Over 1K Visitors Per Day: These SEO “Secrets” Are Pure Gold [SEO GUIDE]

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I built a website in hopes of building a long term business. And I did just that. I’m sure you’re here to learn how you can get that precious organic traffic that everyone wants, right?

Your in luck, this article will help!

Don’t believe me?

I’m no expert but you have to admit that it’s pretty impressive jumping from only a couple of clicks a day to over 1,000+ visitors per day with a simple website.

Many have never seen that much growth in such a short amount of time. To put it into perspective, it only took 6 months to get Google to send me life-changing traffic.

So, what’s the secret to getting Google to fork over this level of love?

Starting With the Basics: SEO and Why You Need!

Ranking well in Google is not just about throwing out content and hoping it ranks one day. Yes, I know that nobody has the exact formula for ranking well.

However, you can still do things to ensure search engines actually like your website and want to send you hundreds, if not thousands, of visitors daily. It’s called Search Engine Optimization.

And it’s simply the practice of helping Google understand the value of your website and why they should rank it high. It sounds like a lot of work but there are actually very practical things you can do to take your website to the next level.

And if we’re being honest, organic traffic is worth it.

Here’s why:

If you want to start a business, you really only have two choices: Paid traffic or you can put to use some of the free traffic methods out there, such as building a website.

The big difference between paying for visitors and getting them free from Google:

  • Paid Traffic – I attempted to run ads on Facebook at some point, it was quite expensive and honestly very unprofitable. You need a big budget and have to do a ton of testing. It can be great if you know what your doing and have the money laying around.
  • Search Engine Traffic – It takes time to rank a website. Some people spend 4 to 5 months building website before they even see a single visitors. The thing is that once they actually get ranking and seeing traffic is that they are profitable. Why? Because it cost you nothing to get a website in Google.

Search Engine traffic is extremely reliable and passive. I know people that have had their website up for 6 years+ and they are earning every single day without fail.

It’s literally the best way to get traffic and lots of it.

So what can I suggest to someone struggling to get their website visible?

Here Are The Exact 5 Steps I Took to go From 0 to 1,000 visitors per day

#1 Find Low Competition Topics

Many people think you need a huge website that has a ton of supporters and loyal readers to get high rankings.

The reality is that it’s TRUE but there is a way to get around this. It’s called Keyword Research. I use a tool called Jaaxy, and it helps me find topics that nobody is really talking about.

Let me say that again! These topics are being missed by all the big websites, making it easy for a little website like mine to rank well.

If your not using a tool at all, your writing blindly.

Guessing what topics will rank well, or gets a lot of traffic is a sure fire way to fail.

When I wrote the article Alcore Betting Company Review, I did keyword research and now I know there is a good chance it will bring me in visitors because the topic isn’t very competitive.

The reality is that it takes time for a new website to gain trust in Google and be able to rank high.

That’s why I love this strategy. I can hit the #1 spot on Google without being a big website.

#2 Quality Content

I know this should go without saying, but high quality content is the key the heart of Google.

Their system is sophisticated and they have ways of knowing if your website is actually helping users.

Things such as bounce rate and average time spent on your website is important. If people are clicking onto your website after performing a search on Google and immediately hitting the back button that tells them your website isn’t giving people what they want.

Also, if people hardly ever spend much time on your website, they notice that as well.

You need to do SEO to rank well, but don’t just make it about adding your keyword a bunch of times. Focus on making the users happy and that’s the most important thing.

Google wants people to be happy with the content that they are finding. If you can share that common goal with them, you are sure to have AMAZING rankings not just in Google but all the search engines.

#3 On-Page SEO Tricks

There are certain things you can do to give your blog posts a huge advantage against your competition. Here’s what I did:

  • I always try to add at least 1 relevant video to each article I write. For instance, I have a video at the bottom of this article. Why? It provides value and it keeps people on your blog longer and that’s something Google will reward your website for being able to do.
  • I add my low competition keywords to my article. By using the keyword tool Jaaxy, you can find phrases that can be included during your article writing process. Usually somewhere in the title and a couple times in the body of your article is good enough. This helps your content be found.
  • Add images with ALT tags. If your writing content with WordPress you can click on the images, and write a description about said image. Now if someone uses Google images search they can find that image using the description you gave it.

I suggest downloading the YOAST SEO plugin.

They will add a checklist under your blog posts on the necessary steps to make sure your On-Page SEO is good.

The idea is to get all the circles green and by doing so it means you will have a good chance of ranking for the topic your researching.

If you don’t understand what something means, you can click it and it will explain in details what you need to do in order to go from red to green! Combine YOAST SEO with Jaaxy and you have a winning game plan.

#4 Consistency

I noticed that my websites performed better when I put out a consistent amount of content.

My goal is to try to write 1 AMAZING post a day and that’s been working well for my blog.

This tells Google that your website is up to date and they will serve you more visitors. A website that hardly ever puts out content will eventually lose rankings.

They don’t want outdated websites just sitting around collecting dust as it probably wont make readers very happy.

#5 Off-Page SEO (Backlinks)

Getting other bloggers to notice your website and link to it is important. Google values this very much.

If you wrote an article and dozens of websites start linking to it, it shows Google that others think your content is worth sharing.

It’s important to not just run out and start spamming your blog anywhere possible. You will get caught and lose your rankings.

What you can do is focus on building quality links.

This can be done by guest posting.

You simply reach out to your competition and let them know you have a great article for their readers. They’ll accept your original content, and they allow you to add a link back to your website.

It’s Your Turn

I hope you got some valuable takeaways from this post to help with your ranking, traffic, and business as a whole. Now it’s time for you to get out there and start applying these tips for more Google traffic.

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