Make Your Blog Look Gorgeous In Four Short Tips!

We love beautiful things. Whether in business or in our personal lives, we aim for beautiful things. If you are running your own blog, the chances are you have thought through your theme, and the way it looks is high.

You want to appeal to yourself as much as you want to appeal to your audience, which means that you need to use the fact that humans are visual beings to your advantage.

You don’t just have to impress yourself with how beautiful your blog is, but you want to ensure that those who have taken the time to subscribe to your content feel good about it!

You want to make your blog look good, and while you’re going to be looking to find out how you can get a great web designer to help you, you also need to have an idea for yourself of what you want.

So, with that in mind, let’s check out four excellent tips to make your blog look fantastic.

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Make Your Blog Look Gorgeous

Theme It Out

Your blog needs to have a theme, and whether that’s a season, color or decor to match what you write about, you need a theme for it.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a cooking blogger or you are talking about weddings, you need to think about a theme that makes sense.

You can go with a preloaded one, or you can get a designer to help you to make your own unique theme.

The main point is not to have an ugly blog: ugly blogs turn off the audience, and that’s the last thing that you want. 

Structure That Blog

A messy blog is one that turns people elsewhere. The size of your font, the way you layout your blog and the font colors that you choose all stick in the mind of your visitors.

Importance of Design

Would YOU visit a blog that wasn’t aligned properly? That put pastel fonts on a white background? No, of course, you wouldn’t, as it would be hard to read and not nice to look at.

It all works alongside your design and SEO strategies to entice people to your blog, so roll with it.

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words 

Imagery is something that most blogs leave out – so you need to do the opposite. Images not only make your content memorable, but it also breaks up the content and makes it far more readable.

You want to give your readers something beautiful to look at, so while you’re working on the theme, think about the way you can add illustrations. You want to balance the number of pictures you have, though, as you don’t want to make your blog lag as you scroll!

Importance of Picture

Images not only provide your readers better understanding but it also helps in better user experience.

Also, using images in your content and entering ALT description for each image will help you in the SEO part as well.

Minimalism Is In 

Less is often more when it comes to the first page of your blog. Your first landing page needs to be tidy enough to keep people reading. You want to have fewer visuals and keep the sentences short.

You know that your optimal blog posts need to be between 500-2,000 words long, but make sure you don’t shove tons of large images all over the page.

Try not to have too much crowding on the page, and the more white space you have, the tidier it looks. Ads and GIFs can slow it right down, so remove the clutter and make it look clean.

I hope this article provided you with helpful insights and by implementing the above four excellent tips you can take your blog to the next level.

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