Is Freebay A Scam?

Welcome To My Review Is Freebay A Scam?

The fact that you’re reading this review, Is Freebay A Scam? tells me that you’re looking or ready for the next level in your life. You are also wise to do some research before signing up for any product or program.

In this review, I believe I can provide you with the details you are looking for and help you in making your decision. My main intention for writing reviews is to save people time, trouble, effort, and money.

In the past, I lost a lot of money and wasted time on products and programs that is of low-quality. I don’t want that to happen to you.

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Freebay Review Summary

Product Name: Freebay


Founders: Harald Seiz And Jurgen Pulvermuller, CEO (People behind Freebay)

Launch Date: June 2020

Product Type: MLM Company In The Crypto Niche

Best For: Experienced network marketers who don’t worry about the price of the products and for those who love to sell Health And Wellness products.

Price: $135 to $999 starter kit + $100/monthly (PV – Personal Volume)

Summary: Freebay is a health and wellness Multi-Level marketing company. Their products have positive reviews and the main concern is the expensive products and the MLM business model they use.

Rating: 45/100

Is Freebay Legit Or Scam? Legit

Do I Recommend Freebay? No, I don’t recommend Freebay.

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One Important Thing I Noticed On Some Review Posts

Doing your research is the best way to find legit and genuine programs and stay away from scams. I appreciate you for taking the time to find out more information on Freebay.

While doing my research I come across some reviews promoting or recommending Freebay and many reviews are not recommending Freebay.

You need to be aware that there are biased and unbiased reviews online so you need to be careful while you base your decision based on the reviews you read.

There are reviews written just to promote the product or program and often those reviews are biased and won’t provide you with detailed information.

I’d like to inform you that I am in no way associated with Freebay and I am not trying to sell Freebay products to you.


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Below you can find some frequently asked questions for your quick reference…

What Is Freebay All About?

  • Freebay is a health and wellness Multi-Level marketing company. Their products have positive reviews and the main concern is the expensive products and the MLM business model they use.

How Much Freebay Cost?

  • $135 to $999 starter kit + $100/monthly (PV – Personal Volume)

Is Freebay A Scam?

  • No

Is It Possible To Make Money By Joining Freebay?

  • Yes

Is Freebay A Pyramid Scheme?

  • No Freebay is not Pyramid Scheme.

Is Freebay Accredited By Better Business Bureau?

  • No, Freebay is not accredited by BBB but they have an A+ rating.

Are You Recommending Freebay?

  • No

What’s Your Top Recommendation To Make Money Online?

  • You can read my top recommendation below.

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Freebay Mission Statement

Below you can find the mission statements of Freebay…

  • When you choose Freebay, you’re making a conscious decision to feel better, to look better, and to live better.
  • We’re a different kind of network marketing company — one focused on sharing rather than selling and building relationships rather than recruiting.
  • At Freebay, we don’t recruit or sell at all. Instead, we invite and share, just like we would do with anything we enjoy in our lives.

Let’s see whether Freebay can make us feel better, look better, and live better.

What Is Freebay?

Freebay is an MLM company in the health and wellness niche with their headquarters in Florida, Miami. Freebay was founded in 2004 and they are in the market for 16+ years and that’s great news.

They have products on health management and energy drinks. They are also using the MLM business model.

What Are The Products Offered By Freebay?

Below you can find the list of products offered by Freebay.

  • Freebay ORIGINAL
  • BLU FROG 2
  • FreebayLEAN SHAKES
  • Freebay LEAN BURN
  • slenderiiz
  • nutrifii
  • Nucerity

Is Limu A Scam? - Limu Products

You can find more details on their products HERE

Are Freebay Products Worth Their Price?

Products are quite expensive and not everyone can afford them, this is a common issue with many MLM products. Similar kinds of products are available at a cheaper price with other companies.

Does Freebay Product Works?

As I mentioned, I can see a lot of good reviews on the Freebay products.

The below statement is on the bottom of their website…

  • These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Freebay does not guarantee your success, income or results. An individual’s success depends on his or her own effort, dedication and skill.

How Much It Will Cost To Join Freebay?

You can join by paying $135 to $999.

When The Payouts Are Made With Freebay?

The commissions are paid weekly and monthly.

What Are The Payment Methods Available With Freebay?

Freebay Debit Card and Direct Deposit.

What’s Freebay Return Policy?

Freebay has a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee on all of its products for Retail Customers. Returns must be made within thirty (30) days of the sale.

Freebay Compensation Plan

Often the MLM companies offer a number of ways to earn money. You might ask me what’s wrong with that and you might think that’s great news.

Unfortunately, not everyone is gonna benefit from different ways (only the top level in most cases) and the compensation plans of MLM companies are often confusing.

With Freebay, you can earn in 13 ways.

  1. CUSTOMER COMMISSIONS – You will earn commissions from the customer purchases ranging from 20% to 5% (5 levels). Commissions paid weekly.
  2. 3-FOR-FREE – If you recruit three customers that order products worth of 100pv each for the month, you will get your next month’s auto-ship for free and you must be on AutoShip.
  3. FAST TRACK BONUS – First you must enroll with a fast track pack within your first 30 days to get this fast track bonus. When someone in your team enrolls for a fast track pack you earn commissions and it’s paid weekly.

Is Limu A Scam? - Compensation Plan - Fast Track Bonus

4. 2K VIP BONUS – When you become a 2K VIP by reaching the 2K rank within your first
calendar month, you will be awarded an additional $200 bonus. Paid weekly.

5. FIRST ORDER BONUS – Apart from the fast track bonus you will earn your commission ranging from 20% to 5% (5 levels) on Promoter’s first purchase and this commission is also paid weekly.

6. Freebay BMW CLUB BONUS – When you reach and maintain a 20K rank you will be paid a $600 bonus each month towards your purchase or lease of a black BMW. Or get a $300 cash bonus if you don’t want a black BMW.

7. LEVEL BONUS – A level bonus is paid from your team’s monthly product sale (8 levels deep with 5% commission in all the levels).

8. CASH BONUSES – When you reach the 100K rank or higher you get a cash bonus. Find the cash bonus chart below…

Is Limu A Scam? - Compensation Plan - Cash Bonus

9. LEADER DEVELOPMENT BONUS – When you help others reach the 100K rank you will earn a 5% commission.

10. 100K & UP LEADER POOL – Earn a share of total Global Unilevel Volume starting at the
rank of 100K. 1% of total Global Unilevel Volume each month is shared by qualifying 100Ks and up.

11. 500K & UP LEADER POOL – Earn a share of total Global Unilevel Volume starting at the rank of 100K. Another 1% of total Global Unilevel Volume each month is shared by qualifying 500Ks and up on top of the 1% for 100K and up.

12. LIFETIME CASH BONUS – Up to 1% of your total Qualifying Volume

13. REWARD TRIPS – All expenses paid reward trip for achieving the new ranks 50K, 100K, 200K, and 500K.

You can read Freebay compensation plan HERE

Below is the video that explains their compensation plan…

The above video might be biased since they will be promoting Freebay, just get the idea and information on the Freebay compensation plan.


Below you can find the ranks with Freebay…

  • Member
  • 1K
  • 2K
  • 10K
  • 20K
  • 50K
  • 100K
  • 200K
  • 300K
  • 500K
  • 750K
  • 1M
  • 2M

Who Is Freebay For?

Experienced network marketers. For the people who love Freebay products, who can recruit new members consistently, market Freebay products, and train members on how to do the same.

Can You Make Money With Freebay?

You can make money in two ways…

  1. By selling Freebay products
  2. By recruiting consultants and by building your team.

Is Freebay A Member Of The Direct Selling Association?

Yes, Freebay is a member of the Direct Selling Association.

Is Freebay Accredited By Better Business Bureau?

No, Freebay is not accredited by BBB but they have an A+ rating.

Are Freebay Products Approved By The Food And Drug Administration?

No, They have mentioned on the product FAQ’s the below statement…

  • These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Are Freebay Products Gluten-Free?

Yes, their products is Gluten-Free.

Are Freebay Products GMO (Genetically modified organisms) – Free?

Their products are certified organic and non-GMO.

Google Trending

The Google Trending or the interest on Freebay is just average and it’s going down. You can see it HERE.

Is Limu A Scam? - Google Trends

Pro’s and Con’s

The Good:

→ 16+ Years In The Business

→ Positive Reviews On The Products

→ A 30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

The Bad:

→ Success Rate Is Very Low With The MLM Business Model

→ No Income Disclosure Statement

→ To Make More Money You Need To Recruit More People

→ Expensive Products

→ High Competitive Niche

→ Monthly Sales Quota

Is Freebay A Pyramid Scheme? 

Although they have products the emphasis is more on the recruitment.

I am not going to call Freebay a pyramid scheme. It’s is not a pyramid scheme. They do have products but if you want to make more money you need to build your team.

Is PureTrim A Scam? - Is PureTrim A Pyramid Scheme?

As mentioned in the above picture often people on the top make more money with the MLM companies and the people on the bottom make less or lose their money.

Is Freebay A Scam?

No, Freebay is not a scam and they have many products but they are quite expensive.

Some Of The Things I Like About Freebay

Below you can find the things I like about Freebay…

16+ Years In The Business

They are in the business for 16+ years, that’s amazing. Once I read most of the MLM gets shutdown in less than 2 years and Freebay crossed that 2-year mark and that’s good news.

So Freebay is not a company that will vanish once you join and you can have peace of mind that they will be around.

Good Reviews

I noticed there many customers who are satisfied with the Freebay products and that’s another good news. Many people are enjoying Freebay products.

A 30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Another good thing is they have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy or not satisfied with their products you can get your money back. But remember returns must be made within thirty (30) days of the sale.

Some Of The Things I Don’t Like About Freebay

Below you can find the things I don’t like about Freebay…

Expensive Products

Freebay products are quite expensive and if you check online (Amazon) for a similar kind of health products you can find the price of Limu is very expensive. You can find products at a lot cheaper price.

This is not the case only with Freebay but with many MLM companies, their products are quite expensive.

As you know very well, often people who join the MLM companies promote the products and business opportunity to their friends and family members.

How they will feel when they came to know that the products you sold are very expensive?

Are you comfortable selling expensive products to your friends and family members?

No Income Disclosure Statement

I am not able to find the Freebay income disclosure statement. They are in the business for more than 16 years. The income disclosure statement gives us a clear view of how many people are really making money with the company.

Being in the market for 16+ years and not having/displaying the Income Disclosure Statement is not good news for me.

Since they are using the MLM business model trust me many people struggle to make money with the MLM business model.

High Competitive Niche

Health and Wellness niche is a highly competitive niche. There are already 100’s of MLM companies and 1000’s of people looking for new customers to promote their products and recruit them to their team.

So promoting MLM products are not going to be easy because many people are really afraid of MLM companies and their products.

While doing the MLM business model I have noticed people who start running when they came to know that I am going to recommend MLM products to them.

Trust me I followed all the guidelines like “sharing instead of selling” mantras.

Monthly Sales Quota

You need to purchase at least $100 worth of products from Freebay monthly in order to remain active and qualify for your commissions. Whether you are in need or not you need to buy their products.

When I was doing MLM business although I am not in need or I already have enough products still I need to buy their products in order to qualify for my monthly commission.

Many people because of the auto shipping and monthly sales quota lose their money. Especially beginners.

Success Rate Is Very Low With The MLM Business Model

Not only with Freebay with all the companies that use the MLM business model the success rate is very low.

A lot of people are losing or making very little money with the MLM business model. Only a small percentage of people will make a good income via the MLM business model.

Success Rate Is Very Low With The MLM Business Model.

For more information, you can read my post “Network Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing – Pros And Cons“.

I am not against the MLM business model and I am not saying you can’t earn money with MLM. All I am trying to say is the success rate with MLM is very less and many people fail with MLM business.

Is PureTrim A Scam? - Success Rate Is Very Low With MLM Business Model

Among the 26% of people who made money nearly 14% made less than $420 a month (less than $5000 per year). So you can see a very less number of people make money via the MLM business model.

Often they are the people who joined when the company started and who have a big team under them and they are on the top of the ladder.

To Make More Money You Need To Recruit More People

If you notice most of the people who earn good money are the ones who are in the top rankings and they are the ones who joined in the early stage.

To make more money you need to be in the higher rank and to be in the higher rank you need to have a big team under you and to have a big team you need to recruit more members or push the members in your team to recruit more people.

So recruiting people plays an important role in any MLM business model.

Thanks for reading my review post!

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  • No need to go out looking for prospects
  • No need to bother your friends and family members
  • No need to talk to people
  • No face to face selling
  • No upline pressure
  • No Monthly Auto Shipment
  • No need to achieve your targets to qualify for the commissions
  • No need to make a big investment
  • No need to buy the products
  • No need to attend meetings and bring people to the meetings
  • No need to arrange for a home party to generate or sell your products

In my opinion, it is best to invest your time, effort, and money in building your Affiliate Marketing business. As I mentioned, the good news is you can start with a small investment.

“The Great End Of Life Is Not Knowledge But Action” – Thomas Henry Huxley

Action is what unites every great success and action is what produces results. Take Action!

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