What Is Riserr – Riserr Review

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In this review post “What Is Riserr – Riserr Review” you will get answers to the below questions…

What Is Riserr ?

Is Riserr A Scam?

How Riserr Really Works?

Is It Possible To Make Money With Riserr?

Is it really possible to earn $80-$100 Per Day as claimed in Riserr?

There are hundreds of make money products launched online every day and people finding it hard which one is genuine and which one is a scam. 1000’s of products promising you to teach a brand new method and help you to make money easily within minutes. Although some products are not the scam those products are not the best one to buy. So one of the main reasons for writing this review post “What Is Riserr – Riserr Review” is to help you in saving your time, effort, money, and to give you a clear picture on Riserr.

What Is Riserr - Riserr Review

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One Important Thing I Noticed On The Review Posts

Doing your research is the best way to find legit and genuine programs and stay away from scams.

While doing my research I use to come across many sites often in their review posts they say “Highly Recommended” for many programs and on the other hand, few sites always say “Not Recommended” to all the programs except the one they promote.

There are many scam products online but there are legit products as well. But the main thing is not all the legit programs are the best one to go with because there are a lot of better opportunities available as well. Also, not all the legit program fulfill their claims on their sales page. So what I would advise you is to go for the very best genuine products.

Also, in many sites, the review post is just the duplication of the review products sales page I am shocked and wondered what is the use of that anyhow we can find the same information on the sales page??? Yes, we need to use the information from their sales page on our review to quote “What they say” and “What they offer” etc but not just the duplication of their sales page. We need to add more value to our reviews to help our readers.


What Is Riserr – Riserr Review

In this review post “What Is Riserr – Riserr Review” you will learn about… What Is Riserr , Riserr’s Pros & Cons, Who is Riserr for, Pricing of Riserr, A Look Inside Riserr, How Riserr works, Bonuses, Is Riserr a scam, Riserr support, Affiliate program, etc.,

Riserr Review

My main intention to write this post is to give you enough information on Riserr. So that after reading my review post you will get a clear idea whether to buy Riserr or not. Also, you will find out if there is any better option compared to Riserr.

On Warrior+

According to Warrior+, Riserr Launch date 25th of May 2018, 1000+ sales with a conversion rate of 8% and a refund rate of 12%.


Name: Riserr

Website Info: www.artofmarketing.academy/riserr/

Price: $12.41 (Price keep on increasing)

Author: Mr. Art Flair

Overall Rank: 60 out of 100

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What Is Riserr? 

On their sales page, you won’t get a clear picture of Riserr and what you are going to learn from it. Without knowing what actually you are going to learn (do) you need to purchase this product. It won’t make sense if I just purchase a product without knowing anything (What I need to do, will that suit me, Is that possible for me, Am I interested in doing what is taught, etc).

So what is Riserr? To make it simple, Its a video training course about creating gigs and Selling them on Fiverr and other sites.

Who Is Riserr For? 

Riserr is for newbies who are interested to earn money online. And if you are already online for a while or trying to make money online you would have already come across Fiverr, Upwork, Canva, People per hour, etc.

Who Is Mr. Art Flair

Mr. Art Flair is an online marketer and previously a Fiverr Seller. He launched many online products on making money online. In his products and programs he shares his experience and how he earns money online. He is the founder of the Art of marketing blog where you find helpful information on making money online.

Other Products Of Mr. Art Flair

Mr. Art Flair is quite busy in launching new products often and he already launched many products. Here are the names of the few Art Flair products…

MEME-O-MATIC, Postly, Flipp Me, Secretly, Snaply, Traffic Titan, Rapid Profit Ninja, Slick CPA Profits, Incomely, Slick Daily Profits, Outsourcers Bible, Meme Traffic Monster, Newbie Traffic Formula, FB Traffic Enigma, Kindle Passive Income, $1 Fiverr Cash Flow, Passive Profits Breakthrough, 6 Minute Profits, Magic Article Rewriter, 5 DONE FOR YOU Campaigns, Easy Profit Secrets, FB Traffic Hack, 5rr Cash Loophole, Tube Traffic Avalanche, Insane 5rr Profits, Targeted Traffic Cash Surge, Simple Profits System, Rapid Niche Profits etc., And the list goes on… What do you think about Art Flair launching these many products? Is it a positive or negative?

Riserr Overview

Riserr is not a scam. It does provide some valuable information for its buyers and by implementing what you learned from Riserr you can earn money online. But I doubt whether it’s possible to make $80 – $100 per day???

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1  Video Training is easy to understand and step by step walk-through.

PRO #2  No technical skills required- you don’t need to be technically savvy.

PRO #3  100% 30 days Money back guarantee.

The Bad:

CON #1 Upsells.

CON #2 I doubt whether $111.46 per post is possible for everyone???

CON #3 Too much hype is given for Riserr.

CON #4 Fast and Easy Money Method –  Like “It’s PROVEN and it will put $80 – $100 per day in your pocket with just a small amount of work each day, Easy “Money Maker”, You don’t need any tech skills to do this… If you can “copy and paste” you’ve got everything you need” I am sorry and I am afraid of these easy and quick money statements. (I do have friends real people who help me and guide me in my business who earn $2000 to $3000+ a month they all are working for 8+ hours or at the least 4+ hours)

I am not saying earning money say for example $1000 or $2000 or $3000 is not possible. It’s possible but it will take time and work for newbies. Only experienced internet marketers can make money immediately (But they have invested a lot of time and effort when they started).

A Look Inside Riserr

A quick overview right now sounds like a good idea so you can see what you will be learning. Riserr consists of 10 video training, 2 bonus videos, and 2 bonus files. They are…

Riserr Video 1 (3.31 Minutes) – What’s The Story?
Riserr Video 2 (3.30 Minutes) – What Did I Discover?
Riserr Video 3 (3.41 Minutes) – What are we doing?
Riserr Video 4 (4.03 Minutes) – Account Creation
Riserr Video 5 (13.47 Minutes) – Gig Creation
Riserr Video 6 (6.30 Minutes) – Delivery
Riserr Video 7 (9.36 Minutes) – Your Upsells
Riserr Video 8 (4.49 Minutes) – Delivery & Promotion
Riserr Video 9 (7.09 Minutes) – More Marketplaces
Riserr Video 10 (3.33 Minutes) – More Sites

2 Bonus Files

  • Sample Headline, Description and Tags
  • List of 36 free classified ads sites.

Hope the above information gives you an idea of what you will learn from Riserr.

How Riserr Works

Riserr teaches about creating an account with Fiverr, creating your gigs (Offers or orders) with the help of canvas and promoting it etc.,


With Riserr you will also get three bonuses to help in your success. They are…

  • BONUS 1: FREE LIVE WORKSHOP – You’ll be invited to their closed-door webinar only for customers of Riserr where you’ll discover how to consistently earn a job replacing the income of $4000 per day or MORE…
  • BONUS 2: MASTERMIND GROUP  – You’ll get access to their Private Mastermind Group where you can network with them and learn many of their secrets at no extra cost to you…
  • BONUS 3: SECRET BONUS – This one is a surprise!

Riserr Price And Upsell’s

$12.41 (At the time I am writing this review post) Front End product – Video Training + All Bonuses
OTO1 is a $27 is Advanced Training + Ranking Formula.
OTO1 DS is a $17 is Advanced Training + Ranking Formula Lite version.
OTO2 is a $37 Done-For-You Pack & Case Studies.
OTO2 DS is a $27 Done-For-You Pack & Case Studies Lite version.
OTO3 is a $47-$67 Reseller’s Licence.
OTO4 is a $97 Group Coaching.

What Is Riserr - Riserr Review

Riserr Affiliate Program

Riserr offers an awesome affiliate program with great commission.

Affiliate Benefits

– 100% commission on the front-end product.

– 50% commission on all upsells and downsells.

– Email Swipes.

Riserr Support 

Riserr provides good customer support and you can contact them via email.

Riserr Tools And Training

Riserr tools are easy to use and free. And the video training provided is useful and easy to understand.

My Final Opinion of Riserr

Riserr is a legit program and it is not a scam but there are better programs available. Buying Riserr you will get valuable information to start your online career if you are a newbie but it’s not complete. But as I mentioned above the product is overhyped…

Also, I don’t see any new software that will help us to make money as they claim on their sales page “Discover This Little-Known FREE Software That Generates $80-$100 Per Day…TRAFFIC IS INCLUDED – 100% Newbie Friendly & Takes 3 Minutes To Set Up!” Please don’t tell the software name is canvas, many are using it!

In my experience, in order to earn money online, it takes time, work and effort. There is no easy money on the table and there is no free lunch in this world.


Riserr At A Glance

Name: Riserr

Website Info: www.artofmarketing.academy/riserr/

Price: $12.41 (Price keep on increasing)

Author: Mr. Art Flair

Overall Rank: 60 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT but there are better options available

Dear Friend I hope this review post “What Is Riserr- Riserr Review” gave you some useful insights into Riserr. Riserr is not a scam but there are better options available compared to Riserr.

I hope you got the answer to your question “Whether to buy Riserr or not?” Riserr is not a scam but there are better options available.

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$12.41 (Price keep on increasing)

Product Quality







  • Video Training is easy to understand and step by step walkthrough.
  • No technical skills required- you don’t need to be technically savvy.
  • 100% 30 days Money back guarantee.


  • Upsells.
  • I doubt whether $111.46 per post is possible for everyone???
  • Too much hype is given for Riserr.

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