What Is AdBTC.Top? – [My Honest Review Based On My Own Experience]

Welcome To My Review What Is AdBTC.Top?!

“Attention, Are You Looking For More Information On AdBTC.Top? You Are In The Right Place!”

Can you really earn money by watching websites with AdBTC.Top? Is it possible to withdraw as low as 500 Satoshis with AdBTC.Top? Are they offering higher rates for surfing websites? This review “What Is AdBTC.Top?” will provide detailed information on AdBTC.Top and you will get answers to your questions.

There are a lot of talks going online about AdBTC.Top and people are interested to know What Is AdBTC.Top? Are they really paying their members for watching ads? Is AdBTC.Top A Scam? How It Works? What Are The Pros And Cons? Can You Make Money With AdBTC.Top? Etc. This review will provide answers to all these questions.

I know why you are here!

You might have come across ads and posts about AdBTC.Top and you know very well there are a lot of scams promising you to help you earn Bitcoins.

So you want to find whether AdBTC.Top is a scam or legit?

I am going to share my own experience with AdBTC.Top. And I will let you know whether you can earn Bitcoins with them or not.

Also, you will find an answer to the question “Can You Earn Bitcoins For Viewing Websites?”.

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AdBTC.Top Review Summary

Product Name: AdBTC.Top

Creators: Unknown

Product Type: Bitcoin Faucet With Paid To View Business Model.

Price: $0 (Free)

Best for: For those who are interested in accumulating Satoshi despite worrying about the bitcoin price and low earnings.

Summary: This is all about viewing ads to earn Satoshi (100,000,000 Satoshi is equal to 1 Bitcoin).

Rating: 55/100

Is AdBTC.Top Legit Or Scam? Legit (While I am writing this review)

Is AdBTC.Top Recommended? No

You might be aware of the mind-blowing growth of Bitcoin and many people are considering Bitcoin as an asset. So people are buying and storing Bitcoin and expecting another huge price increase.

Many people who missed buying the Bitcoin when the price was low are feeling bad and they are trying to accumulate as much Bitcoin as possible.

AdBTC.Top is promising you that by viewing website ads you can earn Bitcoins. There is no investment needed.

Although AdBTC.Top is legit at the moment, I am not recommending AdBTC.Top. To find the reasons please continue your reading.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Below you can find some frequently asked questions for your quick reference…

What Is AdBTC.Top All About?

  • This is all about viewing ads to earn Satoshi (100,000,000 Satoshi is equal to 1 Bitcoin).

How Much AdBTC.Top Cost?

  • $0 (Free)

Is AdBTC.Top A Scam?

  • No

Is It Possible To Make Money Online Using AdBTC.Top?

  • Yes

Are There Better Options Available Compared To AdBTC.Top?

  • Yes

What’s Your Top Recommendation To Make Money Online?

  • You can read my top recommendation below.

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One Important Thing I Noticed On The Review Posts

Doing your research is the best way to find legit and genuine programs and stay away from scams.

Things changed nowadays, people are doing their research before joining or buying any program or product which is a great thing to do to stay away from scams.

I do appreciate you for taking the time to do your research and trying to know more details about AdBTC.Top.

Unfortunately, taking advantage of this (People read reviews before their decision-making) some people are writing positive and biased reviews to the products they promote.

I am not promoting AdBTC.Top to you and I am not going to share my referral link and ask you to join AdBTC.Top. Cool!

All I am trying to do is provide you with helpful and detailed information on AdBTC.Top in my honest review.

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What Is AdBTC.Top? 

AdBTC.Top provides you with Bitcoins (Satoshi) for viewing websites. Work similar to Bitcoin faucet but based on my experience the earnings are a little more compared to other Bitcoin Faucet sites.

If you are not aware of what is Bitcoin Faucet…


What Is Bitcoin Faucet?

Here are the details from Wikipedia

A bitcoin faucet is a reward system, in the form of a website or app, that dispenses rewards in the form of a satoshi, which is a hundredth of a millionth BTC, for visitors to claim in exchange for completing a captcha or task as described by the website.

I do have reviewed some Bitcoin Faucet sites and programs which promise to help you earn Bitcoins. Below are the details for your reference.

Who’s Behind AdBTC.Top?

Knowing the company’s history and about the creators plays a vital role in determining the product or service.

Unfortunately, I can’t find any information about the company and its creators. Which is one of my concerns.

A Look Inside AdBTC.Top?

Below is a look around the member’s area of AdBTC.Top.

  • Withdraw – You withdraw your earned satoshi
  • Referral System – Your referral link and Details on your referrals
  • Change Wallet – If you want to change your wallet


  • Surf Ads
  • Active Window Surfing
  • Auto Surfing


  • Surf Ads
  • Active Window Surfing
  • Auto Surfing

Referral Market

Help – FAQ and Email Support

Payment Transactions

How To Sign Up With AdBTC.Top?

All you need to do is just enter your Bitcoin address, email address and provide a password for your AdBTC.Top account.

You will receive a confirmation email to your email address and once you confirmed by clicking on the confirmation email sent to you, that’s it your account is created.

They are advising not to use Hotmail, Yahoo, Aol and Rediffmail because their confirmation email sometimes not arriving to this email providers. I used Gmail and it’s working fine.

How AdBTC.Top Works? 

It’s very simple all you need to do is watch the ads and earn satoshi. People without any computer knowledge can also do this.

What Are The Different Ways To Earn With AdBTC.Top? 

Surf Ads – When you click on the “Surf Ads” it will ask you to solve the mathematical expression. Below is the image for your reference it’s very simple and easy.

Solve the mathematical expression

After submitting, you need to click on the “Start” and a new window will open in a new tab. Wait till the counter ends and says “You Earned xx (Number of satoshis you earn) Satoshis”. Then close the new tab and go to the main tab and continue the same.

Active Window Surfing – After you click on the link on the Active window surfing page, a new page will be open in a new tab and when the page loaded, the timer starts.

Please, don’t close it before the timer is ticking. When the timer ends and you need to resolve captcha, you get satoshi. Please find the below image.

Active Window Surfing

Auto Surfing – All you need to do is just click on the start. As the name itself tells you the story it will automatically start surfing and you don’t need to verify any captcha as well.

But the number of websites in this section will be very less.

Referring Others – By Referring others to AdBTC.com

What Is The Minimum Payout With AdBTC.Top?

First payout 30,000 satoshis next 50,000 satoshis to Bitcoin Address.

When The Payouts Are Made With AdBTC.Top?

You can request payment at any time once you reach the minimum satoshi. Your withdrawal will be processed in 3 business days from the date of request.

What Are The Payment Methods Available With AdBTC.Top?

You have three options to receive your payments from AdBTC.Top…

  • FaucetHub
  • BTC Address
  • Move To Advertising Balance (Where you can advertise your products or services)

AdBTC.Top Referral Commissions

You can earn 10% of your referral surfing earnings and 5% from your referral advertisement spending.

You can also buy referrals from them but based on my experience it’s not the best option and I lost money in doing that with a few other programs like PTC sites. The referrals won’t be active and it’s not worth the price.

Also, you can sell your referrals after completion of the first week. I didn’t try that.

The Rating System With AdBTC.Top

They do offer a rating for your performance. The higher the rating – the more you can earn on the site.

The advertiser can filter visitors to surfing by rating. For example, you can display a link only to users with a rating of 1 or higher. Also, the frequency of captcha at surfing depends on the rating.

  • For every earned 10,000 satoshi in surfing you will get 1 point
  • For every earned 5,000 satoshi in autosurfing you will get 1 point
  • For every 10,000 satoshis spent on advertisement you will get 1 point
  • For every 10,000 satoshis spent by your referrals on advertisement you will get 1 point
  • For every referral bought on market you will get 0.1 point
  • Lack of activity on the site for 7 days 1 point is deducted

How Much Can I Make With AdBTC.Top?

Not much! Sorry, if I disappointed you but that’s the truth. I have spent nearly 30 to 45 minutes every day for one month in order to reach 30,000 satoshi which is less than $3 (At the moment bitcoin price fluctuates).

Below you can find my earnings with AdBTC.Top.

My Earnings With AdBTC.Top

The Best thing is I received the payment from them and also some of my friends received their payments as well.

I personally think it is not worth the time we invest in.

How Much It Will Cost To Join AdBTC.Top?

The best thing is AdBTC.Top is free to join and you don’t need to spend any money to join them.

Pro’s and Con’s

The Good:

→ Free To Join

→ Very Simple and Easy Tasks

→ Paying their members (While writing this review)

The Bad:

→ Low Earnings

→ Without referring Members it’s hard to earn money a decent earnings

→ No details about the company and creator

→ Need to trade your time for money

Who’s AdBTC.Top For? 

For those who are interested in accumulating Satoshi despite worrying about the bitcoin price and low earnings.

Is AdBTC.Top A Scam?

No, AdBTC.Top is not a scam. At the moment of writing this review, they are legit and paying their members.

The reason I mentioned “At the moment of writing this review they are legit” because there is no company history and owner’s detail. Also, 100’s of Bitcoin Faucet sites are launched on a weekly basis and many disappear within weeks.

So there is always some insecurity with these types of websites.

Although they are paying their members, as I mentioned the earnings are very less with AdBTC.Top.

You need to refer more members to earn more satoshi. It’s really hard to turn it into a passive income.

So it’s up to you to decide whether to join AdBTC.Top or not.

If you ask me, Paul, What I Need To Do To Earn Money Online?

With great love and respect, I will advise you to stay away from these scam sites that promise easy and quick money. If you are serious about making money online I will request you to find your passion and build a website on it.

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I do have some other details like fake sponsor details, too much hype, etc. But I believe I have provided enough proof to help you make your decision.

Please don’t join this website and waste your time and also waste other’s time by referring them to this scam site.

Thanks for reading my review.

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$0 (Free)




  • Free To Join
  • Very Simple and Easy Tasks
  • Paying their members (While writing this review)


  • Low Earnings
  • Without referring Members it's hard to earn money a decent earnings
  • No details about the company and creator

6 thoughts on “What Is AdBTC.Top? – [My Honest Review Based On My Own Experience]”

  1. I was not aware of what a bitcoin faucet was so I appreciate your explanation. AdBTC. sounded too good to be true at first but I’m glad to hear that at least it’s not a scam (for now). Cryptocurrencies can be a dicey market to begin with, so any sign of a scam and I am heading for the hills.  That you can’t find any company information is a bit concerning I agree. At such a small fraction of the bitcoin price Satoshi’s really don’t seem worth the effort. I’ll stick with your better reference in Wealthy Affiliate, thanks for a great review!

    • Time Is Money! Although its free to join we are investing our valuable time. We earn pennies with them which is not worth the time and effort we put in.

      It is always advisable to focus on a long-lasting business. Affiliate Marketing and Blogging are the best based on my experience.

  2. Hello Paul!
    Thank you for sharing this great post about AdBTC.Top being a scam or not.
    I remember when Bitcoin hit the market and how it impacted the world, but I don’t think Bitcoin is as much profit as before.
    The good side about being free and easy to use is quite good, but I got discouraged about the pricing while giving all your time. Therefore I also don’t see myself in these types of programs.
    On the other hand, I totally believe that affiliate marketing is the key to success, especially with Wealthy Affiliate that is a free program, with a great community and training.
    And with enough hard work and dedication, you can actually change your life!
    Thanks again for the amazing post!
    Keep it up!


  3. I’ve heard about AdBTC a longtime ago, especially when BTC spiked to insane levels about a year and a half ago or so. Yea, it may be free to join, but the chances of making real good cash are slim. Like you said, the potential for earnings is low. 

    Thanks for writing about AdBTC! It just confirms that it’s not worth me trying. Maybe it’d be worth it for someone else trying to make pocket cash though. 

    • Yeah, they are in the market for a while. Instead of spending our time in these sites we can utilize our time in proper learning and build an online business. 


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