Not Getting The Results You Want From Blogging? This Could Be Why

If you’ve got big dreams for your blogging career, but you don’t seem to be moving towards them as fast as you would like, there are a multitude of reasons why.

Here, we have the most common reasons people don’t get results from their blogging efforts. Take a look and see if they apply to you – be brutally honest!

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Your Approach Is Too Vague 

You may have a ton of interests and passions, but trying to incorporate them all into your blog could water it down and stop people from coming to you. Ideally, you want one topic that you can really focus on. This will ensure your blog has the opportunity to become one of the go-to sites for people searching for queries on the subject.

The more niche you can be, the better. For example, rather than focusing on beauty, you could focus on natural beauty products. Even better, natural beauty products for those with skin conditions. Although it might seem like you’re limiting your audience by doing it this way, you will quickly build a loyal and targeted following.

Guidance On Niche Selection

You can always branch out a little later on once you have established your presence and authority on the subject. Alternatively, if you want to post about multiple passions of yours, you could build free websites for each topic. Just make sure you can commit to keeping each one up properly! 

You’re Not Consistent 

If you want results from blogging but you don’t plan on taking it seriously, you can keep dreaming. If you want out of this world results, you need to be consistent. Quality posts are key, but posting on a regular schedule is important, too.

Keep Writing High Quality Content Consistently

Sporadic (not happening or appearing in a pattern; not continuous or regular) posts will make it seem like you don’t care, and people will have less of an incentive to visit you again. Picking a couple of days a week to post and staying consistent will encourage people to come back and view your recent content.

“What makes a publishing house great? The easy answer is the consistency with which it produces books of value over a lengthy period of time.” Robert Gottlieb 

You Don’t Do Keyword Research 

Your posts won’t perform well in the search engines if you haven’t done your keyword research. Including carefully researched keywords and phrases where appropriate can ensure your posts appear when somebody uses a search engine to find something similar.

Importance Of Keyword

Make sure you include keywords in your post titles, opening paragraphs, and naturally throughout the content. Doing this properly can make a huge difference to your results and how many people stumble upon your blog! 

You Don’t Keep An Eye On Your Analytics

Measure Measure Measure

Looking at your analytics can help to give you an accurate idea of which posts perform well and those that don’t. You can then try to figure out why – was the topic a little off for your audience? Did you format them the same? Do you make sure you use headings to split up the text? Do you use images? All of these things can make a big difference. 

You’re Not Involved In The Community

Getting involved in the relevant communities is another great way to build connections and get your name out there. Aim to help people away from your blog if you can, and they could become curious and visit it.

Build Connections

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