Is RewardsFeed A Scam? – Earn Money Sitting On Your Couch?

Welcome, To My Review! Is RewardsFeed A Scam?

“Attention, Are You Looking For More Information On RewardsFeed? You Are In The Right Place!”

Is it really possible to earn money sitting on your couch? By just referring friends can you make a lot of money? Is RewardsFeed A Scam? What Is RewardsFeed? How Does It Work? Can You Make Money With RewardsFeed? These questions are answered in this review post.

In these challenging times, everybody is looking for a change, many looking for a miracle, and many looking for an answer/solution to their struggles. Is RewardsFeed the answer, solution, the miracle, and the change you are awaiting?

RewardsFeed comes as a savior by providing new hopes on saving you from all the financial struggles you are facing at the moment. However, they are promising easy and quick money and the claims made by them are mind-blowing.

Is RewardsFeed A Savior? Or Is RewardFeeds A Scam?

Let’s find out…

Is RewardsFeed A Scam? - Logo

Why You Need To Listen To Me & Who The Heck I Am?

The short answer is… This review will save your time, trouble, and effort.

I have reviewed 350+ make-money-online programs and products on this site. I have tried a lot of make money online sites that include PTC, GPT, Email reading, Link Posting, Online Surveys, etc, and wasted my time and effort.

I have joined a few programs and lost money (got scammed).

Finally, I found a legit way to make money online and I am a full-time blogger working from home.

Okay, let dive into the RewardsFeed review…

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Things You Need To Look Before Joining A Make Money Online Opportunity

  • Avoid Programs That Promises Easy And Quick Money
  • Avoid Programs That Promises Money If Someone Just Clicks On Your Referral Link
  • Check Reviews And Complaints On The Program
  • Check On The History Of The Owners And The Website/Program/Company
  • Stay Away From Programs That Only Focus On Recruiting Members Not On The Product Or Service

RewardsFeed Review Summary

Product Name: RewardsFeed

Creators: Unknown

Website: (This is not my affiliate link)

Launch Date: 16th Of May 2020

Product Type: Data Harvesting Scam

Price: $0 (Free To Join)

Summary: RewardsFeed portrays itself as a reward and GPT site. On their site they have mentioned they have paid millions to its members and have 5000+ success stories. Amazon, Norton, Microsoft, and Burger King are their partners, 5-star rating on Trustpilot, etc. Everything is fake and misleading. RewardsFeed is a data harvesting scam site.

Rating: 0/100

Are There Better Options Compared To RewardsFeed? Yes

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Below you can find some frequently asked questions for your quick reference…

What Is RewardsFeed All About?

  • RewardsFeed portrays itself as a reward and GPT site. On their site they have mentioned they have paid millions to its members and have 5000+ success stories. Amazon, Norton, Microsoft, and Burger King are their partners, 5-star rating on Trustpilot, etc. Everything is fake and misleading. RewardsFeed is a data harvesting scam site.

How Much RewardsFeed Cost?

  • $0 (Free To Join)

Is It Possible To Make Money Online Using RewardsFeed?

  • No, you won’t be able to withdraw your earnings.

Are RewardsFeed Accredited By Better Business Bureau?

  • No

Are There Better Options Available Compared To RewardsFeed?

  • Yes

What’s Your Top Recommendation To Make Money Online?

  • You can read my top recommendation below.

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One Important Thing I Noticed On Some Review Posts

You are doing a great and wise thing by checking on RewardsFeed. Doing your research is the best way to find legit and genuine programs and stay away from scams.

You find a lot of testimonies, video testimonies, and reviews online. The thing you need to remember is not all the reviews are genuine and not written for the benefit of their reader. However, there are genuine and unbiased reviews. So you need to find the right one and be careful when you make your decision based on the reviews you read.

I’d like to inform you that I am in no way associated with RewardsFeed and I am not trying to sell RewardsFeed.


RewardsFeed Sales Page Claims

You can find the claims made on the RewardsFeed website below…

  • Earn Money Sitting On Your Couch
  • #1 Social Earning Network
  • Get $25 bonus on signup

Let’s see if RewardsFeed lives up to these claims.

What Is RewardsFeed?

RewardsFeed distinguishes itself as a get paid to or reward site. They are claiming that you can earn money with them by completing surveys, installing apps, referring friends, and promoting RewardsFeed.

The money they are promising to pay for these small tasks is quite a lot of money. The highlight here is… Even someone clicks on your referral link itself you will be paid $1 per click. The climax here is you won’t be able to cash out. Oops! Sorry for bringing the bad news but that’s the truth.

They claimed to be the #1 Social Earning Network, They are the platform that gives the highest payout amounts, they have paid $46,214,500+ to their members, having over 5000+ success stories, etc.

They are not what they claim and they are a scam site. They are here to make money from the data given and the small offers completed by their members. RewardsFeed is a data harvesting scam.

The below video is also exposing this scam site.

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About The Creators

There is no information about the owners as expected because scammers won’t reveal their identity.

How Much It Will Cost To Join RewardsFeed?

It won’t cost you any money but it will waste your time and effort.

How To Register RewardsFeed?

They don’t even bother to get your name. All they want is…

  • Email
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Accept their Terms & Conditions

No confirmation need as well. Once you entered the details you are in.

A Look Inside RewardsFeed

I registered with them to provide detailed information on RewardsFeed. When I entered the RewardsFeed member’s area I know I have seen the same member’s area many times. To name a few GoCashouts, ShareCashouts, etc.

Below are the details you will find in the RewardsFeed dashboard…

  • Tasks & More
  • Refer & Earn
  • Submissions
  • Tutorial Guide (Easy)
  • Transaction History
  • Testimonials & Proofs
  • Cashout & Payment

How RewardsFeed Works? 

As I mentioned earlier they won’t work as they claim. They are promising to pay $25 as a sign-up bonus, $1 per click on your referral link, $15 per referral, $50 for TikTok and YouTube submissions, $35 for Facebook submissions, $25 for Twitter, and Instagram submissions, etc.

Is RewardsFeed A Scam? - Earn By Submissions

Also, they are saying that you can earn money from downloading apps and taking surveys. They are saying, they are claiming, and they are stating that you can earn money doing all the above things. But they are NOT PAYING. That’s one of the big problems with RewardsFeed.

For example…

Just for installing the below apps and running them for just 30 seconds, you will earn $8. For installing the app how long it gonna take? Let’s say 2 minutes the maximum… So far less than 3 minutes of work they are saying you can earn $8.

Is RewardsFeed A Scam? - Install And Earn

RewardsFeed is the world’s top-paying website… Just kidding!

So how they really work?

Their main focus and intention are to collect people’s data and to sell it. The next thing they are doing is earning through CPA offers (cost per click). That is when their members take action such as installing apps, completing surveys, etc they will earn money, not their members.

No no no… No money for members and paying their members is not on the list of RewardsFeed.

This is how they actually work.

“And because we have no idea what to do, we just stick with whatever is chosen for us,” says Ariely.

What Are The Minimum Payout Requirements With RewardsFeed? 

You need to complete 2 verified tasks. The tasks completed properly are called verified tasks. You need to refer 6 verified referrals. Verified referrals are the referrals who are active with RewardsFeed.

Then you try to cash out and as I mentioned you won’t be able to cash out.

When You Will Get Paid With RewardsFeed? 

You will get paid on the 1st of January 3000, lol. You will never get paid a dime from RewardsFeed.

What Are The Payment Methods Available With RewardsFeed? 

They are saying for the namesake that they will pay through the below payment methods. Don’t take it seriously…

  • Cashtag
  • PayPal
  • Wiretransfer
  • Bitcoin
  • Giftcards

Who Is RewardsFeed For? 

RewardsFeed is for no one and RewardsFeed is for the benefit of its founders.

Can You Make Money With RewardsFeed? 

No, as I mentioned only RewardsFeed creators make money others won’t even make a single dime.

Pro’s and Con’s

The Good:

→ Nothing To Mention

The Bad:

→ You Are Not Paid

→ Fake Payment Proofs

→ Fake Testimonies

→ Fake Credibility (Trustpilot)

→ Fake Claims

→ Fake Contacts Information

→ Poor Rating

→ Your Data Is Not Safe

→ Too Many Complaints

→ No Owner Information

→ Belong To The Network Of Scams

→ BBB Warning

Is RewardsFeed A Scam?

Yes, RewardsFeed is a scam site, and stay away from this site. If you still have any doubts the below proofs will make it clear why I am calling them a scam. Please remember I don’t call a program a scam just like that I do my homework. see it by yourself.

They Are Not Paying

If they are willing to pay also they won’t be able to pay that kind of money they are promising for very simple tasks. They are promising huge money for small tasks because they know they are not going to pay so gave those unrealistic promises.

There are a lot of complaints on RewardsFeed for not paying and banning/suspending their member’s accounts. You are fine with RewardsFeed if you are doing small tasks and referring people to them but when you cash out they just don’t like you. Will block your account saying fraud activities but we know who is the fraud here.

See the complaints below…

Is RewardsFeed A Scam? - Complaints

Here is one more…

Is RewardsFeed A Scam? - More Complaints

Fake Payment Proofs

Payment proofs shown on the RewardsFeed website are fake. I have seen the same income proofs with a different website name. For example, see the below income proof provided by RewardsFeed.

Is RewardsFeed A Scam? - Fake Income Proof On RewardsFeed

The same income proof is available on another scam site called Spinincash. See it below…

Is RewardsFeed A Scam? - Fake Income Proof On Spinincash

Fake Testimonies

5000+ success stories? The testimonies are fake and you can find the same testimonies on another scam site called You will find the below testimony on the RewardsFeed…

Is RewardsFeed A Scam? - Fake Testimony On RewardsFeed

You will find the same testimony on

Is RewardsFeed A Scam? - Fake Testimony On GoCashouts

Want more? First of all, there is no Twitter account available for @evachomsky. Finding hard to trust…

Is RewardsFeed A Scam? - Fake Twitter Account

Multiple Domain Extension

They have another domain extension for RewardsFeed. The one we are reviewing is and they have Normally, I found this common practice among scammers. They will have the same name with different extensions. Not to worry is also a scam site.

Fake Creation Date

RewardsFeed claims they in the market for over 13 years and that’s not true either.

Is RewardsFeed A Scam? - Over 13 Years?

RewardsFeed was registered on the 16th of May 2020

Is RewardsFeed A Scam? - Launch Date

Are they talking about another site with the .net extension? No.

Is RewardsFeed A Scam? - Launch Date

This was registered on the 20th of May 2020.

Fake Credibility (Trustpilot)

On the bottom of their website (on the footer) they are displaying the Trustpilot logo with a 5-star rating but that’s also fake. They are not having a 5-star rating but 2.7 stars.

Is RewardsFeed A Scam? - Trustpilot Rating

What about

Is RewardsFeed A Scam? - Trustpilot Rating

That’s even worse… 1.8 stars out of 5 stars.

Fake Claims

There are too much hype and unrealistic claims. 5000+ success stories, the amount they are saying they paid their members, the brands they are claiming as their partners, and the list goes on. All are fake claims.

They run a counter displaying the amount they are paying to their members on their site. You know what, every time you refresh their website the counter starts from $46,214,500. Check it out…

Is RewardsFeed A Scam? - Fake Counter

The business of business was not just to make a profit but also to do good—to do good while doing well.—Tony Robbins

Just like that, they are displaying many famous company’s logo so that people might think RewardsFeed is a big company and trust them but the reality is different.

Is RewardsFeed A Scam? - Fake Claims

Fake Contacts Information

I think the contact email they are proving is also a fake one and it’s not working. See it below…

Is RewardsFeed A Scam? - Bad Email

They have also provided a contact number (+1 (831) 246-6735) and that’s the same number used by NotionCash. BBB provided a warning against Notion Cash (more on this later). I am afraid both Notion Cash and RewardsFeed belong to the same scam group.

Is RewardsFeed A Scam? - Fake Contact Number

Belong To Network Of Scams

RewardsFeed belongs to the network of scams and there are 100’s of websites like RewardsFeed. I have reviewed many sites on this website itself. You can find some of the reviews below…

PaidLeaf, Cash Monster, Next Cash, KashTree, Reward Dollars, ShareCashouts, GoCashouts,, Clout Pay, Viral Points, Viral Work, ShareCash, Referral Pay, Notion Cash, Swag Pay, Click4Kash, Viral Pay, Viral Market, Nice Cash, InfluencersEarn, CashOG, KashTree, Tap2Earn, etc.

BBB Warning

Because of the numerous complaints, BBB provided a warning against Notion Cash and Kids earn Money. Also provided some guidelines that will help you to stay away from scams based on their analysis. Find a small part of their article below…

Better Business Bureau provided enough advice on sites like this and we need to stay away from these types of scams. You can read the BBB warning article… Here is the link.

RewardsFeed is a clone of NextCash, Cash4Clickz, Money Guru, and Tap2Earn. There are many sites like this online. Read the below information from BBB.

Is RewardsFeed A Scam? - BBB Warning

Also, BBB rated them with F, and RewardsFeed is not accredited by BBB.

Is RewardsFeed A Scam? - BBB Rating

Do yourself a favor and stay away from RewardsFeed!

If you ask me, Paul, What I Need To Do To Earn Money Online?

With great love and respect, I will advise you to stay away from these scam sites that promise easy and quick money. If you are serious about making money online I will request you to find your passion and build a website on it.

If you are looking for a genuine and legit platform to learn about making money online or building your online business. And you are ready to invest the time and effort, you can read my free guide on making money online… CLICK HERE!

I hope my RewardsFeed review has been helpful and if you have any comments, questions, or experience with RewardsFeed, please share in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading my review.

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  • Nothing To Mention


  • You Are Not Paid
  • Fake Payment Proofs
  • Fake Testimonies
  • Poor Rating
  • Belong To The Network Of Scams

2 thoughts on “Is RewardsFeed A Scam? – Earn Money Sitting On Your Couch?”

  1. Thanks for the heads up about Reward Feeds, Paul, but can you give us some examples of the scam activities that you say they’re operating?

    Please don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely not that I don’t trust your word or your judgement, it’s just that when I tried to go to their website via the URL you give in your review summary, my security provider blocked it saying that it was a dangerous site! 

    That’s a definite red flag for me for a start and I presume that’s the reason why you haven’t linked to it in your review summary – a wise move on your part, I think.

    There’s also the fact, as you point out, that the owners are unknown. 

    Are you able to put some ‘meat on the bones’ of your review and give us a little more information? The alternative programme you are offering sounds a much better option.

    • Thanks for the valuable comment. As mentioned, apart from security risks and unknown owners there are many red flags with them such as fake payment proofs (I have proved it on this review), fake testimonials, fake credibility, fake claims, fake contact information, poor rating, etc.

      Because of these scam activities, I advise people to stay away from RewardsFeed.  


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