Will AI Replace Creative Professionals in the Near Future?

The specter of AI content has been hovering over the content industry for the last few years. Content writers and creative professionals have been hoping that AI progress is slow at best, but recently, new tools have emerged that seem to match most human-generated content.

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Key Takeaways: AI Content

  • AI content is a technology that compiles existing data to create new online content. 
  • AI content has come a long way, but human-generated content still has the upper hand. 
  • Chances are AI content will exist alongside human content and change content quality.

What is AI Content?

AI content is a form of generative AI. This technology processes available data and transforms it into new content based on its input criteria. Currently, AI platforms for content writing are Jasper and ChatGPT. AI content has improved significantly and includes the best safari ad blocker

But question marks remain. How effective is AI content, and is it better than human-generated copywriting? According to experts, human-generated content is safe for now because it can offer something the machines can’t, a level of emotionality and genuine audience connection.

Will AI Replace Creative Professionals in the Near Future? - AI Content

AI Content Creation

Generative content uses a set of algorithms to process large quantities of data from across the internet and deliver writing that matches the input. ChatGPT, for example, is a chatbot for content. The system allows you to ask a question or give a command, then creates content

The latest AI content is pretty good by most measures. The sentences are well constructed, the narratives are logical and progressive, and the word choice is intelligent, but it does fall down in places, especially when it comes to facts. AI content still needs to be proofed and fact-checked.

Will AI Replace Creative Professionals in the Near Future? - AI Content Creation

AI Quality Issues

Since search engines rank content based on quality and relevance, AI-generated content may not be effective for search engine optimization. Because AI content uses existing data in a logical way, it simply reconstitutes what’s available on the internet, never adding anything new.

These quality issues are a major spanner in the works for AI content, preventing it from really competing with human-generated work that is more audience-focused, personalized, reliable, and effective. The search engine is looking for content that speaks to real people, not machines.

Human Advantages

Human-generated content is written for people, not search engines, which is exactly what the search engine is looking for. On the other hand, AI content is created by scraping together existing content so that articles are superficial. They lack details and tend to be overlooked.

AI Lacks Creativity!

“There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.” —Edward de Bono

Although AI content is still relatively ineffective in the grand scheme of content creation, there’s no doubt it has improved in recent times. The improvements will also continue and change the way content is created in the future. Human content generation will have to use its advantages.

Final Thoughts

AI content can’t stand on its own, at least for the time being. AI content is pretty good if you need some superficial filler for your website, but it tends to be overlooked by search engines in favor of more unique and trustworthy sources. Content creators will probably use a mixture.

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