The Three C’s of Content Marketing


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If you want to take your blog to the next level, then you need to master the art of content marketing. This post, The Three C’s of Content Marketing will give you new and useful insights to take your blog to the next level. 

Content marketing is pretty imperative to almost all business today, particularly those that are based online, or would like a huge online presence – yet it’s a complex area where there is much confusion.  This article aims to cut through the confusion by highlighting the three C’s of content marketing.


The core theme within content marketing in 2018 is that of creating value; once upon a time content marketing was a strategic craft whereby people would simply dump in a load of relevant keywords that Google would pick up and use to work out what the site was about.  

The challenge with this, however, was that a website containing the right keywords but a low value in terms of the user experience would be pulled onto the first page of Google – which Google did not like. This is when contextual search and much more complex algorithms were introduced to ensure Google referenced the credibility of the site, based on the value it provided, rather than the keywords it used.

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It has been said that we just have 10-15 seconds to capture our reader’s attention.

The first thing you need to do is capture your audience’s attention.  This means you need to disrupt their current thought process to hook them into your world, and the best way to do this is to ask them a question with your marketing campaigns.

Of course, there are many aesthetic considerations – but the one thing marketers rely on to get an audience’s attention is to ask a question that relates to a pain or problem; which your solution will address.

You can base your content writing based on the below four steps…

  • Addressing the problem
  • Solution for the problem
  • Benefit for them
  • Call to action

Story Telling


Qualifying your customers with your blog title plays a vital role.

The next step is to connect.  This is where video marketing comes is so powerful.  The way to connect with your audience is to provide value.  So, you’ve asked them a question, let’s, for instance, say that you’re promoting a hair loss product.  You might ask “hey, are you worried about going bald?”

Engage With Your Audience

This now pre-qualifies the people clicking your display ad, to ensure only relevant people click through (as it costs each money someone clicks on your ad), and we move onto the next phase which is about connecting and creating value.  In this sense, you could offer a free video course talking about how to prevent or tackle the problem (i.e. of going bald).


Don’t be afraid to ask for a sale.

The final stage in the process is to convert them into a paying customer.  The way you do this is to now position your solution as the solution to their problem.  

You have rattled their cage a little by asking a question that focuses on a pain point and then provided some free value-added advice to build rapport and create a connection — now, from a place of value-added authority you can recommend your product as the “best” solution to overcome their problem.

Know your audience

You are not only addressing their problem but you are also providing a solution which is going to be a greater help to the customer. If you are sure that your recommendation is going to solve their problem or solve their pain… Why we need to afraid if the product is going to add more value to our customers? Go for it and ask for a sale!

Final Thoughts 

In a nutshell, content marketing follows this simple formula of Capture, Connect and Convert.  Yet, many people aren’t using this formula to inform their campaign, it’s more like they are throwing mud and seeing what sticks.

When you use this formula, you will optimize your return on investment in terms of advertising spend and get much better results.

I hope this post The Three C’s of Content Marketing gave you some useful insights to take your blog to the next level. 


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