Breakout Buyer Traffic Review – [Scam Or Legit Opportunity?]

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  • Whether you can get free buyer traffic using Breakout Buyer Traffic?
  • Is it possible to make money as soon as today?
  • Is Breakout Buyer Traffic is a scam or legit?

By the end of this review, you will get answers to the above questions.

Breakout Buyer Traffic Review

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Breakout Buyer Traffic Review Summary

Product Name: Breakout Buyer Traffic

Creators: Aidan Corkery, Fergal Downes, and Noel Cunningham

Launch Date: 15th Of October 2019

Product Type: Traffic Generation Using Messenger Bot

Price: $9.55 (At the time of writing this review) + Upsells

Summary: Breakout Buyer Traffic is a video training course that teaches us about building lists using FB Messenger with the help of Many Chat.

Rating: 45/100

Is Breakout Buyer Traffic Legit Or Scam? Legit

Is Breakout Buyer Traffic Recommended? No

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Below you can find some frequently asked questions for your quick reference…

What Is Breakout Buyer Traffic All About?

  • Breakout Buyer Traffic is a video training course that teaches us about building lists using FB Messenger with the help of Many Chat.

How Much Breakout Buyer Traffic Cost?

  • $9.55 (At the time of writing this review) + Upsells.

Is There Upsells?

  • Yes, there are 4 upsells.

Is It Possible To Make Money As Soon As Today As Mentioned In Breakout Buyer Traffic Sales Page?

  • If you are an authority, if you have a very big following on FB and if you have a big email list already then it’s possible.

Is Breakout Buyer Traffic A Scam?

  • No

Is It Possible To Make Money Online Using Breakout Buyer Traffic?

  • Again, if you are an authority, if you have a very big following on FB and if you have a big email list already then it’s possible.

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee With Breakout Buyer Traffic?

  • Yes, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Are You Recommending Breakout Buyer Traffic?

  • No

What’s Your Top Recommendation To Make Money Online?

  • You can read my top recommendation below.

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One Important Thing I Noticed On Some Review Posts

Doing your research is the best way to find legit and genuine programs and stay away from scams.

I appreciate your time & effort. Doing your own research before buying any make money online products is the wise thing to do to stay away from scams and to find the best programs.

Since people are doing their research before buying any programs and products, some people write positive and biased reviews (with their Affiliate link) of all the products they promote.

Nowadays, you need to be careful about the sales pages of the product as well as review posts. The good news is there are genuine review posts as well.

I would like to inform you I am in no way associated with Breakout Buyer Traffic and I am not trying to sell Breakout Buyer Traffic to you.


Breakout Buyer Traffic Sales Page Claims

You can find the claims made on the Breakout Buyer Traffic sales video below…

  • Brand new method – We’ve never released anything like this.
  • Get instant traffic and make money today.
  • The entire system works on autopilot, so once you get everything setup, the money just keeps flowing.
  • Breakout Buyer Traffic will make you money in as little as a few hours from now and also makes you recurring income on autopilot while you sleep!
  • This method works so fast, if you get started with Breakout Buyer Traffic right now, you could make money as soon as TODAY!
  • You Get Everything You Need To Make Money When You Get Breakout Buyer Traffic.

Let’s see if Breakout Buyer Traffic lives up to these claims.

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What Is Breakout Buyer Traffic? 

Based on the Breakout Buyer Traffic creator’s words…

  • Breakout teaches both free and paid traffic methods to build your done-for-you FB messenger bot list. We also have a done for you messenger bot sequence in there so that you can start making sales and commissions as fast as possible.
  • Inside Breakout Buyer Traffic we teach you a brand new method we’re currently using to get traffic flowing FAST, and then we show you how to convert that traffic into money in your pocket.

To make it simple…

Breakout Buyer Traffic is a video training course that will help you to bring traffic and build your list using FB Messenger with the help of Many Chat. They use the chatbot technology.

About The Creators

Fergal Downes is a full-time internet marketer since 2012. His business model is product creation and affiliate marketing mostly through email list.

Aidan Corkery is a full-time history teacher, He is doing internet marketing as the side job or part-time.

Some products I reviewed of Fergal Downes and Aidan Corkery…

A Look Inside Breakout Buyer Traffic

Breakout Buyer Traffic is a step-by-step video training course with 12 videos. The below information will give you an idea of what you learn from this product.

  • Lesson 1 – Overview
  • Lesson 2 – Create the FB Page
  • Lesson 3 – Setting up Many Chat
  • Lesson 4 – Getting Approved by Facebook
  • Lesson 5 – Templates
  • Lesson 6 – Many Chat Growth Tools
  • Lesson 7 – Done For You Funnel
  • Lesson 8 – Follow Up Sequence
  • Lesson 9 – Paid Traffic
  • Lesson 10 – Free Traffic
  • Lesson 11 – Doing Broadcasts to Your Subscribers
  • Lesson 12 – Case Studies

How Breakout Buyer Traffic Works? 

You are going to create a free FB messenger bot account with Many Chat. Then you will install a done for you Many Chat Funnel. Use their free traffic or paid traffic formula to drive traffic to your DFY Many Chat sales funnel.

Then promote your affiliate offers to your list. This is how Breakout Buyer Traffic works.

However, this is not going to be an easy task (more on this later).


Front-End Product – Breakout – Buyer Traffic – $9.55

  • Upsell 1 – Breakout – OTO 1 DFY – $37.00 – You will get DFY Voucher Images, DFY Lead Magnets, DFY Many Chat Follow Up Sequences, Hign Engagement FB Posts, etc.
    • Downsell 1 – Breakout – OTO 1 DFY DS – $27.00
  • Upsell 2 – Breakout – OTO 2 Case Studies – $17.00 – You will get 6 case studies.
    • Downsell 2 – Breakout – OTO 2 Case Studies DS – $12.00
  • Upsell 3 – Breakout – OTO 3 DFY BOT Funnel – $197.00 – This will teach you how to turn your traffic and leads into buyers. You will get Bot sequences, DFY bonus review pages, etc.
    • Downsell 3 – Breakout – OTO 3 DFY BOT Funnel DS – $97.00
  • Upsell 4 – Breakout – OTO 4 Coaching – $97.00 – One on One Coaching program.

Pro’s and Con’s

The Good:

→ 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

→ Real Owner

The Bad:

→ Upsells

→ Too Much Hype And Unrealistic Claims

→ Building Your List Using FB Messenger With The Help Of Many Chat Is Going To Be Very Challenging

→ The Conversion Rate Of Free Traffic From Facebook Traffic Is Low

→ No Control Over Your Business (No Website)

Is Breakout Buyer Traffic A Scam?

No, Breakout Buyer Traffic is not a scam. They do provide you with some training on generating traffic using ChatBot and there is also a 30-day money-back guarantee.

However, I don’t recommend Breakout Buyer Traffic for the below reasons.

Reason 1 – Upsells

It is really going to be challenging to get the full value of Breakout Buyer Traffic without buying their upsells. There is no information about upsells on their sales page.

The total cost of the upsells – $348

The total cost by using their downsells – $233 (there is no downsell for the upsell 4).

Reason 2 – No Control Over Your Business

They claim that “You don’t have to worry about hosting or setting up domains or anything complicated – You don’t even need a website to do this”.

Having your own website is one of the best ways to build your online business.

As you might be aware social media platforms often come up with new rules and regulations. In case Facebook bans you what you will do?

Reason 3 – Conversion

Getting people from FB on to your Bot is not going to be easy and it’s going to be a difficult task.

Also, the conversion rate of free Facebook traffic is very low. People on social media platforms are there to socialize and not to buy your products. So the conversion rate of free traffic is low.

Reason 4 – Too Much Hype & Unrealistic Claims

Read some of Breakout Buyer Traffic below claims…

  • Breakout Buyer Traffic will make you money in as little as a few hours from now and also makes you recurring income on autopilot while you sleep!
  • All you have to do is follow along with the video training and you’ll make money fast.

What do you think of the above claims?

If you are going to purchase Breakout Buyer Traffic based on their sales page claims it might disappoint you.

Reason 5 – Paid Traffic

As we already discussed the conversion rate of the free traffic from FB is low. Breakout Buyer Traffic also teaches the paid traffic method.

However, I don’t recommend paid traffic methods for newbies because they might lose money.

They recommend solo ads. Even great marketers with tons of knowledge and experience struggle with solo ads.

What do you think when you Get Over $1,067 In Bonuses For FREE for a product that cost $9.55?

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Thanks for reading my review.

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Breakout Buyer Traffic

$9.55 (At the time of writing this review) + Upsells




  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Real Owner


  • Upsells
  • Too Much Hype And Unrealistic Claims
  • Building Your List Using FB Messenger With The Help Of Many Chat Is Going To Be Very Challenging

8 thoughts on “Breakout Buyer Traffic Review – [Scam Or Legit Opportunity?]”

  1. Wow…This page is going to be a challenging review since in my opinion you did a fantastic job with it!

    I’ll start off by saying that I am a beginner when it comes to this subject in general.  However I do have a decent grasp on the subject at this point, so I think I can properly comment on this page given the knowledge I do currently have.  So, if anything it can at least provide you with a comment from the viewpoint of someone like myself; who is interested and driven to make money online and learning how to do so correctly but still in that learning process!  So I hope I can be useful in that respect!

    First of all, I really like your opening!  The reader’s intrigue is captured by the questions you pose right from the start, encouraging them to continue on!  You also state that these questions will be answered by the end of the article, which provides even more incentive to the reader to not only continue reading, but to finish the article!

    The Table of Contents provides a great general idea of what is to come, and gives the reader an idea of what to expect within the length of the article.  That way, if they have a question in mind, it sticks!  I like the link to your guide provided right underneath along with the emphasis that it is free!

    The Message about some things you’ve noticed within the comments is an important inclusion, and does a good job of explaining why.  It also assures readers that you have no affiliation with the product you are reviewing, emphasizing that your opinion is impartial.

    You first go into the claims made by the product in list form which I like because it’s easy to read and nicely-structured.  Then you follow with the investigation into the claims and whether or not they are legitimate.  Yet another great way to hold a reader’s attention!

    You then go into the basic breakdown of the program and include what I feel is a great summary of everything it has to offer.  One thing I’d like to mention as a reader who is fairly new to this concept:  When I reached the sections of “How Breakout Buyer Traffic Works” and “Upsells,”  I did find it necessary to Google the acronyms “DFY” and “OTO.”  It is entirely up to you, but you may want to include the full meaning of those acronyms within parenthesis at least upon the first time you mention them, just for the benefit of newer readers who may not understand them or have not yet seen them before, or perhaps haven’t seen them enough yet to become completely familiar with them.

    As soon as I read the “Upsells” potion of the article, I could see for myself that some of the claims made initially by this program were questionable.  If it were only one section that offered/required Upsells, that would be one thing, but to find that all four sections were made up of material that required pricey Upsells for a buyer to access the full amount of available information immediately makes one question what further spending is going to be asked of them beyond that!

    I thought your breakdown of Pros and Cons was very fair and accurate!  You then further elaborate below with a more detailed explanation of why you feel this way, although you do note that it is NOT a scam and could potentially benefit certain people, but only within a particular category, and so is definitely not for everyone!  (Again, I agree!)  So, you are very fair, but at the same time honest about the fact that you feel this program is only worth it to a select group of people.  I like that, as it increases your credibility!

    The FAQ section serves to cover the above info in even more detail, just to assure that any readers who may still seek information that they haven’t yet found may locate it within this Q&A section.  That ensures readers that you are absolutely straightforward about presenting all of the information necessary to fairly and accurately review the product.

    You make it very clear that although the product has some redeeming qualities, you would recommend against it for an average person, especially one who is less-experienced in this field.  You include backup reasoning for this as well.  Again, I like this a lot!  You then use the opportunity to open up readers’ minds to the idea that there are better products out there that provide much more thorough support, more structure, and a great start with what you stress is a KEY need; a website.  I like how your honesty seems very genuine and you give many examples of some less-than-ideal ways to begin, many of which you experienced yourself, and after all your searching what finally DID work for you!  That all builds up interest and excitement, and most certainly increased curiosity!

    Finally, while you DO give the product you’re reviewing a very fair overview with good and bad points included, and even the opportunity for those interested to seek even more information through the company’s own material, you come across as very fair and honest in your conclusion that the product is simply not the best for most users, (even though certain users may find it beneficial) and you also offer an alternative to those users that they may find to be a much better use of their time and energy in their efforts to create a successful online business!

    Overall, I think it’s a fantastic review and you did a great job!  I hope the information I provided was useful to you!

    • Wow, thanks a lot for the amazing and detailed comment. You have reviewed my review!

      Thanks for some the great advise. DFY stand for “Done For You”, OTO stands for “One Time Offer” going forward will have this in mind to give the details as much as possible.

      Thanks a lot for taking time and providing this great feedback It means a lot lot lot to me.

      GOD bless!

  2. Anything that claims that you can make money fast is not reliable to me! It’s too good to be true! I agree that it can be possible if you already have a ton of followers on FB. Also, it is disappointing that they do not encourage to have a website. You are right. What if someday FB bans you??? Great review, thank you!

    • I always prefer to stay away from programs and products that promise quick, easy, fast, immediate money with less work. It is always advisable to play by the rules and there is no shortcut to success!

  3. Wow very nice and educative article it would be very good help to public and me also although I have come across many article like this which most of them were scam anyway but I believe this one would  have a lot to share because I’m a very big fan of the writer FERGAL DOWNES I have bought some of his other products and the work for me especially Traffic Flood and Traffic Manifesto thanks ones again.

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these online programs like Breakout Buyer Traffic. I saw an ad for it but felt a little skeptical after hearing all of the claims. It’s interesting to see that you give it a middle of the road / less than average score even though it is legit. It’s good to note that being legit doesn’t equal to something being a good idea. The upsells would get annoying to me really quickly, so thanks for helping to steer me towards something else!!


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