Chatbot: The New Age Salesperson

Before we talk about why Chatbot is important for e-commerce, it’s very important to know what is a Chatbot.

“Chatbot” is a new innovation, designed to simplify and streamline the interaction between machine and human over the internet. Chatbot is called Virtual Assistance which is powered by artificial intelligence.

Basically, it is a software program that simulates a conversation with the human user over the internet in a natural language through a mobile application, website, messaging application or even through the telephone.

Presently, Chatbot Artificial Intelligence is being used in various industries, such as Weather, E-commerce, Grocery, News, Life Advice, Finance among others to streamline their business process and keep their customers satisfied.

If you run an online store, then you would know for a fact that you can never expect a customer to be patient. Customers get frustrated when their call is placed on hold for too long or their question is not answered. 

Chatbot offers proactive and instant customer support and supercharges the customer service experience.  Chatbot helps to drive success and grow your business. This is an affiliate contributed post. That means that Paul did not write the entire post.

Why go for Chatbot in Ecommerce

  1. Cut down on operational costs: Hiring and training new employees will cost you more than it does making a chatbot. Of course, nothing can replace human empathy. The key rise in combining human talent and intuitive response with Artificial Intelligence to enhance your customer experience.
  2. Generate More Leads/ Increase Sales: Generating leads through social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other sites is a common practice. But have you thought of using Chatbots to generate leads or increase your sales? Well, it works better than you think. Its work 24X7 and it is an excellent tool for addressing frequently asked questions on your site. The real time response it gives to your customer helps you establish a better connect.  It also helps you collect information about your customers and convert visitors into leads.
  3. 24-hour customer support – Chatbot gives 24×7 customer support. It boosts customer’s experience and increases customer engagement.
  4. Minimize Shopping Cart Abandonment – Chatbot can reduce the shopping cart abandonment by sending push notifications regarding unfinished purchases to the customer and tracking the records.  This increases the possibility of reminding the customer of unfinished purchases and offering a discount to encourage them to finish the purchase.  The results are visible in increased sales.
  5. Keep Your Customer Update About New Arrivals – As per the customer’s interest or behavior, chatbot sends your customers notifications about products and services, new launches, discounts, etc.  

Chatbot is the new age salesperson who engages your customers, tracks their user behavior, responds to queries, tracks cart abandonments and sends push notifications – all in a bid to help you be where you cannot physically. You rely on your Chatbot to attend to your customers 24×7.

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