Managed Releasing: Blogging Consistently To A Schedule

If you were to write a lot of blog posts, releasing them all on one day would assure they received as little views as possible. Bombarding your visitors and avid readers with content is not going to help your viewership.

You won’t get as many natural clicks, as many views of your visual content such as videos and you won’t get as many comments left on your posts either.

There’s a reason why newspapers hold back stories. Many times you’ll read a story that is still relevant on the day you read it, but the information is from many weeks or even months ago.

Media companies know that creating unique content is very time-consuming and laborious. So releasing things as soon as they are created isn’t always the smartest option.

If you hold things back a little, you can form a consistent schedule for when content is released; so your viewership steadily increases.

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Seasonal Set Dates

You already know, when a new season comes around, you will have a few set dates. For the fall, you have Halloween, Christmas, and New Year, to name a few.

For me, Black Friday is the very important season, and I used to prepare for it well in advance (at least two months before).

I will be writing blog posts, creating an email series, designing new landing pages, banners, and promotions.

As a professional blogger, you will need to create content for such events so you don’t miss out on the opportunities to increase your readership. For your seasonal set dates, you should be creating content before the release days.

Backlogging your content allows you to really take your time and make detailed, interesting and personalized posts that will be of higher quality than if you created them in a day or two.

You can plan when you’re going to film something if you’re adding a video to your post, buy things well in advance and set up affiliate marketing links with companies with ample time. 

Ready To Release

It’s not a good idea to keep your content on your computer. As a blogger, you never want to be without the power to release your own content when you want to.

Businesses have back storage options for their customer data and they also use firewalled servers to save their tasks and projects onto. Bloggers are by themselves, they need to find and use tools that prevents them from having to open their hard drives to upload content.

Thus, cloud storage becomes an option. It’s in your interest to speak with a computer support company that offers managed services as not only do they have cloud storage but also server and desktop visualization.

This allows you to put any documents and various other content on any device such as your smartphone. With your content online, you can upload it from anywhere. This averts you from being hindered by a natural disaster. 

If you are a Blogger or YouTuber who wants to publish your posts and videos regularly, cloud storage will be the best option. Also, if you travel a lot, this is a must-have option.

Managed Releasing: Blogging Consistently To A Schedule

Think Ahead To Trends 

Blogging is very often linked to consumer trends. It’s your job to ride the wave and use the growing interest in various products and or services to your advantage. This means you need to keep your ear to the ground and keep up with consumer trends in the news.

You can also use Google Trends to know about the popularity of top search queries in Google Search. And create your posts and videos based on the popular trends that will boost your traffic. 

Blogging should never be rushed because you don’t want to feel like you’re not giving your all in content creation. Using cloud storage, you can create content while on the move and never be in fear of not having access to it.

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