My Review On Insider Profit System

Insider Profit System Review

Name: Insider Profit System
Price: $0 ($15 Monthly for Get Response Subscription)
Owners: Jeff Davis
Overall Rank: 0 out of 10

Insider Profit System Overview

I signed up for Insider Profit System (It’s only available through invitation) and worked for nearly one and half months.  I was struggling to find a genuine way to learn and earn online failed attempting many programs finally I came across Insider Profit System via Clixsense PTC ads (Paid to click).

Insider Profit System

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Free No investment (But not true)

Initially, Mr. Jeff Davis claimed that I don’t need to invest any money he is helping me for free and later he asked me to sign up for get response autoresponder account and clickbetter account through his affiliate link. When I was thinking of going for a 30-day free trial account he wanted to sign up for a premium account with getresponse which will cost $15 a month and clickbetter is a free account.

So this $15 is a hidden charge which was not told initially but I agreed and I proceeded because I know there is no free lunch in this world and we need to pay for the service at one point.

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Requested Personal Information

After I signed up for Clickbetter and Getresponse account he asked me to provide with my Username and password I was really scared but I wanted to give a try because at some point we need to believe someone, of course, I don’t have other option although I was thinking I am on the wrong platform. So I thought “okay let me see how it goes”. Anyhow, I paid for a one-month subscription with getresponse so let me give a try and follow Mr. Jeff Davis instruction.

What I need to do in Insider Profit System?

This is what he instructed me to do….. He provided me with a squeeze page selecting a product from clickbetter I asked why he selected that product he said it converts in a great way. All I need to do is promote my squeeze page in PTC websites, solo ads, and in some free traffic resources. So I was keep on promoting my link.

New Squeeze Page

One day Mr. Jeff Davis informed me he is going to give me new squeeze page which will convert great I was disappointed because he said the previous will convert great and now switching me to a new and since I don’t have any option I said okay but I didn’t receive the new squeeze page. Asked me to sign up with another affiliate program.


Mr. Jeff Davis wanted me to sign up for some campaigns for traffic which he was using which will cost around $99 to $199 if I go through his referral link I get discounts I was not happy I don’t want to invest any money so I keep on sticking with free traffic resources.

False promises(Bonus)

One day I received a mail from Mr. Jeff Davis that he is going to pay my one-month subscription fee $15 for getresponse I was amazed and I thought no one will do this I wrongly mistaken Mr. Jeff Davis and he asked me to mail him writing good about him and I did. Mean while I was keep on requesting and reminding him from ten days well in advanced to pay my getresponse subscription but you know what, he didn’t replied and that’s it no contact from him anymore.

Insider Profit System Tools & Training

I can’t find any great training/tools given in Insider Profit System and the website is very simple. You can read the entire information on their website in less than 30 minutes… So you can imagine yourself what they have.

Insider Profit System Support

As I mentioned earlier support is given in the initial part until you sign up, after that you will get emails about their up selling/Promotional and nowadays I am not receiving any emails from them although I didn’t unsubscribe.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

It sounds too good in the beginning. Their words will be full of motivation and giving a lot of hope and confidence initially until you sign up.

The Bad:

CON #1 They are not keeping their promises (No investment, You will earn 100+$ within days, etc)
CON #2 Initially that is until I signed up I got responses for emails and after that no proper response ETC

My Final Opinion of Insider Profit System

From my own personal experience, I will Not Recommended Insider Profit System. I recently came to know even the photo which they use is not theirs (While checking on Google). Instead of wasting your time and money, there are genuine programs which you can try and achieve success.

Insider Profit System at a Glance

Name: Insider Profit System
Price: $0 ($15 Monthly for Get response Subscription)
Owners: Jeff Davis
Overall Rank: 0 out of 10


Not Legit

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Insider Profit System

$0 ($15 Monthly for Get response Subscription)

Product Quality







  • It sounds too good in the beginning. Their words will be full of motivation and giving a lot of hope and confidence initially until you sign up.


  • They are not keeping their promises (No investment, You will earn 100+$ within days etc)
  • Initially that is until I signed up I got responses for emails and after that no proper response ETC

22 thoughts on “My Review On Insider Profit System”

  1. Hi Paul. Thank for sharing your experience with this product in such a simple, easy to understand conversational language. I’m sure this review will save many people a lot of time, frustration and money. I’m sorry that you had to go through the frustration yourself, but thanks for making the way easier for the rest of us. I endorse your recommendation of wealthy affiliate whole heatedly.

  2. Hi Paul,
    There are so many online scammers out there, and they need to be outed! Great job.
    You took the pain and lies from this man that you experienced, and spread the word about him to help others avoid the con.
    You also graciously pointed to a good program so those searching for one can find it! Thank you for sharing this

    • Dear Annie,

      Yes it hurts a lot even if I think of it now. I don’t want others to fall as victim to this program and that’s the reason I posted a review. I believe this post will save some people time, effort and money. Yes indeed Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to learn about earning money online.


  3. Hello Paul,
    This is so bad…this system. But thanks for the review. Just reading it, I felt your pain at being betrayed. However, because of your experience, you are in a good place to write this review to make others aware.
    Thanks so much and all the best going forward.

    • Dear Michelle,

      Thanks for your kind words. Yes the main intention for writing this post is to help people save their time, money and efforts. Now a days finding the right platform to learn and earn online is the biggest challenge. However I have discovered a great platform and recommending the same.


  4. Paul,
    I am sorry you had to go through all of that. That is always a bad sign when a company is not upfront with you and tries to upsell you additional products. Insider Profit System sure doesn’t sound like a reputable company. I appreciate you doing this review to let others know what to expect if they join.

    • Dear Friend,

      I trusted the program very much and worked for more than a month and then only I realized I am wasting my time and its not the one I am looking for. He sent a mail asking me to reply by talking good about him and he promised he will pay one month subscription for the autoresponder (get response autoresponder) but he didn’t turned up after that. I sent many mail but no response. I don’t want others to face the same hassle that’s the reason I posted my review.


  5. Hello Mr.Paul,
    Thanks a lot for your timely caution given to us through your Review. I was about to sign in trusting the sweet words of Jeff Davis. Instead I wish to join Wealthy Affiliate as per your advise very soon. After
    joining I will write you mail for your guidance. God bless you and family.

    • Dear Baskaran,

      I have written the review purely based on my own experience. To learn & establish a genuine online business wealthy affiliate is the best one, you can take my word on that.

      You can read my wealthy affiliate review… HERE

      Expecting you soon…. For sure I will help you to learn and earn.


  6. Paul, thank you so much for caring enough about other opportunity seekers to warn us of this pitfall. It’s really so tragic how predators don’t give one hoot about the time, energy, and monetary investments of their victims. We simply have to watch out for each other, don’t we. Please keep up the great work!

    • Dear Charlie,

      To be honest still I have the pain and disappointment because I worked for more than a Month and my efforts went on vain.

      So I don’t want others to waste their time and energy. As you rightly said we need to watch out very carefully. In my online journey I discovered Wealthy Affiliate is one of the very best. You can read my Wealthy Affiliate HERE


  7. Hi, Paul, very Insightful review. Many of these programs are very sneaky. They pull you in then sneak up upsells on you, high ticket most of the time. I have been unfortunate enough to fall prey to some of them. I know better now. Hope your review helps someone before they spend their hard-earned money on fake systems.

  8. Awesome review! Things that sound too good to be true usually are!
    Thank you for sharing this experience, it’s nice to hear the information from someone who has actually tried it!

    • Dear Friend,

      I don’t want others to fall as a victim for insider profit system. Yes I wrote this review post based on my own personal experience so you can take my word on it.

      • Paul,
        Thank you for the information you provided. I was in the beginning stages of the system and now I will stop immediately. You saved me from alot of hours of wasted time.

        • Dear Friend,

          I am really happy to hear that my article saved lots of your time and that’s the main reason why I wrote this review. I wrote it based on my experience and it hurts losing money as well as lot of time. I am happy for you.


    • Dear Friend,

      When we trust someone and finally realize they are not trustworthy it hurts. In the online world this is the big challenge but there are very few genuine programs as well and I found the best one and recommended the same to you.


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