What Is Easy Pro Funnels? – [Scam Or Legit Opportunity?]

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Will this software reduce weeks or even months of work to a few minutes and remove all the barriers from getting started in Affiliate Marketing?

Is this a true one-stop-shop for all your affiliate marketing needs?

This review post will provide you answers to the above questions. You are looking for additional information on Easy Pro Funnels and want to find out whether Easy Pro Funnels is a scam or legit? Am I Correct?

Not to worry I am here to help you!

This review post will provide you with helpful insights on Easy Pro Funnels and will help you in your purchase decision.

What Is Easy Pro Funnels?

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Easy Pro Funnels Review Summary

Product Name: Easy Pro Funnels

Creators: Matt Garrett

Launch Date: 25th March 2019 (WarriorPlus)

Product Type: Sales Funnel Builder (Software)

Price: $67 (At the time of writing this review) + Upsells

Summary: Easy Pro Funnels is a Funnel Builder that helps you in building your Bonus pages, Lead magnet, and campaigns.

Rating: 50/100

Is Easy Pro Funnels Legit Or Scam? Legit

Is Easy Pro Funnels Recommended? No

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Below you can find some frequently asked questions for your quick reference…

What Is Easy Pro Funnels All About?

  • Easy Pro Funnels is a Funnel Builder that helps you in building your Bonus pages, Lead magnet, and campaigns.

How Much Easy Pro Funnels Cost?

  • $67 (At the time of writing this review) + Upsells

Is There Upsells?

  • Yes, there are 2 upsells.

Is Easy Pro Funnels A Scam?

  • No

Is It Possible To Make Money Online Using Easy Pro Funnels?

  • Yes

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee With Easy Pro Funnels?

  • Yes, there is a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Are There better Options Available Compared To Easy Pro Funnels?

  • Yes

What’s Your Top Recommendation To Make Money Online?

  • You can read my top recommendation below.

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One Important Thing I Noticed On Some Review Posts

Doing your research is the best way to find legit and genuine programs and stay away from scams.

Nowadays it’s really hard to find genuine make money online programs and products because of the increased number of scams.

Also, many make money online programs and product sales pages are full of too much hype and unrealistic claims.

So before buying a product, it is a must to do our research about the product as you are doing now. I appreciate it.

Unfortunately, some people write biased and positive reviews of all the products they promote. So do remember not all the review posts are genuine.

I am in no form associated with Easy Pro Funnels and I am not trying to sell Easy Pro Funnels to you.


Easy Pro Funnels Sales Page Claims

Below are some claims made on the Easy Pro Funnels sales page…

  • Reduce Weeks or Even Months Of Work To A Few Minutes Remove ALL The Barriers From Getting Started.
  • A web based app that removes every barrier from your route to success.
  • A software solution that gives you everything you need to become a successful internet marketer.
  • But more importantly it enables you to do that today. Not in a week, a month or even a year from now – but TODAY!.
  • It is a true one-stop-shop for all your affiliate marketing needs.
  • All the tools you need to compete with the top marketers on their own level are included right inside Easy Pro Funnels.
  • If you want to finally jump start as an Affiliate Marketer then Easy Pro Funnels is exactly what you have been waiting for. Easy Pro Funnels removes all the obstacles that are holding back your success.

Let’s see if Easy Pro Funnels lives up to these claims.

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What Is Easy Pro Funnels?

They claim Easy Pro Funnels as…

  • Ultimate affiliate Sales System. Cloud-based Funnel Building software, with pre-build affiliate funnels, link cloaking, and tracking. Automatic list building and autoresponder integration. Build a list while promoting internet marketing affiliate products with built-in lead generation.
  • Easy Pro Funnels is a web-based affiliate email marketing SaaS (Software as a Service).
  • Easy Profit Funnels gives you everything you need to build professional sales funnels, promote affiliate products, offer and deliver bonuses and free offers and build a subscriber’s email list – and all with a few clicks of your mouse.

To make it simple with the help of Easy Pro Funnels is a Sales Funnel Builder. Using Easy Pro Funnels you can…

  • Create Lead Magnets
  • Create Free Products & Bonuses
  • Create Webinar & Reviews
  • Manage Autoresponder
  • Affiliate Traffic Statistics
  • Affiliate Center Setting & Maintenance

Easy Pro Funnels will help you to Integrate, automate and customize your affiliate campaigns.

About The Creators

Matt Garnett is a successful Internet Marketer and Product Creator.

After selling software to Law firms for over a decade Matt got bitten by the ‘internet marketing’ bug and started making money online in 2000, then he turned the full time in 2005.

Over the last 7 years, he has run and managed over 50 Software/SaaS(Software as a Service)/Digital product launches across several platforms.

Some products of the Matt Garnett products are Next Generation Affiliate V2 +Recurring Funnel, Affiliate Rex V2, Vid Reaper Pro Lifetime License, WP Toolkit Developers Edition Lifetime, Backlink Rhino Lifetime License, Rank Hijack Onetime License Closing Offer, etc.

Stats On Warrior Plus

Easy Pro Funnels have made 100+ sales with a 4% conversion and with a 13% refund rate.

A Look Inside Easy Pro Funnels

Below is the look around on the member’s area of Easy Pro Funnels…

Affiliate Centers

  • Create Free Products & Bonuses
  • Create Lead Magnets
  • JVZoo Affiliate Center
  • ClickBank Affiliate Center
  • Warrior Plus Affiliate Center
  • Create Webinars & Reviews
  • Manage Autoresponder
  • Affiliate Traffic Statistics
  • Affiliate Center Setting & Maintenance

Start Here – Guides

  • Login & Access Information
  • Easy Pro Funnels Set-Up Guides
  • Affiliate Marketing Starters Guide
  • GetResponse Training & Guides
  • Traffic
  • Follow Up Emails (Monetizing Your Lists)

Members Content

  • Member Content Months 1-6
  • Member Content Months 7-12
  • Member Content Months 13-18
  • Member Content Months 19-25


  • Unannounced Special Bonuses
  • Bonuses Month 1-6
  • Bonuses Month 7-12

How Easy Pro Funnels Works? 

One of the good things I liked about Easy Pro Funnels is their demo video. Nowadays, there are many products which won’t disclose what the product is all about.

Without knowing what we are going to learn or what we are going to get we need to buy the product based on their hype and claims.

Easy Pro Funnels gave a clear idea about the product on their demo video which is helpful.

Although they claim the is no need for experience, skills, website, etc. The reality is different and personally, I don’t think this going to be a newbie-friendly product.


Front-End Product – Easy Pro Funnels – $77

  • Upsell 1 – Monthly ‘Done For You’ Product Funnels – $37 Recurring (24 Payments of $37 every 30 days) – More New Guaranteed Funnels Every Month.
  • Upsell 2 – WP Toolkit Dev Lifetime – $147 – 600+ Premium Themes & Plugins with Developers Rights.

Pro’s and Con’s

The Good:

→ 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

→ Real Marketer Behind The Product

The Bad:

→ Upsells

→ This software is integrated only with GetResponse and free SendGrid account so if you are using other Autoresponder it’s going to be a struggle.

→ No fresh and unique content

→ Not going to rank on search engines (Reviews)

→ There is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

Is Easy Pro Funnels A Scam?

No, Easy Pro Funnels is not a scam. You will receive the software with some helpful training. Also, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Below are the reasons why I am not recommending this product…

Reason 1 – I believe this software can only be integrated with GetResponse and free SendGrid accounts so if you are using other Autoresponder it’s going to be a struggle. I see this as a big disadvantage.

As you know very well switching Autoresponders is not an easy job to do and a lot of hassle work involved.

Reason 2 – You are not in total control

Without having your own websites I believe you are not in control of your business here.

Reason 3 – No fresh and unique content

While creating reviews with other people’s content it’s not fresh and unique content so it’s not going to drive free organic traffic.

Reason 4 – Relying on DFY systems

Done-For-You systems won’t help you in the long run and there is always risk involved.

Reason 5 – No guarantee

Read the below statement on their disclaimer page…

“There is no guarantee that you will earn any money.”

What do you think of the above statements?

Reason 6 – Upsells

$37 per month and WP Toolkit Dev Lifetime $147 are quite expensive.

I hope this review gave you some helpful insights on Easy Pro Funnels. Thanks for reading my review post!

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Easy Pro Funnels

$67 (At the time of writing this review) + Upsells




  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Real Marketer Behind The Product


  • Upsells
  • This software is interated only with getResponse and free SendGrid account so if you are using other Autoresponder it's going to be a struggle.
  • No fresh and unique content

20 thoughts on “What Is Easy Pro Funnels? – [Scam Or Legit Opportunity?]”

  1. Hi Paul.

    I am glad to have been able to read your review on Easy Pro Funnels. My takeaway is that they are rather legit yet at the same time, not the best way to go.

    I was wondering about funnels and if it would be worth paying for a program like this. You have given me a lot to think about. It was especially alarming to hear that there would be upsells and that the content would not be fresh or unique.

    Sometimes it would be nice to cut corners and save some time but I agree with you that this does not seem to be the way to do that. I also am into blogging and marketing but will save my money here. It is nice to use the autoresponder that is working best for me and I will personally stick to the training on click funnels with the program we share an affiliation with (Wealthy Affiliate)

    Thanks so much for the free guide about affiliate marketing! This has such great info I would have paid $$$ for it!!! Sure enough I will pass it on to my social media friends so they can enjoy it as well.

    One last thing, since Easy Pro Funnels seems to be more a waste of money than its worth, can you please share a link for more info on funnels that you deem to be most beneficial? Just wondering if there was anything in particular you would reccommend.

    I truly appreciate this info!

    Thanks again.

    • Thanks a lot for the helpful comment and your comment means a lot to me.

      As you mentioned click funnels is good, and it’s a bit costly if you are on a budget.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for this great review about Easy Pro Funnels. I have heard about this few days back but couldn’t decide, which way should I go. But after reading your review I am pretty clear this opportunity is not for me. Infact, by your word this opportunity is not recommended for anyone. You make everything very clear that they have upsell available although they have 30 days money-back guarantee. But your review makes me clear and I want to tell you I am interested in Affiliate Marketing instead Easy Pro Funnels. Would you like to advise any platform for further resources?

  3. Good thing you have reviewed Easy Pro Funnel and listed everything there is to know. So in short, we don’t actually need this to generate good traffic and landing page because in the end it doesn’t guarantee earning. Well, their disclaimer is upsetting but at least they are honest. I think they have an organized system because of all the content they prepared, affiliate links, and other programs and tools. But all of these can be used for free or at much inexpensive cost. I think it was more set for business rather than making life easier for affiliate marketers. They even have upsell at a high cost. It could work for other people depending on how they would maximize its use. Though it’s not a scam, I don’t see a strong reason to purchase this product. Thanks for your clear explanation on this one.

  4. I see so many of these programs that claim to help “accelerate” your business and basically skip all of the necessary steps in order to create a trust-worthy and profitable website.  While it can be tempting for any new marketer who is struggling to get their website up and running, I am a firm believer in putting in the work and creating it organically.  Great review on Easy Pro Funnels and I hope anyone considering this program read this review first!

  5. Thanks for this great review of easy pro funnels. I was wondering if it was as good as wealthy affiliate. That’s unfortunate that the websites won’t rank on search engines. It sounds like they offer a lot of good stuff and the money back guarantee is nice. I like wealthy affiliate better because I would rather be in control of my own websites and also with the wealthy affiliate yearly membership it costs less than this.

    I’ve gotten a lot of value out of the wealthy affiliate platform so far. Instead of everything being done for me automatically, I’ve gotten to learn how to do each individual aspect of my website. I think that will help me much more as my business grows because I know how everything works instead of everything being kind of a black box.

  6. Thank you for this article. It enlightened me a lot about Easy Pro Funnels and I was wondering if it’s worth the effort. Now I’m watching your topic I see that the disadvantages are more than the advantages and the fact that you don’t recommend that program there is a blocking factor for me to get started. I agree with your proposal about Affiliate Marketing and I believe that somebody can create a profitable and healthy business in the long run. Thanks for your comprehensive and insightful issue.

    • Thanks a lot for stopping by and providing your valuable comment. There is no doubt Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money online.

  7. Sites, guides and information about avoiding scams are always more than welcome on money make online industries, there are lots of scams and super expensive programs, apps, and guides giving you very little bucks if anything. Personally, I was pretty lucky and didn’t get scammed. Finally found platform and community I like; wealthy affiliate. 

  8. When a friend told me she had found a good way to make money online, I told her that it might not be a legit way or doesn’t provide enough money enough for the bills. She told me it was easy pro funnels and here I am. It looks good but those upsells aren’t really a good thing are they? And I believe you have said before that auto responders might not be good for beginners. I’m happy you did this review to add to those you have done before. Thanks a lot. Now my friend needs some good warning. I’ll share this post with her.

    • If you are building your own website and if you are a beginner before getting some traffic going for an autoresponder will not be a good thing to do. Once you started getting some traffic, you can go for an autoresponder.

  9. Hi Paul

    Before I read your review of Easy Pro Funnels I got  excited and then read your review and got disappointed. A software that can produce funnels that work and increase your earning potential in affiliate marketing would be a godsend, but as usual the hype is more than what it can deliver. I wish that sellers are upfront concerning the upsells, as there is nothing more annoying then buying something and then been asked to pay more. Not good. Why instead do the not ask for a higher price but have the upsells already included. This will be more fairer as long as they were upfront. 

    Is there any other software that you would recommend that can help affiliate marketing?



  10. Great review of easy pro funnels. It is simply interesting to know so much about this program. Seriously, I hate done for you programs, they always end up being a disappointment and the fact that I won’t have any control over things is actually a turn off for me. Though they did present a great training opportunity but then, having to rely on the same contents without any tweaking whatsoever to make it unique isn’t really my thing. Thanks for the review

    • Thanks a lot for your valuable inputs. I too have come across many people saying they are disappointed with the DFY systems. I too don’t prefer Done For You systems. Without fresh and unique content it’s really going to be hard to see good results.


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