scam. Although some products are not the scam but those products are not the best one to buy. So one of the main reasons for writing this review post What Is Postly – A Review On Postly is to help you in saving your time, effort, money, and to give you a clear picture on Postly.

What Is Postly - A Review On Postly

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What Is Postly – A Review On Postly 

In this review post you will learn about… What Is Postly, Postly’s Pros & Cons, Who is Postly for, Pricing of Postly, What you will learn from Postly, A Look Inside Postly, How postly works, Bonuses, Is Postly a scam, Postly support, Affiliate program etc.,

Postly Review

My main intention to write this post is to give you enough information on Postly. So that after reading my review post you will get a clear idea whether to buy postly or not. Also, you will find out if there is any better option compared to Postly.


Name: Postly

Website Info: Postly

Price: $12.69 (Price keep on increasing)

Author: Mr. Art Flair and Mr. Aiden Corkey (Partner)

Overall Rank: 75 out of 100

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What Is Postly?

Postly as the name itself tells you the story (yes you guessed it correct) it deals with the posts. Postly is a step by step video course helping you to get traffic from social media sites using small posts. In short, Postly teaches you how to use small posts to drive traffic from the social media sites and send it to the affiliate products or services you promote to make money online.

This is how Art Flair defines Postly… Postly Is A Completely New, NEVER BEFORE TAUGHT CASE STUDY And Step By Step Course Showing How Anyone Can Get Traffic In Any Niche For Free, Using The Power Of Free Social Media Posts.

Who Is Postly For? 

Postly is for newbies who are interested to earn money online, for those who are looking for a step by step course to start their online career, affiliate marketers, bloggers, etc., The product does have some useful information which you can use it to earn money online. If you want traffic to anything you promote for Postly can help you.

Who Are Mr. Art Flair and Mr. Aiden Corkey

Mr. Art Flair is an online marketer and previously a Fiverr Seller. He launched many online products on making money online. In his products and programs he shares his experience and how he earns money online.

Mr. Aiden Corkey is Mr. Art Flair partner and a full-time History teacher.

Other Products Of Mr. Art Flair

Mr. Art Flair is quite busy launching new products often and he already launched many products. Here are the names of the few Art Flair products are…

MEME-O-MATIC, RISERR, Flipp Me, Secretly, Snaply, Traffic Titan, Rapid Profit Ninja, Slick CPA Profits, Incomely, Slick Daily Profits, Outsourcers Bible, Meme Traffic Monster, Newbie Traffic Formula, FB Traffic Enigma, Kindle Passive Income, $1 Fiverr Cash Flow, Passive Profits Breakthrough, 6 Minute Profits, Magic Article Rewriter, 5 DONE FOR YOU Campaigns, Easy Profit Secrets, FB Traffic Hack, 5rr Cash Loophole, Tube Traffic Avalanche, Insane 5rr Profits, Targeted Traffic Cash Surge, Simple Profits System, Rapid Niche Profits, etc., And the list goes on… Oops, a lot of products!

Postly Overview

Postly for sure is not a scam. It does provide some value for its buyers and by implementing what you learned from Postly you can earn money online.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1  Comes at an Affordable price.

PRO #2  Completely untapped and free traffic.

PRO #3  No technical skills required- you don’t need to be technically savvy.

PRO #4  Works in any niche.

PRO #5  Video Training is easy to understand and step by step walk-through.

PRO #6  100% 30 days Money back guarantee.

PRO #7  Three Useful Bonuses.

PRO #8  Newbie friendly – No experience required and anyone can use it.

The Bad:

CON #1 Upsells.

CON #2 I doubt whether $111.46 per post is possible for everyone???

CON #3 Too much hype is given for Postly.

What You Will Learn From Postly

Here is what you will learn from Postly…

  • How to make fun and interesting posts which people read and share.
  • Posting your posts in the right spots which will generate tons of traffic.
  • How to use your posts properly and make money.
  • How to provide VALUE in the form of information and/or entertainment to people.
  • How to create Weird Little Posts (You will learn the Weird post method).
  • How to bring free traffic by distributing your posts to free channels.

A Look Inside Postly

Postly consists of 9 Modules. They are…

Module 1 – Introduction to the Method.

Module 2 – Click-baiting under the New.

Module 3 – How to build a Targeted Following.

Module 4 – How To Promote To Your Followers.

Module 5 – How To Structure a Viral Post.

Module 6 – Eye-Grabbing Images For Your Posts.

Module 7 – Postly In Action – Case Study.

Module 8 – More Traffic Generating Post Methods.

Module 9 – Conclusion.

Hope the above information gives you an idea of what you learn from Postly.

How Postly Works

Postly works in 3 simple methods…

STEP 1 – Prepare your Weird Post the way Postly teach you inside.

STEP 2 – Distribute your Post across the traffic channels Postly show you.

STEP 3 – Enjoy fast, free traffic in ANY niche!


With Postly you will also get three valuable and useful bonuses to help in your success. They are…

  • BONUS 1: Exclusive FB Mastermind Group – RETAIL PRICE: $997 (Oops $997)
  • BONUS 2: Free Traffic Case Study – RETAIL PRICE: $197
  • BONUS 3: Traffic Generating Software – RETAIL PRICE: $297

Are these bonuses really cost $997, $197 and $297??? In total its $1491 Oops! For buying a product with a value of $12.69 you get $1491 free stuff… What do you think about this, my friend?

Postly Price And Upsell’s

  • Front End product ($12.69 When I am writing this review post) – Video Training, Case Study, and 3 Bonuses. This is the base video course with 9 modules included in it.
  • One Time Offer 1 is a $27 (Downsell $17) – You get 7 Case Studies Plus Advanced Training
  • One Time Offer 2 is a $37 (Downsell $27)- Done for you platinum pack.
  • One Time Offer 3 is a $67 – Reseller’s Licence – In this offer, you will get your license right to resell Postly as your own product. And you will get 100% Commissions.

Postly Price And Upsell’s

Postly Affiliate Program

Postly offers an awesome affiliate program with the great commission.

Affiliate Benefits

– 100% commission on the front-end product.

– 50% commission on all upsells and downsells.

– 100% commission if you buy the resell rights.

– Easy to promote.

– Affordable price.

Postly Support 

Postly provides good customer support and you can contact them via email.

Postly Tools And Training

Postly tools are easy to use and free and the video training provided is useful and easy to understand.

My Final Opinion of Postly

Postly is a legit program and it is not a scam but there are better programs available. Buying Postly you will get valuable information to start your online career. But as I mentioned above the product is overhyped like…

“You will earn $111.46 Per post”

“Easy $159.36 in just 1 day with this method”

“You can start earning from tomorrow”

New Never-before-taught Method Generates Free Clicks In Any Niche From An Untapped Source…
How Many Posts Would You Make If Each One Would Make You $111.46 On Total Autopilot?!

I am really worried about the above claims and I feel bad. Postly claims that it “COMES WITH FULL STEP BY STEP TRAINING FOR THE NEWBIEST OF NEWBIES” So for the newbiest of newbies we should not give such a hope like you will make money tomorrow or within a week. Because if they are not going to make any money “Tomorrow” or within a week they will quit.

In my experience, in order to earn money online, it takes time, work, and effort. There is no easy money on the table and there is no free lunch in this world.


Postly At A Glance

Name: Postly

Website Info: Postly

Price: $12.69 (Price keep on increasing)

Author: Mr. Art Flair and Mr. Aiden Corkey (Partner)

Overall Rank: 75 out of 100


Dear Friend I hope this review post “What Is Postly – A Review On Postly” gave you some useful insights into Postly. Postly is not a scam but there are better options available.

With Postly you will learn valuable information, techniques, tips, etc and If you follow the training and implement it properly you will earn money online. But I personally feel that you need to buy a few of their upsells to speed up the process in order to earn a reasonable income.

I hope you got the answer to your question “Whether to buy Postly or not?” Postly is not a scam but there are better options available.

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$12.69 (Price keep on increasing)

Product Quality







  • Comes at an Affordable price.
  • Completely untapped and free traffic.
  • No technical skills required- you don’t need to be technically savvy.


  • Upsells.
  • I doubt whether $111.46 per post is possible for everyone???
  • Too much hype is given for Postly.

6 thoughts on “What Is Postly – A Review On Postly”

  1. A real thorough review Paul of this product, I like the way you have laid out all the pro’s and con’s and the products features, it gives a really good overview of what one gets! I also agree with you that with all they hyped up claim of making money overnight is a bit much! People might be put off and think it a scam if it doesn’t work for them as claimed. And as you well mentioned there is no such this as “easy money” it demands time, effort and patience! By far Wealthy Affiliate sounds like the way to go to build a good basis for an online business.

    • Dear Orion,

      I am glad to hear you got some useful insights from my post. Yes, we need to tell the truth to the newbies it will take time and effort so that they won’t quit and achieve online success. Yes, Indeed Wealthy Affiliate is my Top Recommendation.

  2. This is an amazing review post, Paul! You laid out excellent points (pros) and comparatively minimal cons. I like how the maker of this program has also done so many other programs that have done very well. Thank you for enlightening me, Paul.

    • Dear Sue,

      Yes, Mr. Art Flair has launched a lot of products what I mentioned in my post is not even 10% of his products. I am happy to hear you got some useful information from my review post. All the very best!


  3. Great review Paul. I’ve seen several ads for Postly and have wanted to give it a look and from what you have said it does seem like it would be worth the small investment to at least give it a try. Thanks again for the well written review.

    • Dear Craig,

      Yes, the price is low and anyone can afford it. Give it a try and once you used it please share your experience with postly with us and it will be helpful. Much success!



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