Profits Engine Review – [Make $263.02 Per Day In Passive Profits?]

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Many of us are struggling to get results online and that’s the reason people continuously looking for products and programs that can help them to achieve online success.

What Guy Potok said is true! Even today people are buying courses after courses on how to make money online and buying products and programs that teach about driving traffic.

Unfortunately, many products and programs disappoint and under-delivers.

The main goal of this review post is to provide you with more information on Profits Engine and help you in making your purchase decision.

I have spent a lot of time and effort researching Profits Engine so you don’t need to do.

However, if you still want to do some additional research, by all means, you can do it but I have provided enough information in this review post that will give helpful insights on Profits Engine.

Profits Engine Review

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Profits Engine Review Summary

Product Name: Profits Engine

Creators: Guy Potok

Launch Date: 17th Of March 2020

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Using Facebook

Price: $12.95 (At the time of writing this review) + Upsells

Summary: Profits Engine is all about leveraging Facebook using Chatbots and making money via affiliate marketing.

Rating: 45/100

Is Profits Engine Legit Or Scam? Legit

Are There Better Options Compared To Profits Engine? Yes

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Below you can find some frequently asked questions for your quick reference…

What Is Profits Engine All About?

  • Profits Engine is all about leveraging Facebook using Chatbots and making money via affiliate marketing.

How Much Profits Engine Cost?

  • $12.95 (At the time of writing this review) + Upsells.

Is There Upsells?

  • Yes, there are 5 upsells.

Is This A Complete Money-Making System As Mentioned In Profits Engine Sales Page?

  • I don’t think so.

Is It Possible To Make Money Within 24 Hours As Mentioned In Profits Engine Sales Page?

  • If you have a big following on Facebook it might be possible.

Is Profits Engine A Scam?

  • No

Is It Possible To Make Money Online Using Profits Engine?

  • Yes

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee With Profits Engine?

  • Yes, there is a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Are There better Options Available Compared To Profits Engine?

  • Yes

What’s Your Top Recommendation To Make Money Online?

  • You can read my top recommendation below.

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One Important Thing I Noticed On Some Review Posts

Doing your research is the best way to find legit and genuine programs and stay away from scams.

Nowadays many reviews are just written to promote the product they review. The number of biased reviews is more compared to the unbiased reviews.

So you need to be careful while making your purchase decision based on the reviews you read.

I’d like to inform you that I am in no way associated with Profits Engine and I am not trying to sell Profits Engine.


Profits Engine Sales Page Claims

You can find the claims made on the Profits Engine sales video/page below…

  • My method for making money online is fast.
  • Once you turn things (the switch) on, the money just keeps coming.
  • Complete Money-Making System that makes it easier than ever to get free traffic, hot leads, and easy commission without needing to build an email list.
  • Build you a massive list that gets 80%+ open rates without using email marketing.
  • Profits Engine gives you everything you need to start making money right away.
  • Brand new money-making method.
  • Brand new method you’ve never seen before…
  • Complete system for making money – Nothing is left out.

Let’s see if Profits Engine lives up to these claims.

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What Is Profits Engine?

Based on the creator’s words…

  • Brand new system leverages advances in technology to make $263.02 per day in passive profits with FREE traffic.
  • This complete money-making system makes it easier than ever to get FREE traffic, hot leads without building an email list, and makes you affiliate commissions day after day on autopilot.

To make it simple…

Profits Engine is a video training course that teaches you to drive traffic from Facebook using chatbots to your affiliate offers.

A Look Inside Profits Engine

The below information will give some helpful insights on what you will learn from Profits Engine.

Profits Engine

  • Thank You & Welcome

Get Fuel For Your Engine

  • Get 100% Free Buyers Traffic
  • Increase your buyers Supply
  • Manage Your Buyers Lists

Setup Your Engine

  • Engine Workshop
  • Brand Your Engine
  • Use Your Engine Like An Autoresponder

Turn On Your Engine Keys

  • Warmup The Engine
  • Your Engine Campaigns

Boost Your Engine

  • Add Nitro
  • Create Your Engine’s Optin Page
  • Create A Flow And Sequence

Give Away “Profits Engine”

  • Quick Passive Income With A Free Gift

Recap And Case Study Proof

  • Recap And Case Study Proof

Advanced Marketing

  • Conclusion And Your Next Steps

How Profits Engine Works? 

On their sales page, they claim that all you need to do is the below 3 steps…

  • Step 1 – Follow the training to get Profits Engine setup (No technical skills needed)
  • Step 2 – Activate your FREE traffic
  • Step 3 – Make money while you sleep

Just three simple and easy steps? But the reality is different the real challenge lies in driving traffic to your offers (more on this later).

Profits Engine Review


Front-End Product – Profits Engine Pro – $12.95

  • Upsell 1 – Profits Engine – DFY Campaigns – $27.00
    • Downsell 1 – Profits Engine – DFY Campaigns DS – $17.00
  • Upsell 2 – Profits Engine – 2X Profit Booster – $47.00
    • Downsell 2 – Profits Engine – 2X Profit Booster DS – $27.00
  • Upsell 3 – Profits Engine – Ultimate Traffic (Recurring Product)- $197.00 ($197.00 per year)
    • Downsell 3 – Profits Engine – Ultimate Traffic DS (Recurring Product) – $147.00 ($147.00 per year)
  • Upsell 4 – Profits Engine – Mastermind Coaching – $197.00
    • Downsell 4 – Profits Engine – Mastermind Coaching Trial (Recurring Product)- $4.95 ($4.95 for the first 14 days, then $67.00 every 30 days)
  • Upsell 5 – Profits Engine – License Rights – $97.00
    • Downsell 5 – Profits Engine – License Rights DS – $47.00

Pro’s and Con’s

The Good:

→ Low Cost Of The Front-End Product

→ 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The Bad:

→ Upsell

→ Too Much Hype And Unrealistic Claims

→ Conversion Rate Of Free Traffic From Social Media Is Low

Is Profits Engine A Scam?

No, Profits Engine is not a scam. They provide you with some helpful training and they also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

However, you can find some of my concerns below…


I am not a fan of upsells. When there are too many upsells I believe the front-end product is not a complete one and without buying their upsells it’s not possible to get the full value of their training.

Also, the upsells are quite expensive.

Total Upsells Value – $565

Total Downsells Value – $300+

Too Much Hype And Unrealistic Claims

Please read the below statements from Profits Engine sales page…

  •  I’ve put all of this together into a simple, step-by-step system so you can start making MONEY today…
  • Profits Engine Gives You Everything You Need To Make Money Within 24 Hours From Right Now
  • When you get started today, you can start getting results within 24 hours or less from right now!
  • After you get everything set up and activate your traffic, the money starts flowing quickly

What do you think of the above claims?

I always prefer to stay away from products and programs that claim… You can make money fast and quick. If you are going to buy Profits Engine by believing all their claims on the sales page it might disappoint you.


Driving traffic is going to be the real challenge with Profits Engine. As we all know that the free traffic from the social media platform’s conversion rate is very low.

On the first hand, people on social media platforms are there to socialize not to buy your product.

It is possible to drive traffic from social media platforms and make money. Many successful internet marketers drive loads of free traffic from social media platforms.

But the difference is they have invested a lot of time and effort in building their following by engaging and helping people. As a result, they now become an authority in their niche.


Actual Value Of Everything You Get With Profits Engine Today Is $2,574 but they are selling it for $12.95. What do you think of it?

Thanks for reading my review post…

Fed up of buying products after products. Just one platform you have everything you need to succeed online. No hype no unrealistic claims, no upsells, 24/7 support, weekly webinars, step by step training from scratch, unlimited resources and study materials, etc.

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Profits Engine

$12.95 (At the time of writing this review) + Upsells




  • Low Cost Of The Front-End Product
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Upsell
  • Too Much Hype And Unrealistic Claims
  • Conversion Rate Of Free Traffic From Social Media Is Low

6 thoughts on “Profits Engine Review – [Make $263.02 Per Day In Passive Profits?]”

  1. I am always suspicious of “unlimited free traffic” since it is always tied to social media posts and youtube videos.  It is a marketing gimmick designed to intrigue the reader into a false sense of “I have finally found the secret!”  Free traffic is never free, whether in time spent or actually ads placed.  The social media angle requires constant tweeking and updating.  Your review of Profits Engine is great and more folks should read this analysis.  Let the buyer beware of programs with ridiculous claims of value for only $12.97…..

  2. First of all, thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful Profits Engine Review with us. I was looking for an article like this.

    In this review, you are discussing many things in your article that I did not know before. After reading the article, I found many ways to make money that I liked very much and I realized this article will be very helpful in real life.

    Frankly, I really like this review, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I want to share this article on my social media and I think if I share your article on my social media everyone will know about it 😊

  3. Hi Paul

    I always find it amazing that they come up with such an odd number in how much income you can make. I think it is a trick to try you to think that the figures quoted are more realistic. As it is such a new program I cannot believe that much people would have experienced with it. I see they use the same old tricks of a program upfront that will only give to you the bare minimal, whilst you have to purchase all the upsells  to get the most benefit. I also think they try to come up with a name that will appeal to the masses but you have to look what is behind all the promises.

    A great review that has exposed another program.

    Thank you 


    • Thanks for your time and valuable comment. Indeed, we need to be careful because not every product delivers what they promise.


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