Social Studio Review – [Scam Or Legit Opportunity?]

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Nowadays, people focus on social media traffic a lot. I do have friends who run their online business only from Facebook ads.

To get social media traffic people spend a lot of time on their social media accounts. Some people appoint a virtual assistant to take care of their social media accounts.

If you look at Fiverr people are selling ‘Social Media manager’ gigs. To give you an idea to manage your social media accounts for 30 days people charge $75 to $150.

Creating content, Posting and Commenting on all your social media accounts consume a lot of time. Social Studio is promising you they can save you a lot of time and effort with their cloud-based software.

You are here because you are looking for more information about Social Studio. Not to worry, I am here to help you!

By the end of this review post, you’ll have all the required information that you’ll need to make an informed decision about Social Studio.

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Social Studio Review Summary

Product Name: Social Studio

Creators: Richard Fairbairn and Paul Okeeffe

Launch Date: 2nd April 2019

Product Type: Social Media Management App

Price: $297 (At the time of writing this review) + Upsells

Summary: New cloud-based system that features 10 applications under one roof to manage your social media accounts.

Rating: 55/100

Is Social Studio Legit Or Scam? Legit

Is Social Studio Recommended? No

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Below you can find some frequently asked questions for your quick reference…

What Is Social Studio All About?

  • New cloud-based system that features 10 applications under one roof to manage your social media accounts.

How Much Social Studio Cost?

  • $297 (At the time of writing this review) + Upsells.

Is There Upsells?

  • Yes, there are 3 upsells.

Is Social Studio A Scam?

  • No

Is It Possible To Make Money Online Using Social Studio?

  • Yes

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee With Social Studio?

  • Yes, there is a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Are There better Options Available Compared To Social Studio?

  • Yes

What’s Your Top Recommendation To Make Money Online?

  • You can read my top recommendation below.

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One Important Thing I Noticed On Some Review Posts

Doing your research is the best way to find legit and genuine programs and stay away from scams.

I do appreciate you for doing your research on Social Studio. Checking review posts is a wise thing to do before making your purchase decision.

However, some people write positive and biased reviews of all the product they promote so you need to be careful about that, not all the review posts are genuine.

I am in no form associated with Social Studio and I am not trying to sell Social Studio to you.


Social Studio Sales Page Claims

Below are some claims made on the Social Studio sales page…

  • We Will Reveal How You Can Take Control Of Your Social Media Accounts In The Next Five Minutes.
  • We will not only save you hours of work but also bring you more traffic than you ever thought possible.
  • By signing up today and using social studio, you will be able to free up your time and let the software do the grunt work for you.
  • Use Our Powerful 10 App’s All Included In The One Platform To Take Charge Of Your Social Media Accounts And Start Driving More Targeted Social Traffic Than You Ever Thought Possible.
  • The One Stop Shop For Creating Viral Traffic From The Top Social Media Platforms.
  • Schedule Your Posts In One Minute On Four Networks!
  • Social Studio is Your Personal One Stop Shop For Automated Social Media Mega Traffic.

Let’s see if Social Studio lives up to these claims.

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What Is Social Studio?

The creator’s definition…

  • Social Studio is a suite of ten apps packaged together in one cloud-hosted location that will empower your social media campaigns. It will help with engagement in the management of your social media campaigns. It connects with four different platforms and helps with managing your social campaigns.

To make it simple…

Social Studio is a Social Media Management App which can save you a lot of time on creating content, posting and commenting on your social media accounts by doing it under one roof with any features.

It is connected with four social media platforms such as…

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

You can schedule your posts at the same time for all the four social media platforms. You can manage your comments from your inbox of Social Studio. Special features like bold, italic, underline features are available while creating content.

Social Media

About The Creators

Richard Fairbairn and Paul O’keefe are successful internet marketers and product creators.

I have reviewed one of their product called FunnelsKit.

Stats On Warrior Plus

On WarriorPlus Social Studio have made 2000+ sales with a conversion rate of 14% and a refund rate of 8% at the time of writing this review.

A Look Inside Social Studio

Below you can find the details of the Social Studio member’s area…


Create Post


  • Recent Activity
  • Scheduled Posts
  • New Themes



Content Hub


Design Editor


How Social Studio Works? 

Social Studio features 10 applications under one roof. They are…

  1. Rich Post Editor
  2. Social Scheduling Tool
  3. Dynamic Calendar
  4. Content Hub
  5. Design Editor
  6. Engaging Posts
  7. Multi Projects
  8. Inbox App
  9. Analytics
  10. Chrome App

I will just give you an idea about each feature…

  • Rich Post Editor – Provides you with edit options like bold, italic, underline, emojis, more fonts, etc. while creating your post.
  • Social Scheduling Tool – Provides you with multiple scheduling. You can schedule all four posts at the same time or schedule them to go out at intervals set by you.
  • Dynamic Calendar – Shows every scheduled post that you have queued up inside the system.
  • Content Hub – Contains the preloaded content for instant posting.
  • Design Editor – You can create social media graphics.
  • Engaging Posts – Their virtual assistants are out there building engaging posts for you and you can have those get posted directly to your accounts.
  • Multi Projects – By Plugging in the multi project app you can create multiple projects under one account.
  • Inbox App – With this feature, you won’t miss messages again on your social account let the inbox and comments section pick them up so you can answer directly from the app.
  • Analytics – Analytics addon feature will help you to keep track of your posts of Twitter & Facebook and see which is working best for you.
  • Chrome App – With the chrome app feature you can browse the web and schedule your content as you find it online.

To know more about how Social Studio works you can watch the below video…


Front-End Product – Social Studio – $297.00

  • Upsell 1 – Social Studio Pro – $27.00 – Make your posts stand out like never before trending hashtags, emojis and much more.
  • Upsell 2 – Social Studio Agency – $37.00 – Add in your clients direct to the social studio tool you can manage them and they get their own direct access URL through your subdomain.
  • Upsell 3 – Spytrack Agency – $47.00 – Over 70 videos included all about making successful social media campaigns.

Pro’s and Con’s

The Good:

→ 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

→ Saves Your Time & Effort On Your Social Media Campaigns

The Bad:

→ Upsells

→ High Price

→ Need To Have A Big Following To See Some Results

→ Free Social Media Traffic Conversion Rate Is Very Less

Is Social Studio A Scam?

No, Social Studio is not a scam. You do get what they promised on their sales page and for sure this will save your time and effort.

They do provide you with some training and there is a 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

Some insights why I am not recommending this product…

This product might help advanced marketers who already have social media managers to post and comment on their social media accounts daily.

If you are a newbie and don’t have a big following on your social media accounts or you are just starting to focus on social media traffic this might not be a better option.

Just posting daily might not bring traffic from your social media accounts. It’s all about engagement and providing value to your followers.

Build People

However, you might be aware of the conversion rate of free social media traffic is very less. Because they are not there to buy your products they are there to socialize.

You need to develop yourself from author to authority so that people will trust you and take your advice or your post will get their attention.

Engage With Your Audience

At the moment (when I am writing this review) the cost of the front-end product is also expensive. I hate too many upsells.

“If people like you they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you they’ll do business with you.” – Zig Ziglar

I hope this review gave you some helpful insights on Social Studio. Thanks for reading my review post!

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Social Studio

$297 (At the time of writing this review) + Upsells




  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Saves Your Time & Effort On Your Social Media Campaigns


  • Upsells
  • High Price
  • Need To Have A Big Following To See Some Results

10 thoughts on “Social Studio Review – [Scam Or Legit Opportunity?]”

  1. I must say I’m pleased to know this is a legit site and not just another scam program to loot money from those who are unaware if it. How ever with this con’s you have given here on this post, I don’t think its something I would want to get involved in. However my interest in making affiliate marketing is very strong, so I will just follow the link here and go into affiliate marketing. Thanks for this nice post. 

  2. Hi Paul, thank you for your advice about Social Studio. I definitely want to build my own business online and be my own boss. I have  my own website, but I am struggling with promotion and google ranking.

    I already checked your free guide but will need to spend more time on it to digesting all the good information you have in there and your recommended affiliate marketing training.

    Once again thank you for putting me in the right direction.

    • Not to worry, everyone struggles in the beginning and that’s how it goes. Keep focusing on your business and provide more value to your visitor’s things will change. Continuous learning is the key to online success! 

  3. Hello Paul, thanks for this really wonderful review. I love the detailed information you have given about social studio and I just say the program appears to be a really nice one. Although the upsell is one thing that’s holding me back, the others a quite minor to deal with. If I have a really good stand with my social media accounts in terms of having followers andball would you still suggest I give this program a try? 

  4. Hello Paul,

    First of all it helps me a lot to know that “SocialStudio” is not a scam. It is my intention to increase the traffic that my website visits and I am really looking to increase the traffic coming from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter mainly. 

    I also find the money back guarantee that you indicate very good. I will analyze the site a little more, establishing contact with you in case of any doubt. 

    Thank you very much and see you soon. Claudio

  5. Thanks for your insightful review.  I was curious if you know of any other application suite packages that are more for a beginner social media marketer?  I can see value with social studio once you have a following over 10,000 on the different platforms and can cover the cost of a virtual assistant.  They always say the money is in the list.  Thanks again,



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