Is RegenaLife A Scam? – Can RegenaLife Help You To Create A 2nd Income Stream?

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Can you build a lucrative income with RegenaLife? Does ReganaLife offer great organic and natural products? Is RegenaLife an amazing and unique business opportunity? Is RegenaLife A Scam? What are the products offered by RegenaLife? We will find detailed information about RegenaLife in this review post.

In this challenging economic situation, it is a must to have a second income and that’s the reason there are 1000’s of searches on Google people looking for making money online opportunities.

Maybe you are looking for a way to make money in your spare time or you might be looking to build your full-time income. That’s the reason you are here!

In this review, I will provide you with in-depth and detailed information as much as I can so that it will help you in your decision making.

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RegenaLife Review Summary

Product Name: RegenaLife

Founders: Justin Chernails (Founder) & Ernie Cadiz (CEO)

Launch Date: 2008

Product Type: MLM Company In The Health And Wellness Industry

Price: $99 to $549 (At the time of writing this review)

Summary: RegenaLife is an MLM company in the health and wellness niche. They provide you with a wide range of products and also with a business opportunity to earn money.

Rating: 40/100

Is RegenaLife Legit Or Scam? Legit

Is RegenaLife Recommended? No

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One Important Thing I Noticed On Some Review Posts

Doing your research is the best way to find legit and genuine programs and stay away from scams.

I appreciate you, for taking the time to do your research before making your purchase decision. That’s the best way to stay away from programs & products that under-deliver with low-quality.

Also, doing your homework is the best way to find out the best products as well.

Nowadays, many people base their purchase decision based on reviews. So there are some reviews just written to promote the products so you need to be careful.

I like to inform you I am in no way associated with RegenaLife and I am not promoting Regenalife to you.


RegenaLife Claims

You can find some claims made on the RegenaLife website below…

  • You’ve Now Discovered the hottest business opportunity trend, Health & Wellness.
  • 57% core compensation plan!
  • Create a 2nd Income Stream!
  • The Most Rewarding Earnings Plan in The Industry

Let’s see if RegenalLife lives up to these claims.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Below you can find some frequently asked questions for your quick reference…

What Is RegenaLife All About?

  • RegenaLife is an MLM company on the health and wellness niche. They provide you with a wide range of products and also with a business opportunity to earn money.

How Much RegenaLife Cost?

  • $99 to $549 (although you can join free in order to earn more money you need to buy any of their packages)

Is There Different Levels Of Memberships?

  • Yes, there are different levels of packages ranging from $99 to $549.

Is RegenaLife A Scam?

  • No

Is It Possible To Make Money By Joining RegenaLife?

  • Yes, if you are good at network marketing.

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee With RegenaLife Products?

  • Yes, there is a 30 days 100% money back excluding shipping.

Are You Recommending RegenaLife?

  • No

What’s Your Top Recommendation To Make Money Online?

  • You can read my top recommendation below.

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What Is RegenaLife?

RegenaLife is an MLM company in the Health & Wellness industry with a wide range of products.

They do offer you different ways to make money with them. You’ll get a Free order taking, Income tracking E-commerce business building website.

About The Creators

Founded in 2008 and originally it was called Regeneration USA and then in 2016, they renamed it as RegenaLife. They are based in New Jersey in the United States.

The founder is Justin Chernails founded and the current CEO is Ernie Cadiz

What Are The Products Offered By RegenaLife?

As I mentioned they offer a wide range of products and you can find some of them below…

  • CBD Hemp Oil – Softgels – $54.99
  • CBD Hemp Oil – 1oz Dropper – $64.99
  • CBD Shampoo w/Pea Protein – $34.99
  • CBD with Collagen & Retinol – $44.99
  • Organic Facial Cleanser – $34.99
  • CBD Pain Rub – $54.99
  • CBD Pet Treats – $34.99
  • Adrenals Package – $109.00
  • Joints Package – $119.00
  • Eyes-Skin Package – $125.00
  • Weight Loss Package – $105.00
  • Heart Health Package – $99.00
  • Immunity Package – $80.00
  • RegenaFlex Joint Support – 2 Bottles – $90.00
  • Jiaogulan Tea (Loose Leaf) – 30 day supply – $26.99
  • Longevity Antioxidant Formula – RAM 650 – $39.99
  • Hair Growth Formula – $29.99
  • Cocoa Bars – (24 Bars) – $82.00
  • Regena-Slim Skinny Body Shake – $54.99

The list goes on…

How Much It Will Cost To Join RegenaLife?

RegenaLife is free to join. However to earn better commissions and to take advantage of many benefits you need to buy any of their packages.

The price ranges from $99 to $549. The higher the package you go for the higher the chances for you to earn more money.

If you are a free member and thinking of making money with RegenaLife without buying their packages you need to read this…

“you can sell the package and you will be paid on the PV of the package. However, in order to earn the Fast Start Bonus or the Coded Infinity Bonus, you must have purchased that package.”

How I Make Money With RegenaLife?

You will be making money in different ways with RegenaLife and below are some helpful details…

Retail Commissions

You will buy the products at the wholesale price and you can sell it with some margin to retail. The price difference between your purchase rate and the retail price is your profit.

Referral/Recruitment Commission

This commission is paid for recruiting or referring people to RegenaLife. The main focus is on recruiting people so that you can make more money.

In order to earn this commission, you need to maintain 50 PV (Personal Volume) per month. This 50 PV can be achieved by selling products to others or buying the products worth 50 PV by yourself.

Residual Commissions

RegenaLife has a uni-level compensation structure and you also receive performance-based bonuses. You are paid up to 7 levels.

  • Level 1 – 20% commission
  • Level 2 – 10% commission
  • Level 3 – 10% commission
  • Level 4 – 5% commission
  • Level 6 – 4% commission
  • Level 7 – 3% commission

RegenaLife Compensation Plan

In my opinion, I often find it difficult to understand the compensation plan’s of many MLM companies. They need to explain it in detail because of the complication.

To know more about the Regenalife compensation plan you read their PDF Here or you can watch the below video…

RegenaLife Affiliate Ranks

Below are the details on their rankings…

Active, Builder, Manager, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Emerald, Diamond, Double Diamond, Triple Diamond, and Black Diamond.

Each rank has criteria or qualifications. With most of them, you need to maintain a 50 PV per month and depending on the rank the number of recruits varies.

What Are The Payment Methods Available With RegenaLife?

Payments are made via Checks or direct deposits.

When The Payouts Are Made With RegenaLife?

Commissions checks go out around the 4th-7th of each month.

Pro’s and Con’s

The Good:

→ 10+ Years In The Market (Founded 2008)

→ A Wide Range Of Products

→ 30 days 100% money back excluding shipping

The Bad:

→ Success Rate Is Very Low With MLM Business Model

→ Products Are Expensive

→ To Make More Money You Need To Recruit More People

→ You Need To Sign Up For Their Highest Membership Package To Earn More Commission

→ People On The Top Make The Maximum Money And Most Of The Time People On The bottom Lose Their Money

Who’s RegenaLife For? 

If you are good at networking and have a love & passion for the network marketing business model. If you already have experience in network marketing and have a big following RegenaLife might be for you.

Is RegenaLife A Pyramid Scheme? 

No, RegenaLife is not a pyramid scheme. They have a wide range of products.

Is RegenaLife A Scam? - Is RegenaLife A Pyramid Scheme?

Is RegenaLife A Scam?

No, RegenaLife is not a scam. They do offer you products with a 30-day money-back. They are in the market for 10+ years.

However, I don’t recommend RegenaLife for the below reasons…

Reason 1 – Low Success Rate Of MLM Business Model

Often people on the top ladder or who joined the company in the beginning stage make more money.

Also, there are studies and stats showing that the MLM Business Model has a low success rate.

Is RegenaLife A Scam? - Success Rate Is Very Low With MLM Business Model

Among the 26% of people who made money nearly 14% made less than $420 a month (less than $5000 per year). So you can see a very less number of people make money via the MLM business model.

For more information, you can read my post “Network Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing – Pros And Cons“.

Reason 2 – Products Are Expensive

This is one of the common challenges with many MLM products. Their products are quite expensive compared to the same kind of products which are available on the market.

If you look at the “What are the products offered by RegenaLife” topic I have given the products with their price and you can see it by yourself that the price is quite expensive.

Reason 3 – The Main Focus Is On Recruiting People

Although they might claim you can make money by selling their products the real income is on recruiting people.

Nowadays, it is really a challenging task to promote MLM products or to recruit people to the MLM Business Model.

Normally, they will advise you to start with your friends and family circle and this will result in sour relationships.

Based on my experience, your friends and family members will be afraid or feel uncomfortable to say no and they might avoid you which will hurt you. Often people bother their friends and family members to promote their MLM products.

Reason 4 – You Need To Sign Up For The Highest Package

If you want to earn more money you need to sign up for their highest package that comes with many advantages.

In this case, it’s $549 which is quite expensive apart from that you have targets you need to maintain in order to receive performance bonuses.

You will be pushing and pressurizing your team members in order to earn their ranks and more commissions.

After a certain level, you will be dependent on other’s efforts.

Some other MLM Business Model products I have reviewed on this site…

Whatever you decide, I wish you all the very best!

Thanks for reading my review post!

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In my opinion, it is best to invest your time, effort, and money in building your Affiliate Marketing business. The good news is that it will cost you a lot less than RegenaLife.

“The Great End Of Life Is Not Knowledge But Action” – Thomas Henry Huxley

Action is what unites every great success and action is what produces results. Take Action!

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$99 to $549 (At the time of writing this review)




  • 10+ Years In The Market (Founded 2008)
  • A Wide Range Of Products
  • 30 days 100% money back excluding shipping


  • Success Rate Is Very Low With MLM Business Model
  • Products Are Expensive
  • To Make More Money You Need To Recruit More People

18 thoughts on “Is RegenaLife A Scam? – Can RegenaLife Help You To Create A 2nd Income Stream?”

  1. I am not sure, that RegenalLife, is a good business opportunity ,as I don’t think the MLM business model, is a good way to sell, products to the public.

    Their products, are more expensive, than those same products, sold on the open market,as you can see, by the price list given.

    As products sold on MLM companies are expensive,you have to depend on recruiting people to make a living,this is a difficult task,as they advise you to recruit family members,and friends,this is not a good idea,as it will create bad feeling, in your closest friends and relatives.

    I am a newby, at this type of marketing,and their top package which you need if you want to make money, of $549.00 involves, pressurizing your team members, to achieve their goals,which I don’t feel I am able to do.


    • You have provided great insights and this adds more value to this review. Indeed, often with the MLM business model we will try to promote our products and recruit people from our close circle that is friends and family members. Often this result in sour relationship.

      The price is quite expensive and I do agree in the open market similar products can be found at cheaper price. 

  2. Hi, thank you for sharing the informative article. Here you have reviewed  “Is RegenaLife A scam”. There have many scam sites on the internet. That’s why some people going confused about which one is real and which is a scam site. In this review, It’s totally clear that it is not a scam site. And it could be 2nd income stream for you guys who want to earn money online. Because they do offer you different ways to make money with them. You’ll get a Free order taking, Income tracking E-commerce business building website. It’s free to join RegenaLife. It has a uni-level compensation structure and you also receive performance-based bonuses. You are paid up to 7 levels. You will get 3% to 20% commission for each product. They have a money-back guarantee with their all products.  So, It is obviously a great opportunity to earn money with RegenaLife.

  3. Thanks for the great about RegenaLife! Trying to find a suitable marketing company that really brings you profits is hard these days. I now know with this company I won’t be able to make it happen since their products are so expensive and that you need to recruit a lot of people to see some money popping. I did some other companies like Isagenex or Lyoness and it is hard since the commission is so low and you need to add a lot of people to make a profit. I’m not a bit lover of reverse pyramid marketing. And your post dictate the same. Which other marketing app is the best you think? Sincerely, Al

  4. Great post you have written especially by unveiling a lot of information about Regenalife here. You have opened my eyes to quite a lot of information about them and I’m thankful you did that. My record with mlm businesses in the past is not good at all and I would not want to waste my time on this too. Though they actually offer a lot of quality products but then, the business  model is bad for me

  5. What a great review, I have always been looking for opportunities like this. Personally I don’t like Reginalife as you get contact with the product, what if you fail to get a customer,? I like the affiliate marketing that involves driving traffic to a product if bought you earn, if they don’t you don’t loose. Looking out on the pros and cons I think it’s true that it’s expensive considered to other platforms, but overall it’s worth trying for someone who is willing to sell the product by themselves, thank you for sharing such a wonderful article.

    Tgank you.

    • Thanks for your insights and I do prefer Affiliate marketing over MLM. For those who have experience in Network Marketing and having big network can try RegenaLife.

  6. I think all will appreciate your opinion. There is none but want to get money in their spare time. I am so curious about this program. The niche is the most useful and needed in daily life. If I follow the procedure it will help me to get and earn money it will too much impressive. Of course, I want to learn how to earn money for long-lasting and passive income. I will be happy if I get your help and advice to build my online earning or business. Hope I will be successful with the help of you.

  7. Great product you have up here and surely worth a read. Since regenalife seems to be legit and they kind of offer legitimate and quality products, I like them a lot but then, the chances of making money with mlm business model is the only set back for them that I know of. I would not want to risk my money and time in a competitive niche as health and wellness, and still not make money die to mlm compensation plan and all.

  8. Thank you so much for the review!  I was about to join them after I looked up some more info on them, and now I’m glad I didn’t. I was happy to see that they don’t charge to join, but I didn’t realize that packages were needed to actually make money, and even the starter package, at 99 dollars, is way too much for me.

  9. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and concerns about RegenaLife and whether or not it’s a scam. It’s good to see that it’s consdired legit, but also very helpful to see that you would not recommend it for purchase. Thanks for walking through the claims versus the reality so that it’s easier to evaluate whether it’s wise to invest time and money here or try your other recommendation!


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