Is Anovite A Scam? – [Begin The Journey And Change Your Life?]

Welcome, To My Review Is Anovite A Scam?!

Can Anovite naturally and advanced wellness products make you better? Can Anovite products promote
a healthier and younger you? By becoming an Anovite Business Builder can you make a decent income? Or Is Anovite A Scam? Let’s find out!

This is not the first time I come across a statement related to changing our life “Begin The Journey And Change Your Life – Anovite”. This review will answer the question Is Anovite A Scam? and also provide you with the pros, cons, product details, compensation plan, etc.

Almost all the MLM companies are claiming and promising to change people’s lives via their products and business opportunity. Unfortunately, the MLM business model changed only very few lives.

There are 100s of MLM companies in the world providing people the opportunity to make money but the question is whether people are making good money with MLM companies or not.

This review will help you to find out whether Anovite can help you to make money and change your life.

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Anovite Review Summary

Product Name: Anovite


Founder: Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith

Launch Date: 2014 (website registered in 2014 but on their website they claim that they started in 2012)

Product Type: MLM Company In The Health And Wellness Niche

Best For: Experienced internet marketers and for those who love Anovite products.

Price: $39.95 per year + Starter packs ranging from ($119.95 – $299.95)

Summary: Anovite is an MLM company that sells Health And Wellness products. They are based in Lehi, Utah, USA. They are in the market since 2014 and their main product is Colostrum6. They are claiming ANOVITE products changing lives for 30 years (they are mentioning immune-tree as well it seems)

Rating: 45/100

Is Anovite Legit Or Scam? Legit

Do I Recommend Anovite? No, I don’t recommend Anovite

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One Important Thing I Noticed On Some Review Posts

Doing your research is the best way to find legit and genuine programs and stay away from scams. I appreciate you for taking the time to find out more information on Anovite.

Unfortunately, there are some review posts written just to promote the products they review. And the number of biased reviews is more compared to the number of unbiased reviews.

So you need to be aware that not all the review posts are genuine.

I’d like to inform you that I am in no way associated with Anovite and I am not trying to sell Anovite products to you.


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Below you can find some frequently asked questions for your quick reference…

What Is Anovite All About?

  • Anovite is an MLM company that sells Health And Wellness products. They are based in Lehi, Utah, USA. They are in the market since 2014 and their main product is Colostrum6. They are claiming ANOVITE products changing lives for 30 years (it seems they are mentioning immune-tree as well)

How Much Anovite Cost?

  • $39.95 per year + starter packs ranging from ($119.95 – $299.95)

Is Anovite A Scam?

  • No, Anovite is not a scam.

Is It Possible To Make Money By Joining Anovite?

  • Yes, if you are an experienced internet marketer.

Is Anovite A Pyramid Scheme?

  • No, Anovite is not a Pyramid scheme.

Is Anovite Accredited By Better Business Bureau?

  • No, Anovite is not accredited by BBB.

Are Anovite Products Approved By Food And Drug Administration?

  • No, Anovite is not approved by the FDA.

Are You Recommending Anovite?

  • No

What’s Your Top Recommendation To Make Money Online?

  • You can read my top recommendation below.

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What Is Anovite?

Anovite means “A New You” in Latin.

Anovite is a multi-level marketing company that operates in the health and wellness niche. They are in the market since 2014. Their main products are colostrum-based.

Their flagship product is Colostrum6 that claims as a rich source of energetic metabolic, growth, and immune system factors.

They promote the products from immune-tree and immune-tree is in the market for 20 years.

Is Anovite A Scam? - Colostrum 6

What Are The Products Offered By Anovite?

They offer products in the following category.

  • Anti-Aging
  • Immune Support
  • Beauty
  • Weight Loss
  • Workout
  • Pets

Anovite’s Flagship product is Colostrum6.

Some of their products…

  • Colostrum6 Capsules: 180 count, 500 mg – $43.75
  • Weight Management Pack Chocolate – $299.95
  • Colostrum6 1 lb Powder: 297 ½ Tsp Servings – $131.25
  • LimuZ: 30 Daily Dose Packets of 7.1 grams each – $70.00
  • OxyQuest: 2 fluid ounces – $37.50
  • Flex6 Fitness Formula: 180 count capsules – $67.50
  • LeptiTrim6 Daytime Capsules: 180 count – $62.50
  • Colostrum6 Starter Pack – $179.95
  • Canine6 Natural Beef and Bacon Flavored Colostrum – Small Breed – $33.75
  • Feline6 Colostrum Supplement – $22.50
  • First Milk Diet book by Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith – $16.00

To have look at all the products they offer you can Click HERE

Is Anovite A Scam? - Products

Are Anovite Products Worth Their Price?

Their products are quite expensive and it’s a common thing with most of the MLM products. Often we can find similar products at a cheaper price.

You can see some similar products (Colostrum) at a cheaper rate HERE.

Does Anovite Product Works?

When it comes to MLM health products there are positive and negative reviews online. So it depends on individual usage.

There are some issues with some of their products (more on this later).

How Much It Will Cost To Join Anovite?

It will cost you $39.95 per year. apart from that, there are 3 starter packs available.

  • Wellness Pack ($119.95)
  • Inch Loss Pack ($199.95)
  • Total Health Pack ($299.95)

Is Anovite A Scam? - Joining Price

Anovite Compensation Plan

With many MLM companies, their compensation plans are often confusing and difficult to understand you need to have a separate degree to understand it completely lol. To be honest I too struggle to understand it and I will try my best to make it simple for you.

There is one reason why the MLM compensation plans are so complicated and the reason is called Complexity Bias (making things complicated wantedly).

As an Anovite Associate, you can earn in 13 different ways. The question is whether you can earn from all the 13 different ways. In most cases, only a very few people qualify for all the different money-making opportunities that MLM companies provide.

  1. Retail Bonus
  2. First-Order Bonus
  3. Customer Advantage Bonus
  4. Smartship Advantage Program
  5. Fast-Start Bonuses
  6. Fast-Start Mentor Bonus
  7. Team Bonuses
  8. Matching Team Bonuses
  9. Rank Advancement Bonuses
  10. Car/Lifestyle Bonuses
  11. Ruby Executive Pool
  12. Emerald Executive Pool
  13. Diamond Executive Pool

Retail Bonus – You can purchase their products at the wholesale price and you can sell them at the retail price. The difference between the wholesale price and the retail price is your profit.

First-Order Bonus – When your customer or associate places his/her first order you earn 25% of the purchase price of the first order. In order to qualify for this bonus, you need to be an active associate.

Customer Advantage Bonus – Whenever your customer purchase products the associated Bonus Volume is placed into the pay-leg.

Smartship Advantage Program – When you maintain a Smartship you will get credits and you can use those credits to receive free products.

Fast-Start Bonuses – From your personally enrolled associates, you can earn a one-time-only fast-start bonus which is $75 or $150.

Fast-Start Mentor Bonus – The active enroller of the enroller earns a Fast-Start mentor bonus of $24 or $25.

Team Bonuses – Active associates receive a binary commission of $25 for the first two 100 BV cycles of lesser leg volume. And additionally, $10 on all 100 BV cycles beyond the first two every week.

Matching Team Bonuses – When you reach the rank of Director or above you will earn up to 10% match on team bonuses.

Rank Advancement Bonuses – You get this bonus for one time when you attain new ranks from Gold Director to Black Diamond Executive.

Car/Lifestyle Bonuses – You will earn $100 per week up to $375 per week to the rank holders from Bronze Director and above.

Is Anovite A Scam? Car/Lifestyle Bonuses

Ruby Executive Pool – 1% of the total BV for the week to be shared proportionally.

Emerald Executive Pool – 1% of the total BV for the week to be shared proportionally.

Diamond Executive Pool – 1% of the total BV for the week to be shared proportionally.

You can read the compensation plan HERE

Below is the video that explains their business opportunity…


Below you can find the ranks with Anovite.

  • Associate (A)
  • Senior Associate (SRA)
  • Star Associate (STA)
  • Two Star Associate (TSA)
  • Director (D)
  • Bronze Director (BD)
  • Silver Director (SD)
  • Gold Director (GD)
  • Executive (E)
  • Ruby Executive (RE)
  • Emerald Executive (EE)
  • Diamond Executive (DE)
  • Double Diamond Executive (DDE)
  • Triple Diamond Executive (TDE)
  • Black Diamond Executive (BDE)

Is Anovite A Scam? - Rank Requirements

Who Is Anovite For?

For experienced network marketers. For the people who love Anovite, who can recruit new members consistently, market Anovite products and train members how to do the same

How Can I Make Money With


You can make money in two ways…

1. By selling their Anovite products
2. By recruiting Independent Consultant and by building your team.

Is Anovite A Member Of Direct Selling Association?

I am not able to find their company name on the website.

Is Anovite Accredited By Better Business Bureau?

No, Anovite is not accredited by BBB and they are not rated by BBB.

Are Anovite Products Approved By Food And Drug Administration?

No, products are not approved by the FDA. Read their statement below…

  • These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Anovite Lawsuits And Complaints

I read some not-so-good information from Environmental Research Center. You can find the below information that states some of the Anovite products contains lead in it.

The products that are the subject of this notice and the chemicals in those products identified as exceeding allowable levels are:

  1. Anovite LeptiTrim6 Weight-Loss Supplement Creamy Chocolate Shake – Lead
  2. Anovite LeptiTrim6 Weight-Loss Supplement Creamy Vanilla Shake – Lead
  3. Anovite LimuZ6 Youthful Supplement – Lead, Arsenic (inorganic arsenic compounds)
  4. Anovite Lepti Trim6 DayTime Weight-Loss Supplement – Lead

You can find more details (6 page PDF) HERE.

Google Trending

The Google Trending or the interest on Anovite is just average. You can see it HERE

Pro’s and Con’s

The Good:

→ In The Market For 5+ Years

→ Low Start-Up Fee

→ 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The Bad:

→ No Income Disclosure Statement

→ Lead In Some Products

→ Success Rate Is Very Low With The MLM Business Model

→ Monthly Sales Requirements (50 Business Volume)

→ To Make More Money You Need To Recruit More People

→ Selling MLM Products Is Not easy – Expensive Products

Is Anovite A Pyramid Scheme? 

No, Anovite is not a pyramid scheme and they do have a wide range of products with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Is Anovite A Scam? - Is Anovite A Pyramid Scheme?

Is Anovite A Scam?

No, Anovite is not a scam. They have a wide range of products and provide you with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

However, you can find some of my concerns below.

No Income Disclosure Statement

They are in the market for more than 5+ years but I am not able to find their Income Disclosure Statement and this is not good news.

Based on the Income Disclosure Statement only we will be able to know how many people are making how much money with them (on average).

We are not able to get their Income Disclosure Statement here. However, based on my experience I can say that a lot of people lose their money with the MLM business model instead of making money (proof below, continue reading).

Lead In Some Products

As I mentioned before some of their products might contain lead more than the allowed percentage. I have provided the source and if you want you can read it HERE.

Monthly Sales Requirements

I hate monthly sales targets when I was doing an MLM business. Whether we are in need or not and whether we are able to sell it or not we need to buy the required sales volume otherwise we won’t be eligible for the bonus or earnings.

Anovite has a sales requirement of 50-100 Business Volume per month based on your rank.

Selling MLM Products Is Not Easy

As I mentioned some of the similar kinds of products are cheaper compared to Anovite rates. By just doing a quick search on Amazon you can find it. Based on my experience, I often noticed that most of the MLM company products are quite expensive.

On the other hand, selling MLM products and opportunities is really a challenging task because of some bad reputation created by some MLM companies in the past.

The majority of the people are really afraid of MLM products and business opportunities.

Success Rate Is Very Low With The MLM Business Model

For sure Anovite is not a scam. They use the MLM business model and even with the popular and genuine MLM companies many people are earning very little and losing money.

Only very few people make good money with the MLM business model. That’s the reason I often say the success rate is very low with the MLM business model. Newbies and people on the bottom of the ladder lose their money.

Not only with Anovite with the companies that are using the MLM business model the success rate is very low.

For more information, you can read my post “Network Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing – Pros And Cons“.

I am not against the MLM business model and I am not saying you can’t earn money with MLM. All I am trying to say is the success rate with MLM is very less and many people fail with MLM business.

Is Univera A Scam? - Success Rate Is Very Low With MLM Business Model

Among the 26% of people who made money nearly 14% made less than $420 a month (less than $5000 per year). So you can see a very less number of people make money via the MLM business model.

Often they are the people who joined when the company started and who have a big team under them and they are on the top of the ladder.

To Make More Money You Need To Recruit More People

To make more money you need to be in the higher rank and to be in the higher rank you need to have a big team under you and to have a big team you need to recruit more members or push the members in your team to recruit more people.

So recruiting people plays an important role in any MLM business model.

Thanks for reading my review post!

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  • No need to bother your friends and family members
  • No need to talk to people
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  • No upline pressure
  • No need to achieve your targets to qualify for the commissions
  • No need to make a big investment
  • No need to buy the products
  • No need to attend meetings and bring people to the meetings
  • No need to arrange for a home party to generate or sell your products

In my opinion, it is best to invest your time, effort, and money in building your Affiliate Marketing business. As I mentioned, the good news is you can start with a small investment.

“The Great End Of Life Is Not Knowledge But Action” – Thomas Henry Huxley

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  • In The Market For 5+ Years
  • Low Start Up Fee
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • No Income Disclosure Statement
  • Lead In Some Products
  • Success Rate Is Very Low With The MLM Business Model

4 thoughts on “Is Anovite A Scam? – [Begin The Journey And Change Your Life?]”

  1. Heloo there,

    Thanks for this amazing review on anovite, th occurrence of this global pandemic has ripped people off thier jobs and ways of earnings. Online jobs are one of the most reliable and trusted means of earning. Anovite is really fascinating,it’s features are nice and it’s not a scam really but I find it not worth spending time and resources on because, the cons are more than the pros and also for the fact that it’s not accredited by BBB, but their products are nice.

    • For a business opportunity, Anovite missing many pieces. As I mentioned, success is rare with the MLM business model. You can try their products if you wish.

  2. Thanks for the article.  Do Anovite have any clinical data to support their product claims?  I know firms may use personal stories/anecdotes about people finding health benefits but it would be great to see regulatory approved scientific data to back up claims.

    Also, if you were to give your no.1 tip to be a successful blogger – what would it be?  It’s something I am starting out on and would appreciate your thoughts.

    • Their products are not approved by the FDA and the founder himself is a doctor and a person with deep knowledge on the subject. Their clinical data suggest that first-milking colostrum is a treatment for successful resolution of chronic pain and fibromyalgia. You read the PDF here.

      You can read my free guide and I have provided detailed and in-depth information. It will be a greater help to the beginners.


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