Using Your Blog To Be An Industry Voice

If you read Forbes, Entrepreneur or Time, you’ll know that there are a plethora of voices that have the power to sway industries. These experts and professionals are beyond influences in their own right, they are sometimes thought of as beacons for some of the top CEOs in the world.

Not only do they divulge industry techniques and strategies, but they offer their advice and opinion on what could happen in the future.

They aim to give a balanced and well-rounded viewpoint on the state of the technology, products, and services that are meeting the expectations of the consumer.

If you’re a blogger, you’re in a unique position to take up this mantel for an industry that you have passion for.

The best thing about blogging is…

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Becoming The First Source

Any media or entity that can get an exclusive interview with industry experts and CEOs, is a ‘first’ source. You are essentially the fountain that all others will flock to.

In order to become this fountain of insider knowledge and intellectual thought, you need to start off small. Conducting phone and or email interviews with a C-suite rank is your first goal.

Don’t Worry About The Competition One Day You Will Be The Competition!

That might be a little too high you could say. Well, this is the goal for your first year or perhaps the first few months. Pick a company that you like in the industry that you love, get into contact with them and ask them for a short interview.

Think of questions that inspire you, questions that get to the heart of an issue. You will have to start off interviewing managers other middle-management figures but eventually, when your blog becomes a recognized first source, you will get C-suite ranks to open up about the internals of their business.

Paving The Way

No matter what industry you’re in, entrepreneurs are almost always leading the way. They are taking the most risks, exploring new ideas and being bold enough to make products that no one else has thought of.

You can use your blog to review and promote new products that you believe will change the industry. First, you need to learn how to start affiliate marketing via the SEO route.

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Using Your Blog To Be An Industry Voice

New Media Opportunity

Blogs have to have video content that matches the quality of the written posts. People prefer videos compared to reading that’s the reason there are Millions of user on YouTube.

Therefore, going to business expos and recording interviews with business owners is a brilliant way to get your name out there. You should write pieces about products, services and also the people behind them to give a holistic service to your readers.

For those that take blogging seriously, becoming a voice for something you love doing is a great honor. You have to earn it, however, and conducting interviews with top C-suite ranks and asking tough questions about the industries you love, is a brilliant path to that goal.

By doing the above things… One day you will become an Authority From an Author!

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