Various Forms Of Protection Business Blogs Will Need

Whether your blog is your business or you run a business blog, there are certain protections you need. There are some protocols that businesses should have for their writer employees in the marketing department.

There should be things that everyone can understand and follow, without needing to contact a manager to make the lines less blurry.

For those that use their blog as their business, you will want to make sure your password, content rights, and SEO are protected, to name but a few things.

These protections are simple to understand but it takes a little tweaking to get right.

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Various Forms Of Protection Business Blogs Will Need

Multi-Platform Protection

Blogs are like a diary but they can also act as a newspaper column. Businesses who write regularly on their blogs, will find they are read not just by employees, customers, consumers, and industry professionals, but the media too.

Therefore, you should understand your blog is seen as newsworthy. Thus you don’t want anything unscrupulous posted onto the blog.

Hackers that either wants to take your data away or are just up to no good, will use it to post heinous things that would damage your public reputation.

Using a device and system monitoring service like the kind you’ll see if you click here will provide your blog with multi-platform protection.

No matter if you’re blogging using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, hackers will not be able to penetrate your defenses.

They also provide backup disaster data recovery solutions, in case you lose customer data which you have collected from your blog.

Content Protection

Just because you post content out to the world, doesn’t mean someone can take it willy nilly. There are ways to protect your content from being stolen and plagiarized.

Firstly, you can set a disclaimer and terms of use policy. If you don’t want your content to be free commons, you can write a disclaimer at the bottom of each post and or have it in your blog description.

Register your blog for copyright ownership rights. This way your blog is seen as a publisher and not as a random free commons postage board. 

If someone fails to comply with both of these protections, you should send a cease and desist letter to the person or company that is using your content without your permission.

Of course, you should bargain for your content to be used. Ask for inbound links to help with your SEO marketing or simply ask for payment if someone wants to use it.

Media companies will usually have free access if they’re reporting but if they would like to publish extracts, then you demand payment first.

Keep Them Guessing

You’d be surprised at the different tactics your rivals could be using to hurt your blog. They could hire hackers to hack your password to delete posts and post offensive content.

If your blog is achieving so much pull from a competitor, this is a very real danger. The basic thing you can do to keep them guessing is changing your password every two weeks. 

Business blogs are in the top 3 marketing strategies companies are using. It’s a very powerful tool that should be treated like any other asset in your business.

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