Moon Bitcoin Faucet Review – [Is This A Bitcoin Faucet With A Difference?]

Welcome To My Moon Bitcoin Faucet Review!

“Attention, Are You Looking For More Information On Moon Bitcoin Faucet? You Are In The Right Place!”

One of my mentor and a very close friend introduced me to this Moon Bitcoin Faucet to earn free satoshi.

In this Moon Bitcoin Faucet review, I am going to share my own experience which will help you in your decision-making on whether to join Moon Bitcoin Faucet or not.

First I would like to appreciate you for taking the time to do your research on Moon Bitcoin Faucet before joining and that’s the best way to stay away from scams and products which under-delivers.

My main intention is to give you an unbiased review. So you can rest assured that I won’t share my affiliate link of Moon Bitcoin Faucet and ask you to join. I am not going to promote this Moon Bitcoin Faucet.

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Moon Bitcoin Faucet Review Summary

Product Name: Moon Bitcoin

Product Type: Bitcoin Faucet

Price: Free

Best for: People who are interested in accumulating a small part of bitcoin i.e satoshi by doing simple tasks (100,000,000 Satoshi is equal to 1 Bitcoin).

Summary: This is all about claiming satoshi for free for completing or solving a captcha or doing small tasks.

Rating: 45/100

Is Moon Bitcoin Faucet Legit Or Scam? Legit

Is Moon Bitcoin Faucet Recommended? No

My friend received payment and I have also received payment so based on that I come to a conclusion this is a legit Bitcoin Faucet. Moon Bitcoin Faucet is online for 5+ years. 

However, I am not recommending it. To know the reason why I am not recommending it, please continue your reading.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Below you can find some frequently asked questions for your quick reference…

What Is Moon Bitcoin All About?

  • This is all about claiming satoshi for free for completing or solving a captcha or doing small tasks.

How Much Moon Bitcoin Cost?

  • Free

Is Moon Bitcoin A Scam?

  • No

Is It Possible To Make Money Online Using Moon Bitcoin?

  • Yes

Are There Better Options Available Compared To Moon Bitcoin?

  • Yes

What’s Your Top Recommendation To Make Money Online?

  • You can read my top recommendation below.

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What Is Moon Bitcoin Faucet?

In their website below is the answer to the question “What Is Moon Bitcoin?”

Moon Bitcoin is a bitcoin faucet with a difference…YOU decide how often to claim!

Whereas most faucets only allow you to claim once per hour or once per day, we allow you to claim as often or as little as you like

The faucet will gradually fill up – quite quickly initially but it will slow down over time – until you make a claim. So the longer you leave it the more you will be able to claim.

You may prefer to claim a smaller amount every 5 minutes, or visit once per day and claim the large amount that has built up while you were away!

To make it simple…

This is all about claiming Satoshi for free for completing or solving a captcha or doing small tasks (100,000,000 Satoshi is equal to 1 Bitcoin).

If you are not aware of what is Bitcoin Faucet…

What Is Bitcoin Faucet?

Here are the details from Wikipedia

A bitcoin faucet is a reward system, in the form of a website or app, that dispenses rewards in the form of a satoshi, which is a hundredth of a millionth BTC, for visitors to claim in exchange for completing a captcha or task as described by the website.

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How Moon Bitcoin Faucet Works?

Using your Bitcoin Address or Coinpot email (The email used to sign up with coinpot) you can sign up with Moon Bitcoin Faucet. It’s a very simple process.

Once you signed in all you need to do is claim satoshi. You can see a button “Claim Now” just click on that button. Just see the image below…

Claim Your Free Bitcoin

Then check on the “I am not a robot” box and click on the submit button.  See the below image…

That’s it! You got your free satoshi. Very simple right?

Pro’s and Con’s 

The Good:

→ Free to join

→ Sign up process is simple

→ Low withdrawal threshold

→ Earning Satoshi is very simple even a 80+ old person can do it

The Bad:

→ Low Earnings

→ You need to turn off your Ad blocker. Ad blocks are not allowed.

→ If you miss your claim even for one day you will lose your loyalty bonus.

→ Some faucets may also make money by mining altcoins in the background, using the user’s CPU.


Who’s Moon Bitcoin Faucet For? 

People who are interested in accumulating a small part of bitcoin i.e satoshi by doing simple tasks and by solving captcha.

Bonuses – Other Ways To Earn From Moon Bitcoin Faucet

At the moment, Moon Bitcoin Faucet offers four types of bonuses…

  1. Daily Loyalty Bonus
  2. Referral Bonus
  3. Offer Bonus
  4. Mystery Bonus

Daily Loyalty Bonus

By logging into Moon Bitcoin Faucet and making at least one claim on a daily basis you will qualify for this bonus. You will earn a 1% bonus which builds up for every consecutive day that you make at least 1 faucet claim. 

To give you an example…

If you claim daily for 10 days on the tenth day your loyalty bonus is 10%. Do remember if you claimed for 9 consecutive days and missed on the tenth day your bonus will reset and start from 0%.

I am receiving a 100% loyalty bonus (100% is the maximum) which will double my claims see the below picture from my account.

Referral Bonus

By referring your friends and others to Moon Bitcoin Faucet you can earn a massive 50% lifetime commission on all their faucet claims!

For each active referral that you have, you will get a 1 % bonus up to a maximum of 100% added on to every claim that you make from the faucet. A referral is considered to be active if they have made at least one faucet claim in the previous 72 hours.

Offer Bonus

You can increase your faucet earnings by completing small tasks and surveys in the offer wall section.

Mystery Bonus

As the name itself tells you the story it’s a mysterious bonus you get from Moon Bitcoin Faucet. There are no details on how this bonus is given.

Is Moon Bitcoin Faucet A Scam? 

No! Moon Bitcoin Faucet is not a scam and so far they are paying their members. I have collected payments from them.

Moon Bitcoin Faucet is a high traffic website in which advertisements are the main income source. They try to get traffic from users by offering free satoshi as an incentive. Because of the high traffic advertisers are keen on displaying their ads on these websites.

There are many scam Bitcoin faucets but Moon Bitcoin Faucet is not a scam.

The problem with these sites is low earnings. With 100% loyalty bonus and daily making 3 to 6 claims so far I made 12399 satoshis only. If I convert that into USD at the moment it cost around USD $1.08.

In order to earn 12399 satoshis, it has taken nearly 4 months for me. Obviously, I didn’t make claims for every 5 minutes and I don’t want to waste my time on claiming it every 5 minutes.

  • Do you think this is worth the time I invest in?
  • Do you think this is going to make a good additional source of income?

Now you got the reason why I am not recommending it.

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Moon Bitcoin





  • Free to join
  • Sign up process is simple
  • Low withdrawal threshold


  • Low Earnings
  • You need to turn off your Ad blocker. Ad blocks are not allowed.
  • If you miss your claim even for one day you will lose your loyalty bonus.

6 thoughts on “Moon Bitcoin Faucet Review – [Is This A Bitcoin Faucet With A Difference?]”

  1. Thank you for your unbiased review about Moon Bitcoin Faucet. I have not heard about this. I am from Bangladesh, and in my country, any kind of usage of virtual currency is totally banned as per the country’s strict anti-money laundering laws. So this is not for me. But thank you for your detailed information. 

  2. Uhh, that way too little to earn. But I like the fact that it is not a scam. Since bitcoin price is going up, I might even give it a go, just to see for myself will they pay! You interested me. But definitely not going to invest any serious amount of my time for it.

    Do you know anything other similar to this? Something like watching the ads for the reward? But to pay more than they usually do?

    • They are paying and I received payments which is automatically transferred to my coinpot account. From coinpot I was able to withdraw to the exchange I prefer. However the earning potential is very low.

  3. Paul,

    Your personal experiences with scams, struggles to pay bills, working 12+ hours for small pay, and so on really make you a credible voice. That scenario rings true for so many people–me included. Those who visit your website will feel your offer to help them build and succeed a online business is REAL and SINCERE! I believe providing examples of real wealthy affiliates making real money is good proof the program works. 

    Thanks for sharing your perspectives and enough reasons why owning an online business should be considered.


    • We lift ourselves by lifting others. Helping people is the main thing and money is the by-product. Thanks for your valuable comment. Much Success!


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