What Is Next Cash? – Is It Possible To Make $300 Daily?

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Finding whether a program is a scam or legit is very important because of the increased number of online scams. In this review, I will provide answers to the questions. What Is Next Cash? Is Next Cash A Scam? Can You Make $300 Daily? How It Works? and even more questions answered.

You have heard a lot about people making money online and have seen a lot of testimonials people claiming that they made a lot of money (photos in front of their car and luxury homes).

People often wonder whether those claims are real and they too love to make money online and want to give it a try. Unfortunately, many give up and quit because they have fallen to some scam programs.

Why You Need To Listen To Me?

After losing money to scams I decided not to participate in any programs that ask for investment. At that point I came across PTC sites, GPT sites, Survey sites, and these rewards or link sharing sites that claim as the number 1 influencer network.

I have enough experience in working with these sites. Finally, I found a genuine business model and created my own site where I review make money online programs and products. One of the main intentions of my website is to spot scams and advise people to avoid them.

Because of the number of reviews I did (350+ reviews) on the make money online programs and products, finding a scam is not a difficult task for me.

Among the 350+ reviews, many programs are scams, some are genuine and many are legit but not worth trying because of the low-income potential.

Let us see if Next Cash a scam or legit…

What Is Next Cash? - Logo

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Next Cash Review Summary

Product Name: Next Cash

Creators: Unknown

Website:  www.nextcash.co (This is not my affiliate link)

Launch Date: 21st Of February 2020

Product Type: Scam Site In The Form Of A Get Paid To Site Or Reward Site (Completing surveys and small tasks)

Price: $0 (Free To Join)

Summary: Next Cash site is dedicated to luring you with false claims and their main focus is to collect your personal data. Next Cash is a scam site and won’t pay you any money for your effort and time. 

Rating: 0/100

Are There Better Options Compared To Next Cash? Yes

Are You Serious About Making Money Online?

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Things You Need To Look Before Joining A Make Money Online Opportunity

  • Avoid Programs That Promises Easy Money And Fast Money
  • Avoid Programs That Promises Money If Someone Just Clicks On Your Referral Link
  • Check Reviews And Complaints On The Program
  • Check On The History Of The Owners And The Website/Program/Company
  • Stay Away From Programs That Only Focus On Recruiting Members Not On The Product Or Service

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Below you can find some frequently asked questions for your quick reference…

What Is Next Cash All About?

  • Next Cash site is dedicated to luring you with false claims and their main focus is to collect your personal data. Next Cash is a scam site and won’t pay you any money for your effort and time.

How Much Next Cash Cost?

  • $0 (Free To Join)

Is It Possible To Make Money Online Using Next Cash?

  • No chance.

Is Next Cash A Scam?

  • Yes, 100% sure.

Is Next Cash Accredited By BBB?

  • No.

Are There Better Options Available Compared To Next Cash?

  • Yes

What’s Your Top Recommendation To Make Money Online?

  • You can read my top recommendation below.

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One Important Thing I Noticed On Some Review Posts

I appreciate you for doing your research and it’s the best way to find legit and genuine programs and stay away from scams.

Compared to the number of genuine programs the number of scams is more, people join the programs without doing enough research before joining and people are looking for easy and fast money. These are some of the reasons why a lot of people are getting scammed.

Even while doing your research you need to be aware that not all the reviews are genuine and not all the advice provided are genuine. So you need to be very careful.

I’d like to inform you that I am in no way associated with Next Cash and I am not trying to sell Next Cash.


Next Cash Sales Page Claims

You can find the claims made on the Next Cash website below…

  • Make $300 Daily
  • NextCash is the number 1 influencer network
  • You’ll receive a $25 bonus once you’re registered
  • Earn $10/$15 for every person you invite

Let’s see if Next Cash lives up to these claims.

What Is Next Cash?

Next Cash claims to be the number one influencer network, they are saying they have 89700+ members and paid millions to their members. They are making big statements like they featured in Forbes and the list goes on…

Often the truth is different and it’s the same case with Next Cash. They are not what they claim (breaking the suspense?). They are a scam site that collects people’s data and wastes their member’s time and effort.

By joining Next Cash you won’t get any money. Disappointment, frustration, and anger are guaranteed. Trust me there are 100’s of websites like this.

The below review video also states the same thing i.e Next Cash is a scam.

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About The Creators

On their about us page, they give fake information and lure you with fake claims but you won’t be able to find any information about the founders.

Why there is no information about the founders?

Because they are scamming people and they are hiding their identity in order to avoid troubles.

How Much It Will Cost To Join Next Cash?

It’s free to join but your time and effort will be wasted. I hope you are aware of the value of time.

How To Register Next Cash?

Below are the details you need to register with Next Cash or below are the details they need from you (data harvesting).

  • Full Name
  • Username
  • Email
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Accept their Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, & Fraud Policy

A Look Inside Next Cash

In order to provide you with an in-depth and detailed review, I actually registered with Next Cash. Here is what they say about their dashboard “This is your dashboard, the place that is going to make you a lot of money!” lol.

Below is the inside look at the member’s area of Next Cash.

  • Home
  • Refer & Earn
  • $30 TaskWall
  • Promotional Posts
  • Youtube Submission
  • Instagram Submission
  • Facebook Submission
  • Twitter Submission
  • Rewards Center
  • My Account
  • Payments
  • Cashout
  • Help
  • Logout

When you register and enter the Next Cash member’s area you will receive the below message.

What Is Next Cash? - Welcome Message

How Next Cash Works? 

As I mentioned before they are not what they claim and they don’t work the way they describe. They are claiming that they generate money from ad-revenue and sponsorship products and they the members using that money.

However, all the above statements are wrong. First of all, they are not paying any money to their members, they are not generating ad revenue (I am not able to see any ads on their website and on the member’s area).

In case if they are making money via ad revenue and sponsorship products it won’t be sufficient enough to pay $211,000,000 to their members as they claim.

Please look at the below information on the tasks and earnings they claim they will pay…

Clicks On Your Link – $2
Referals – $10
Youtube Submission – $50
Instagram Submission – $10
Facebook Submission – $10
Twitter Submission – $10

What Is Next Cash? - Tasks & Earnings

You can submit one post every 48 hours on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and earn $10 per post. You will be paid $2 for every person that clicks your link and an extra $10 when they join Next Cash.

Every 48 hours of sharing 3 posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter you will earn $30 (wow, lol) it won’t even take 10 minutes (the maximum) to do this task.

This is how they claim it will work. Just think… Are the above tasks worth the money they claim to pay? For sure not and those simple tasks are not worth that amount.

What Are The Payment Methods Available With Next Cash? 

On their website, they are stating below payment methods are available with them.

  • Cash App
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Mailed Check

Remember, the above payment methods are available but your payment won’t be available with them.

What Is The Minimum Payout Requirement With Next Cash? 

Your balance needs to be above $200.00.

Once you achieve that requirement, I guess they will keep adding new requirements. That’s what happened to me with another similar kind of scam site.

Who Is Next Cash For? 

For no one and the people who benefit from Next Cash are the ones who created this site.

Can You Make Money With Next Cash? 

No way! With Next Cash the cash you see on your dashboard is the Text Cash (just written not real) and Next Cash is the Next Scam Site on the list. Again Next Cash is the Next Trash Site I came across online (the words keep coming).

Pro’s and Con’s

The Good:

→ Nothing To Mention

The Bad:

→ You Can’t Withdraw Your Money

→ Fake Creation Date

→ Fake Payment Proofs

→ Fake Credibility (Forbes)

→ Fake Testimonies

→ Fake Contact Information (Address and email)

→ Fake Claims

→ No Owner Information

→ A Lot Of Complaints

→ Your Personal Data Are Not Safe

→ Belong To The Network Of Scams

→ BBB Warning

Is Next Cash A Scam?

Indeed, Next Cash is a scam site. The below details will provide enough stats on why I am calling Next Cash a scam. Are you ready?

You Can’t Withdraw Your Money

People join Next Cash with the expectation that they will earn a lot of money as promised by Next Cash. People forward their referral link to all their contacts and share with their family members. They spoil their reputation by doing this because they are not only wasting their time but even other’s time.

There are many complaints on Next Cash and most of those complaints are about not receiving payment from them.

See the complaints below…

What Is Next Cash? - Complaints

See the next one…

What Is Next Cash? - More Complaints

You can read more complaints on Next Cash HERE.

Fake Creation Date

On their site, they are stating that Next Cash was founded in 2008. Check their statement below…

What Is Next Cash? - Fake Creation Date

They are lying on the start date (March 2008) and how do you I know? That it’s very simple! We can easily find the creation date of a website on sites like whois.com. Next Cash was registered on the 21st Of February 2020. See it below…

What Is Next Cash? - Original Creation Date

Fake Payment Proofs

In order to gain the people’s trust, Next Cash displayed the income proofs. You know what… Those income proofs are also fake. Just now we came to know that Next Cash was founded on the 21st Of February 2020 but the income proofs they are displaying are showing the date as 24th of August 2019.

What Is Next Cash? - Fake Income Proofs

Also, those payments are not from Next cash but it’s from another scam site called LiteBucks.

Fake Testimonies

The testimonies they are displaying are also fake. they are using the same testimonies from another scam site called ZoanCash. Same image, same name, and the text (word to word). This is a common practice within scam sites.

See the testimonies on Next Cash…

What Is Next Cash? - Fake Testimonies

Now see the same testimonies on another scam site called ZoanCash…

What Is Next Cash? - Same Fake Testimonies On ZoanCash Site

What a shame…

Fake Contact Information

Like all the fake information they provided their physical address… Lijnbaansgracht 104, Amsterdam, Netherlands might be a fake one too. While doing my search I came to know it’s a house address and it’s not a commercial office or commercial building.

Email Unknown

On their contact page, Their message box is not working and it says “There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later.”

What Is Next Cash? - Message Not Sent

If you contact them via the provided email and I guess you won’t get any reply because that’s not a valid email address.

What Is Next Cash? - Unknown Email

No Social Media Presence

Next Cash claiming itself as the number one influencer network but there is no social media presence for them. Being the number one influencer network since 2008 we just came to know about them shortly and only a few, very selected, and lucky people like us know about them.

Google Plus is no more. They are asking you to share your referral link in Google plus. Being a number one influencer network they are not aware that Google+ is closed.

Poor Rating

As I mentioned there are many complaints about Next Cash and the ratings are very bad. When I checked their rating on Trustpilot I am not surprised.

What Is Next Cash? - Poor Rating On Trustpilot

Your Personal Information Shared With Them Are Not Safe

Your personal data you shared with them are not safe they might sell it to others. As a result, you might start getting spam emails and cold calls.

In case you have already provided your main email and provided the same password as the Next Cash password that uses for your email I will advise you to change it. Also, protect your account with 2-Step Verification.

For doing any offers if you have provided your credit card details immediately contact your bank and inform the situation and follow their instruction.

No Clarity – $10 Or $15 For Referrals?

On their home page, you can see they claim that by referring friends you can earn $15 per referral. See the image below…

What Is Next Cash? - $15 Per Referral

In another section they are saying you will $10 per referral. Check it below… No clarity?

What Is Next Cash? - $10 Per Referral

It’s not $15 per referral it’s $10 per referral.

Fake Credibility (Forbes)

On their website, they are claiming that they featured on Forbes and that’s also a lie and I can’t find any proof for that claim.

What Is Next Cash? - Fake Claims

Time Travel?

It seems they did time traveling to the years 2008 and 2019. They traveled to 2008 to start their company but they actually started in 2020 and again time-traveled to collect awards in 2019. Next Cash is the first company to collect awards before they even existed, bravo bravo!

What Is Next Cash? - Fake Claims

Belong To Network Of Scams

Next Cash is the clone of KashTree, tap2earn, litebucks, etc. The member’s area of KashTree and Next Cash is exactly the same with small changes. Even the task wall and offers are the same.

I have reviewed many sites on this website itself. You can find some of the reviews below…

PaidLeaf, Cash Monster, GoCashouts, ShareCashouts, EarningCash.co, Clout Pay, Viral Points, Viral Work, ShareCash, Referral Pay, Notion Cash, Swag Pay, Click4Kash, Viral Pay, Viral Market, Nice Cash, InfluencersEarn, CashOG, KashTree, Tap2Earn, etc.

Next Cash promises you can earn $300 per day with them but there are sites that promise $500 per day for example KashTree, Click4Kash, etc.

Don’t ever think of joining those sites it all belongs to the same group of scammers. Those are just numbers and they won’t pay you any money.

BBB Warning

Next Cash is not even worth giving it a try and checking. It won’t make any sense to refer this scam to your family members and friends. By doing so you will waste their time, effort and build a bad reputation.

Because of the numerous complaints, BBB provided a warning against Notion Cash and Kids earn Money. Also provided some guidelines that will help you to stay away from scams based on their analysis. Find a small part of their article below…

Better Business Bureau provided enough advice on sites like this and we need to stay away from these types of scams. You can read the BBB warning article… Here is the link.

Next Cash is a clone of Next Cash, Cash4Clickz, Money Guru, and Tap2Earn. There are many sites like this online. Read the below information from BBB.

What Is Next Cash? - BBB Warning

Is It Possible To Make $300 A Day Online?

For sure it’s not possible to make $300 with Next Cash.

You might ask is it possible with any legit survey or reward site. The answer is no. Even with legit surveys and rewards sites, it’s not possible to make $300 in one day. Making $300 per month itself is a very challenging task with legit survey and reward sites.

Here comes the next question is it really possible to make $300 a day online?

My answer is YES. It won’t happen overnight with continuous effort, work, patience, and learning it is possible to make even $1000 in a single. I am not here to sell dreams or brag and provide false hope.

To be honest my per day highest earning is $200+. But I have friends who make $1000+ in a single day. Hard to believe? Check my free guide CLICK HERE!.

So the bottom line is… You need to put in the work and learning before earning.

If you ask me, Paul, What I Need To Do To Earn Money Online?

With great love and respect, I will advise you to stay away from these scam sites that promise easy and quick money. If you are serious about making money online I will request you to find your passion and build a website on it.

If you are looking for a genuine and legit platform to learn about making money online or building your online business. And you are ready to invest the time and effort, you can read my free guide on making money online… CLICK HERE!

I hope my Next Cash review has been helpful and if you have any comments, questions, or experience with Next Cash, please share in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading my review.

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Next Cash

$0 - Free To Join




  • Nothing To Mention


  • You Can't Withdraw Your Money
  • Fake Payment Proofs
  • Fake Creation Date
  • Fake Testimonies
  • Belong To The Network Of Scams

2 thoughts on “What Is Next Cash? – Is It Possible To Make $300 Daily?”

  1. Uncovering these scams is good, letting others know is even better. 

    I think that not knowing the founders would have been a big red flag for me. If something is legitimate then they don’t need to hide.

    Not surprised at all that they don’t pay out. They don’t care because in that time the new recruits will have brought in mnore new recruits to earn them money and they get free advertising from all those that don’t realise what it really is.

    I must admit, I had not heard of Next Cash but if I come across it. I will know exactly what it is now.

    Good post, thank you.

    • True! Even they will change their domain extension or they will start a new website if the complaints and negative reviews increased. We need to be aware and do our homework before joining any make-money-online programs.


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