Is Tubeloom A Scam? – [$300 To $500 A Day?]

Welcome To My Review Is Tubeloom A Scam?!

“Attention, Are You Looking For More Information On Tubeloom? You Are In The Right Place!”

There is no doubt that 1.6 Billion people on the internet use YouTube as a search engine and YouTube is the second biggest search engine next to Google.

Yes, there are 1000’s of people earning a full-time income via YouTube. But the question is whether we can make money on YouTube by following the Tubeloom training.

This is not the first time for me to come across a salesy video with a sob story that talks about how they struggled, how someone showed a system/method, luxury vacations, and the money they earn.

By the end of this review, you will have enough information to make your purchase decision.

Is Tubeloom A Scam?

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Tubeloom Review Summary

Product Name: Tubeloom

Creators: Charlotte White (No proper information about the owner)

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Using YouTube Product Reviews

Price: $39.95 (At the time of writing this review) + Upsells

Summary: Tubeloom is all about creating YouTube product review videos and making money via Affiliate Marketing.

Rating: 30/100

Is Tubeloom Legit Or Scam? Legit

Is Tubeloom Recommended? No

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Below you can find some frequently asked questions for your quick reference…

What Is Tubeloom All About?

  • Tubeloom is all about creating YouTube product review videos and making money via Affiliate Marketing.

How Much Tubeloom Cost?

  • $39.95 (At the time of writing this review) + Upsells.

Is There Upsells?

  • Yes, there are 3 upsells

Is Tubeloom A Scam?

  • No

Is It Possible To Make Money Online Using Tubeloom?

  • Yes.

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee With Tubeloom?

  • Yes, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Are You Recommending Tubeloom?

  • No

What’s Your Top Recommendation To Make Money Online?

  • You can read my top recommendation below.

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One Important Thing I Noticed On Some Review Posts

Doing your research is the best way to find legit and genuine programs and stay away from scams.

You need to be careful while reading and basing your purchase decision based on the reviews you read because there are some reviews written just to promote the product. So they will give high ratings and bonuses to promote the product.

There are some genuine review posts as well.

I’d like to inform you that I am in no way associated with Tubeloom in any form and I am not trying to sell Tubeloom to you.


Tubeloom Sales Page Claims

You can find the claims made on the Tubeloom sales page below…

  • $332.50 with only 9 minutes of effort.
  • $300 a day for a couple hours of work.
  • All you need is a little two-minute video uploaded to YouTube.
  • TubeLoom is a godsend if you’ve already tried writing surveys, blogging, affiliate marketing or any other so-called easy money schemes out there and you always came up short…
  • Being a YouTuber is the newest, fastest and simplest way to earn an income online.
  • This is a genuine, one-of-a-kind real home business.
  • …Earn income as soon as today.

Let’s see if Tubeloom lives up to these claims.

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What Is Tubeloom

Based on the creator’s words…

  • TubeLoom is the only income-generating blueprint anywhere that reveals how to make a full or part-time income using quick, simple, easy-to-make videos.

In a nutshell, Tubeloom is a 4 module video training course that teaches about making product review videos on YouTube and the ways to monetize your videos. You are going to recommend the product and when people buy the product you earn commissions.

About The Creators

Ther is no clear information about the creator. He/She is hiding behind the product which is not a good sign and a big red flag for me.

A Look Inside Tubeloom

Below are the details of the training you will receive inside the Tubeloom member’s area…

  • Welcome Video
  • Commissions Overview
  • Module 1: Picking the Product
  • Module 2: The review Video
  • Module 3A: Video Optimization
  • Module 3B: Video Optimization
  • Module 3C: Video Optimization
  • Module 4: Outsourcing YouTube SEO
  • Conclusion Video

I hope the above information gives you an idea of what you will get inside Tubeloom. It’s just some basic training on creating YouTube product review videos.

How Tubeloom Works? 

You are going to create product review videos on YouTube. And recommend it with your affiliate link. When people buy the product using your link you will earn commissions.

If you are afraid of showing your face on the video you don’t need to worry about that. Without showing your face you can create videos.


Front-End Product – Tubeloom – $39.95

  • OTO 1 – TubeLoom Step-By-Step Riches – $67.00
  • OTO 2 – Done For You Easy Cash Campaigns – $47.00
  • OTO 3 – VIP Elite Mastermind – $47.00

Pro’s and Con’s

The Good:

→ 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

→ Proven Method – Reviewing Products On YouTube

The Bad:

→ Rehashed Version Of Easy Tube Commissions

→ Upsells

→ Fake Testimonials

→ Too Much Hype And Unrealistic Claims

→ No Clear Information On The Creator

→ Too Salesy

Too Much Hype And Unrealistic Claims

Is Tubeloom A Scam?

No, Tubeloom is not a scam and they provide you with some helpful training. However, what they teach you is a proven method to make money using YouTube.

Already many people are making money by review products on YouTube.They also provide you with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

However, I don’t recommend Tubeloom for the below reasons…

Reason 1 –  Rehashed

When you enter the Tubeloom member’s area you will notice the training videos are in the name of “easy tube commissions”.

That states Tubeloom is the rehashed version of another product which is not a good sign.

Reason 2 –  Upsells

When there are upsells I always believe that the front-end product is not complete without buying their upsells.

Total Upsells Value – $161

On top of that, you need to buy some additional tools.

Reason 3 – Fake Testimonials?

The testimonials they shared are very doubtful. You can see the below images.

You can find the below image on their sales page…

Fake Testimonials?

However, while doing some research I found the below information…

Fake Testimonials?

Here is another testimony on their sales page…

Fake Testimonials?

Here is what I found by doing some research…

Fake Testimonials?

What do you think?

Reason 4 – Too Much Hype And Realistic Claims

If you are going to make your purchase based on their sales page claims it might disappoint you.

These are some of the reasons why I am not recommending this product.

Thanks for reading my review post!

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$39.95 + Upsells




  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Proven Method - Reviewing Products On YouTube


  • Rehashed Version Of Easy Tube Commissions
  • Upsells
  • Fake Testimonials

4 thoughts on “Is Tubeloom A Scam? – [$300 To $500 A Day?]”

  1. Thanks for such a thorough review of Tubeloom Paul.

    I’ve been looking for some training to get into YouTube. So this review amongst others I’ve come across is beneficial.

    Do you have any recommendations for YouTube training Paul? I’d appreciate your advice on the topic.

    And do you have to purchase cameras and microphones etc.? I’ve got about £1000 to invest on my Youtube endeavours so quality suggestions wouldn’t go amiss.

    Thanks again, you’ve helped a lot in my decision making.


    • Thanks a lot! £1000 is a lot of money to invest and there are many ways to save money. You don’t need to invest that much money. Cameras and microphones are important tools if you are going to start your YouTube channel.

      Indeed, there are some best training on YouTube. For more information, you can read my free guide.

  2. Well I am so interested in this kind of stuff. I have been working in McDonald’s for the past 12 years and I think you have saved my life. I can not wait ti start earning using your methods in the future. Would you suggest quitting my job yet or shall I wait for the right moment?

    • NO! It is always advisable to start your business part-time and work on it. See how it goes, for any business you need to give at least 6 – 12 months time. Once you started to earn money from your part-time business and when your earnings are crossing more than your day job salary you need to start saving money that’s the sign.

      However, you need to save the required money to run your family for at least the next 6 months in advance.

      Then watch whether you are getting the same earnings consistently from your part-time business. If that’s the case and already you have 6 months fund to run your family as a back up then you can quit your job. And you can focus on your business full-time.

      All the very best!


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