The Modern Marketing Strategy Your Blog Needs

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In this post I am going to share you with the modern marketing strategy your blog needs to outperform in this huge competitive online world. The blogging world has really taken off in recent years. Whilst the standard “weblog” that could be run by any individual has existed for 2 decades, it wasn’t really until this decade that blogging turned into a real industry with multi-author blogs (MABs) run by teams of professionals.

“It has been said that a new blog is created globally for every half a second.”

The blogosphere is starting to take the place of newspapers and other traditional information-based forms of media from the old world. Running a blog has become a profitable business and there are many different ways to monetize one.

Become a better Blogger

The Challenge

If you’ve started your own blog then you’re well on your way to success but you might be struggling to make a profit in this competitive modern age. There are so many other blogs run by both individuals and organizations that it can be hard to find a target audience.

Putting up adverts or sponsored posts is easy but you need readers in order to make money from either of those things; adverts won’t generate income without clicks and you won’t get sponsors unless you have an audience. This is an affiliate contributed post. That means that Paul did not write the entire post.

Here are some things you should know about successful modern marketing strategies.

Market Research

This is the most crucial ingredient for success if you want to make a career out of blogging. You need to know your market. Your blog could discuss anything from the topic of cars to the topic of beauty products. All that matters is you find the audience who wants to read about that subject matter.

As William Bill of Wealth Design Group said, you need to know who your customers are and where they are. Whilst your blog might not be restricted by physical location in the same way as other businesses, you still need to run your operation like a business.

Your readers are your customers, in a sense; if you’re seeing a lot of traffic coming from a certain town or city then target your posts towards those people. For example, if you’re running a beauty blog then talk about great beauty stores within that area. It might lead to a sponsorship. Who knows?

A Better Online Presence

Importance of online presence

A business without an online presence won’t last in this modern age. If you’re running a blog then this is absolutely crucial. Your business entirely depends on the internet; none of it is physically based. The “products” you provide are blog posts.

If you want to market your business better then you need to than think of ways to drive more traffic towards your website. That depends on a good online presence. You need to optimize your content to rank highly on Google or search engine pages. Ensure as many potential readers as possible are going to see your blog on the first search result page.

Once again, the importance of research can’t be understated. Keep your eye on search engines so as to monitor their changes and how it’ll affect your blog site’s online presence. For example, Google is forever changing its search algorithms; in 2015, it started favoring websites that are mobile-friendly.

You should also do research into Baidu stock and the stock for other big search engines to see how the market is reacting to them. Above all else, if you don’t update your blog to meet search engine improvements and changes then this will affect your SEO. In turn, this will also result in a poorer marketing campaign.

Building Relationship And Trust

Building Relationships

Building relationship and trust plays a vital role in building your online blogging career. It’s not about just recommending and selling products. It’s about adding value by proving the information people looking for, it’s about addressing their problem and providing solution, it’s about helping your readers. By doing this you will automatically build relationship and trust with your readers.

If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you. – Zig Ziglar

Money Is In The List

How To Build An Email List For Marketing? Its by building the list

If you don’t have an email list you don’t have a business. If you want to grow your online business you need to grow your email list because the money is in the list. So build your subscribers. Although few think email marketing is an old marketing strategy not a modern strategy it still works. In the online world your email list is your asset.

‘If my search rankings disappeared, I’d still be able to promote my blog to thousands via email’ – Ramsay Taplin


A final piece of advice to help your blog’s marketing strategy is to focus on customer referrals. Whilst you may not see your blog as a “business” with customers in the traditional sense, there are certainly ways to use your audience to advertise your blog.

You could use contests or giveaways to help spread the word of your website; any readers who tell their friends about your blog and get them to sign up through a specific link could be put in the running for a prize.

Final Thoughts

You need to stand out of the crowd to excel and you need to use modern marketing strategy to improve you blog traffic. Don’t worry about the competition by using the above strategies one day you will be the competition. Keep improving and keep learning.Take Action

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