Benefits Of A Blogger – [Being A Blogger Is A Blessing]

Welcome to my post “Benefits Of A Blogger“!

You are here because you want to know the benefits of a blogger or the benefits of being a blogger right?

Not to worry I am here to help you!

By the end of this post, you’ll have all the information that you’ll need to know about the benefits of a blogger.

Benefits Of A Blogger - [Being A Blogger Is A Blessing]

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Who Am I?

Before we dive into the post, I would like to introduce myself and I am writing this post based on my experience.

Like many people, I too heard that many people are making money online. I wanted to become my own boss, and it’s my dream. Realized the internet is the future wanted to start my online business.

Since 2008, I tried many make money online programs and products. Trust me, I have read 100’s of sales pages on make money online programs, watched 100’s sales videos, signed up to many newsletters, received 100’s of emails with the hope things will change.

I have tried Paid To Click, Get Paid To, Ad Posting, Email Reading, Surveys, MLM’s, Captcha Typing, Content Writing, Data Entry, Tele Calling, Transcription, etc. The list goes on…

I lost $4000+ in trying different make money online programs and products.

Respect Your Dreams

The Breakthrough

In September 2016 I came across a training platform that teaches about making money online.

To be honest, I lost my hope because of scams and products which under-delivered with low-quality. So I was afraid and skeptical to join the platform.

Finally, I decided to take the risk, but I am determined this will be my last try. And I joined the platform in November 2016.

To cut the long story short…

Since December 2017, I am a Full-Time Affiliate Marketer and Blogger Working from Home. Blogging changed everything in my life so I believe that I am qualified to write this post “Benefits Of A Blogger”.

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So what are the benefits of being a blogger?

Turn Your Passion Into Profits

Once I read, according to a Gallup poll…

85% percent of workers worldwide admit to hating their jobs!

Often we advise others to follow their passion but we will stick to the jobs we hate. However, we will tell about the difficult situation and pinpoint that the family responsibilities are on my shoulder.

So I am sticking on these jobs. I am not saying everybody is hating their job. According to the survey, it’s 85% quite a huge percentage.

Imagine how productive they will be if they hate their job?

Follow Your Passion & Love What You Do

Follow Your Passion

Being a blogger you can follow your passion and build a business based on your passion. So you will never get bored and lose interest.

By building your blog based on your passion you can earn profits. You can turn your interest into income!

So bloggers enjoy this huge benefit. They simply do what they love and are getting paid!

For example…

A person who loves to travel is having a travel blog sharing his experience and recommending the best places, hotels, required things, etc. And making money via his blog. Sounds great right?

Being Your Own Boss

Everybody loves to be their own boss right?

To be honest, there is a risk involved and more responsibility, actually, total responsibility is on your shoulder.

This is not going to be easy. It takes time, effort, work, patience, continuous learning, a lot of responsibility, investment, etc.

However, when you realize you are building your own empire above things will not be a burden for you.

My Grandma used to tell… Own business requires a lot of effort and responsibility. So it is better to work for someone.

She is a mom of 9 children, you know what no one is running any business they all work for someone. I am not saying anything wrong or I am not saying working for someone is bad.

I am saying working for yourself and being your own boss is a blessing compared to working for someone.

How many times you wanted to attend a function or want to stay with your family on some special or important occasion but because you don’t get leave approval you went to work?

I repeat it again…

Being your own boss is a blessing and bloggers enjoy this!

Be Your Own Boss

Time Freedom

Once I read when a person is in his deathbed and when asked about his last wish he said: “I want to spend more time with my family”.

Trust me, no one will tell I want to go to work, I want that promotion, I want an appraisal, etc. in their last days. They will prefer and love to spend more time with their family.

We get up in the morning, with hurry get ready and go to work. With a lot of tiredness, we return home although we want to spend time with our loved ones our body is not able to support it.

So we got to bed and again tomorrow morning the routine continues…

In working for a living we forget to live!

Being a blogger we can spend more time with our family and on what we love and feel important.

When my wife is not feeling well, I am there to help, support and look after her not for a few hours or one day or two until she is alright. When she needs help, I there to help her. Wow, is this not a blessing?

By GODS grace, my wife gave birth to a boy baby on the 2nd of March 2019. Every time he cries, every time he does a new thing, every time he and her mother need help I am there.

Watching him and being with him is the greatest gift I got from GOD and because I am a blogger, I am able to enjoy this gift.

My friends use to tell they are not able to attend the competition their children taking part, not able to attend parent meetings, etc.

This is very important and there may be 1000’s of people watching or even motivating your children but your presence will make a big difference and impact.

Being a blogger you have that time freedom!

Be Your Own Boss By Blogging

Your Blog Will Work For 24/7/365

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die” – Warren Buffet

Your website is the faithful and trustworthy staff which will work for you while you sleep. It will work for you when you’re spending time with your friends when you are at a party when you are in a church or vacation.

This is not going to happen immediately and in the initial period, your site needs a lot of work, effort and time. Once your site started to take off, you will be amazed by seeing the results.

Any business you need to give some time and work on it without expecting quick, fast, easy, immediate results.

Don’t Give Up Great Things Take Time!

Author To Authority

As a blogger in the beginning stage, you might feel like a writer or content creator. Gradually from Author, you will become An Authority!

You will become the go-to person. You already love what you do because you have built your business on your passion.

Now you have become an Authority and people are willing to take your advice and guidance. Can you see the big picture of what blogging can do for you?

Some of my blogging friends just started their careers without any big expectations. One of my friends started his blog part-time, and he was working in a hotel.

Gradually things changed now he is teaching many people how to make money online, and he became an authority.

You Can Make It Big

Many started their blogging career because they wanted to earn a part-time income or they wanted a full-time income and want to quit their day job.

With continuous learning, dedication, determination, hard work and patience you can take your blogging business to the great heights which you never imagined.

Imagine what do you think when 100 people visit your blog daily?

What do you think when 1000 people visit your blog daily?

What do you think when 10,000 people visit your blog daily?

What do you think when 20,000 people visit your blog daily?

Mind-blowing right?

You Help A Lot Of People & You Can Change Lives

My coach used to tell…

Helping people is the main thing and making money is the byproduct.

Secret To Success

For example…

I do unbiased and honest reviews on make money online products. As I mentioned earlier, I lost $4000 to scams and to products which under-delivered.

Making money online and building my own online business is my dream. As you know very well, there are many scams online and I know the pain and how it will feel to lose our hard-earned money to scams.

I have created this website with the vision to help people and you can check I have done 150+ reviews. You can see in the comments on those reviews how many people found that review helpful.

Your Passion can turn into profits and then it will give pleasure when you help people.

We Rise By Lifting Others

Thanks for reading my post!

If you are interested to learn about making money online from scratch and want to become a BLOGGER I can help you.

“The Great End Of Life Is Not Knowledge But Action” – Thomas Henry Huxley

Action is what unites every great success and action is what produces results. Take Action!

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