What Is Snowball Traffic? – Is It Possible To Earn $9000 In 30 Days With This System?

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Everyone is interested in getting more traffic to their business whether it’s online or offline, traffic is everything. And if there is no traffic there will be no sales and no money.

Being an affiliate marketer and blogger I always look into the opportunities to increase my traffic and came across this “Snowball Traffic” which got my interest.

Because of the increased number of online scams and products which under-delivers I always prefer to do some research before buying any products or programs related to make money online.

I know you are here for the same reason you want to know more information about Snowball Traffic, I am here to help you.

  • Is It Possible To Earn $9000 In 30 Days With This System?
  • Can we get results within 24 hours?
  • Is this is a PROVEN system that can get virtually anyone to $100+/day with Ease?
  • Just 30 minutes per day is enough?

Let’s find out the answers to the above questions and I want to make sure, in no way I am associated with this product and I am not an affiliate to Snowball traffic. And I am not promoting this product.

What Is Snowball Traffic?

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Snowball Traffic Review Summary

Product Name: Snowball Traffic

Creators: A Team of 3 People – Fergal Downes, Bill Hugall and Simple Spencer. Fergal Downes is the main person behind this product.

Launch Date: 31st January 2019

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Via Facebook Group.

Price: $7.97 (At the time of writing this review) + Upsells

Best for: People who are interested in Social Media Marketing and who have a big following

Summary: This is all about creating a Facebook group and promoting your Affiliate Products.

Rating: 50/100

Is Snowball Traffic Legit Or Scam? Legit

Is Snowball Traffic Recommended? No

100’s of make money online products are introduced on a daily basis and every product claiming they can change your life and help you to earn more money but many products under-delivers.

It is always advisable to do your own research before buying any make money online products and I appreciate you for your research and I am happy for you.

Although I said this is a legit product I am not recommending it, to know more details about Snowball Traffic please continue your reading…

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Below you can find some frequently asked questions for your quick reference…

What Is Snowball Traffic All About?

  • This is all about creating a Facebook group and promoting your Affiliate Products.

How Much Snowball Traffic Cost?

  • $7.97 (At the time of writing this review) + Upsells.

Is There Upsells?

  • Yes, there are 5 upsells.

Is Snowball Traffic A Scam?

  • No

Is It Possible To Make Money Online Using Snowball Traffic?

  • Yes

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee With Snowball Traffic?

  • Yes, there is a 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee.

Are There Better Options Available Compared To Snowball Traffic?

  • Yes

What’s Your Top Recommendation To Make Money Online?

  • You can read my top recommendation below.

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What Is Snowball Traffic?

In their sales page all you can find is, there is a secret method to drive traffic which NO ONE is doing and the method is Unique & totally FRESH and also its 100% newbie-friendly.

You don’t need a website, list or any tech skills. Sounds interesting right?

They claim that “This Secret UNTAPPED Method Brings Surefire Results and EASY $9k+/months”.

But you don’t have a clue what is the secret method you are going to learn. Without any knowledge of what you gonna learn you need to buy this product. I am not happy about it.

I am here to help you and to make it simple…

Snowball traffic is all about creating a Facebook group in your niche and to build your following and promoting your products to them.

To be honest I don’t see this as a new or secret method although they provide some helpful information and techniques in building the Facebook groups and promoting the products for sure this is already used by many.

About The Creators

Bill Hugall, Simple Spencer and Fergal Downes are internet marketers and Bill Hugall is a product creator.

Shockwave Profits, Snowball Traffic, 2019 BLAST OFF, UNBREAKABLE, ATOMIC Profits, Laptop Legacy, Holiday Gold Rush, Profit Vortex, Millionaire Round Table, The Milk-It Method, List Masteree, Commission Control, etc., are some of the products of Bill Hugall.

I do have reviewed one of the products of Bill Hugall called Profit Vortex you can read the review of Profit Vortex HERE.

Fergal Downes is a full-time internet marketer since 2012. His business model is product creation and affiliate marketing mostly through email list.


A Look Inside Snowball Traffic

Snowball Traffic is a video training course. Below is a look around on what you will learn from this product…

Video 1 – Overview

Video 2 – Niches

Video 3 – Setting Up The Group

Video 4 – The Pinned Post

Video 5 – The Group Description

Video 6 – The Group Settings

Video 7 – Get 400-600 Group Members On Day 1 (Part 1)

Video 7.1 – Get 400-600 Group Members On Day 1 (Part 2)

Video 8 – Software That Runs Your Group On Autopilot

Video 9 – Getting Viral Content For Your Group To Build Massive Engagement

Video 10 – Outsource Everything For Just $5

Video 11 – Running FB Live For Engagement

Video 12 – Engagement

Video 12 (No I am not typing again the “Video 12” wrongly that’s how it is in the member’s area)- Time To Make Money – What To Promo (Part 1)

Video 12.1 – Time To Make Money – What To Promo (Part 2)

I hope the above details will give you an idea on what you will learn from this product. They do provide good, detailed and step by step training.

How Snowball Traffic Works – Is This A Never Used Method?

As I mentioned earlier on their sales page there are no exact details about the method since they keep it as secret.

Snowball traffic is all about creating a Facebook group in your niche and building your following. To build your following you need to approach an Instagram influencer and request a shout out.

And once you built your following you can engage with your group and promote your Affiliate offers.

Sounds simple and easy?

But I doubt, it will take work, effort, time and money!

Below is an eight-minute video that will give you some additional information on Snowball Traffic.


Front End Product Snowball Traffic – $7.97

  • OTO #1: Fergal’s DFY Pack + Case Studies – $27 – This upgrade contains 5 done-for-you campaign templates and case studies.
  • OTO #1 Downsell – Fergal’s DFY + Case Studies ($10 OFF Discount!) – $17
  • OTO #2: Super Simple $300/day Method – $17 – This $300/day Method can be used side by side with the front end product to ensure your customers hit multi 3-figures per day.
  • OTO #2 Downsell – Simple $300/day Method ($5 OFF Discount) – $12
  • OTO #3: FULL Resale Rights to Snowball Traffic – $37 – In this upgrade, we’re offering 100% commission across the ENTIRE funnel.
  • OTO #3 Downsell – FULL Resale Rights ($10 OFF) – $27
  • OTO #4: How To Bank Insane 5-Figure Days – $27 – This is a very powerful 5-figure/day system
  • OTO #4 Downsell – Bank Insane 5-Figure Days ($10 OFF Discount) – $17
  • OTO #5: Simple BUYERS List Building Method – $12 – in this upgrade, we show how to build a hot buyers list without ever having to create a product, and WITHOUT having to launch a product.
  • OTO #5 Downsell – Simple BUYERS List Method ($5 OFF Discount) – $7

A lot of upsells right? Not only that, but there also are additional costs involved as well, for ads, for automation tools, for outsourcing, etc., So just $7.97 is not the end of the story there are upsells and additional costs involved.

When you say, NO to the “one time offers” you get a downsell with a discount. What about those people who purchase the upsells firsthand without saying no???

Pro’s and Con’s


  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Helpful step by step training.
  • Front-end product cost is low.


  • Upsells – If there are upsells means according to me the product is not complete.
  • Additional expenses (for ads, for automation tools, for outsourcing, etc).
  • Too much Hype and not a new method.
  • It takes time, effort and work to succeed online, its not simple and easy to make money online as they mentioned in their sales page.
  • Just focusing on Facebook groups will not be helpful in the longer run.

Who’s Snowball Traffic For? – It Is Not For Everyone

People who are interested in Social Media Marketing and who have a big following. If you already have a big following and you are into Affiliate Marketing, for sure you know how to promote products as well.

Is Snowball Traffic A Scam? – Why I Am Not Recommending It?

No, Snowball Traffic is not a scam. They do provide you with a helpful and step by step training. Also, you will get tips and ideas about building your following, automation tools, information on outsourcing, etc.,

The way the sales page sounds and the hype they give are a few of the concerns. Just see the below statements from their sales page…

  • This is a PROVEN system that can get virtually anyone to $100+/day with Ease
  • Fast & SIMPLE $9k/month Method
  • Extremely Easy To Do
  • This Secret UNTAPPED Method Brings Surefire Results and EASY $9k+/months
  • Literally just 30 minutes per day with this New “Snowball” Method is ALL IT TAKES to start getting insane profits rolling in like clockwork.
  • The exact STEPS to start getting results within 24-48 hours
  • You’ll become a “Profit-Generating” MACHINE
  • NO ONE is doing this method

This is not easy as it sounds and it’s not a new method.

Even the timer on their sales page claims that the offer will end soon and once the clock hits the deadline again it will reset and will say the same thing.

They never reveal what exactly the method is… So after buying the product,  what if you are not comfortable with Social Media Marketing or tried it and think its not for you?

For a newbie to start a Facebook group and achieve success will take time and its not possible within 24-48 hours. In social media its all about engagement and trust.


Building trust takes time and by just spending 30 minutes a day it’s really hard to build good engagement with your group. Also, people listen to whom they like but buy from whom they trust.

Final Thoughts

Affiliate Marketing works there is no doubt in that but you need to learn and do it in the proper way.

Just relying on Facebook alone is a danger, many of the popular social media platforms disappeared. To see you as an authority it takes time and we can’t just like that, promote any product just for the sake of earning a commission. We need to provide value and help the people.

I am using SEO and social media traffic to build my list.

The list is the online asset which no one can take from me. Having your own website is the secure and best way to build an online business.

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Snowball Traffic

$7.97 (At the time of writing this review) + Upsells




  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Helpful step by step training.
  • Front-end product cost is low.


  • Upsells - If there are upsells means according to me the product is not complete.
  • Additional expenses (for ads, for automation tools, for outsourcing etc).
  • Too much Hype and not a new method.

16 thoughts on “What Is Snowball Traffic? – Is It Possible To Earn $9000 In 30 Days With This System?”

  1. I found Snowball Traffic from a Facebook Group that I follow. I can imagine they are using the same method to promote the platform as affiliate. It is such a shame that there are so many upsells 🙁 It looks good though, but I don’t think I will try this eventhough the starting cost is quite cheap. Do you have another recommended platform that start with free or little cost without any upsells after purchasing the software / membership? Thanks

  2. Hi! I have been interested in learning social media marketing. I have a decent following and have initiated with affiliate marketing but don’t know how to market to my audience without them feeling I’m pushing them. I had high expectations about this product. But after reading your review, I don’t want to join this one. I’ll continue researching.

    • Great to know that you have a decent following. All you need to do is selflessly help your following and provide them with the value, solve their problem and recommend the very best solution. By lifting others you can lift yourself.

  3. Hi Paul; What is Snowball traffic? Is it possible to make $9000 in thirty days? Before I go further, my question to you is: What do you think? Is it possible?

    May I ask you, while researching the founders, have you found a working email address for them? Can you contact them?

    I am not saying Snowball traffic is a scam, and it does not have to be. However, it can be a Scam. My experience over the past few weeks have me cautious about these lucrative offers.

    The company to me is a bit new for me to decide on taking them seriously.

    • They are real owners and you can contact them. Its not possible if you are just a newbie (Is it possible to make $9000 in thirty days?)

      Snowball Traffic is not a scam, they do provide good training but there are better options available. Just relying on Facebook traffic alone doesn’t sound as a great idea. Learning affiliate marketing in the right way is my recommendation.

  4. Thank you for this Review of another, what looks to me like, potential Scam. You had me with the words “You don’t need a website, list or any tech skills. Sounds interesting right?” When I was in network marketing, the List was the First and primary requirement. 

    A person that is WA, or any affiliate marketing company, and has a large Social Network following, shouldn’t have any problem getting their message out and increasing traffic. 

    The Upsells too. If the package is so good, why not offer it for $49 or $79 to include everything you need to earn $9000 per month. 

    By the information you have provided, I would only give them a 3 out of 10. 


    • True, list is the online asset and money is in the list. Our net worth is our network!

      Having or building your own list is the best thing you can do to build a long lasting online business.

      $7.97 is just the front-end product price and as I mentioned that’s not the end of the story you have upsells and additional expenses. Instead of offering at a low price and then adding up in the form of additional upsells they can offer at $49 or $79 to include everything (good question).

  5. Paul, thanks for the very thorough review of Snowball Traffic. As you say when these type of sites say they hold the secret and promise amazing amounts in a short period of time, it always pays to be cautious. If the great secret is just how to market a Facebook page, I wouldn’t be interested in that. Again as you say a following comes with trust and not some special secret system.

    • If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you – Zig Ziglar.

      Building trust is not going to happen within 24-48 hours and it takes a lot of work, commitment, effort and helping people selflessly. The actual secret is helping people and providing value to them. Thanks for your comment! 

  6. Well it doesn’t look like a scam but if you have to keep paying to get access to the whole program then you are going to be very disappointed at some point. It seems the information offered by Snowball Traffic could be obtained by other means and therefore there isn’t much value here. 

    • You are right, most of the information are basic and intermediate. If you are in the make money online niche and doing affiliate marketing for a while I think this product is not going to impress you. Of course we get many information by just browsing itself, nowadays there are loads of valuable information available for free.

  7. I was so happy to find your review of Snowball Traffic. Had I just come across their invite, I might have wasted a lot of time going through and evaluating it. Thank you for doing that for me alredy!

    A lot of up-sells is an understatement. Wow. Will any of them help me? Maybe. Do I want to continue buying something new from them every time I turn around? Definitely not. I hate that kind of deal. 

    I decided, instead, to get your beginner guide and will concentrate on evaluating that. You seem a bit more trustworthy! 

    Hey, again, thanks for doing the work for me. I really appreciate the honest opinion on Snowball Traffic. 

    • I am happy to hear that my review saved you time. I too hate upsells and you know what, even before going to the member’s area and looking at the product you bought, you will get these upsells nearly 8-9 times you need to say you are not interested (NO) to get into the members area.

  8. Wow man, you have a very up-to-date new affiliate marketing program review! This Snowball Traffic is very new as it is just launched in Jan 2019 as you mentioned, and here is the full detail review with so much information.

    Personally, fo this type of BIG PROMISE “Earn $9000 In 30 Days” always looks too good to be true for me and your review really give me a full picture and another proof again. From the video training content you layout, I think some of them is useful but not all, and like you said, people who are interested in Social Media Marketing and who have a big following might be a good fit for it, definitely not for me.

    By the way, a new term for me, what is “OTO”? I tried to Google it and “One Time Offer” seems is the closest meaning, is it right?


    • Yes OTO stands for One Time Offer those are the upsells.

      I always advice people to stay away from the products and programs which promises “Fast, easy, and quick money”. In order to make money online it takes time and effort.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts.


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